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Philip Ward, A Lifetime's Reading: 500 Great Books to Be Enjoyed Over 50 Years [1982]

    1016 entries: 872 monographical, 144 otherwise
    Unranked—arranged topically

    Philip Ward's A Lifetime's Reading: The World's 500 Greatest Books, as the author notes, is "divided into fifty chapters, or 'years', to give the reader who requires it a discipline according to which he can pace himself." As with most of the other book-as-list projects documented here (Powys, Van Doren, Fadiman, Dirda, Newman) the work or works noted in the section headings within each chapter do not always capture which works in particular Ward recommends; or, rather, in the section text, he recommends further books as clearly as he does that or those in the section heading. Again, we don't want to be too liberal in the inclusion of texts or misrepresent Ward's recommendations; but at Greater Books, for these books-as-lists, the final result should clearly represent what's written in the whole book, not just what's included in chapter or section headings.

    The biographical blurb included in A Lifetime's Reading leaves us unsurprised that Ward's list is one of the few truly-global selections of "great books". A librarian who worked for a variety of institutions in England, Indonesia, Libya, and elsewhere, he wrote not just about literature but also Tripoli: A Portrait of a City and other travel books as well as The Book of Common Fallacies: Falsehoods, Misconceptions, Flawed Facts, and Half-Truths That Are Ruining Your Life.

    Year 1:
    Lewis Carroll
    • The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll_2

    1920; includes Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [1865]; Phantasmagoria and Other Poems [1869]; Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There [1871]; The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in 8 Fits [1876]; A Tangled Tale [1880-5]; Sylvie and Bruno [1889; 1893]; Three Sunsets and Other Poems [1898]; other works—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland_17

  2. 1865—English
    *Powys* *Invitation* *France* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Harvard* *Deposit* *Graphic*

  3. Phantasmagoria and Other Poems_1

  4. 1869—English

  5. Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There_10

  6. 1871—English
    *Powys* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Harvard* *Deposit* *Graphic*

  7. The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in 8 Fits_3

  8. 1876—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Graphic*

  9. A Tangled Tale_2

  10. originally published serially Apr. 1880-Mar. 1885 in the Monthly Packet—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  11. Sylvie and Bruno_2

  12. originally published in two volumes: Sylvie and Bruno, 1889; and Sylvie and Bruno Concluded, 1893—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  13. Three Sunsets and Other Poems_2

  14. 1898—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  15. Symbolic Logic_1

  16. 1896—English

  17. The Game of Logic_1

  18. 1887—English

  19. Pillow Problems Thought Out During Wakeful Hours_1

  20. 1893—English

  21. Apologia Socratis_16

  22. The Apology
    early Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Campbell* *Great* *O'Hear*

  23. Crito_13

  24. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Downs* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Campbell* *O'Hear*

  25. Phaedo_14

  26. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Eliot* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *O'Hear*

  27. The Bible_17

  28. Downs also lists John Wycliffe's 1382 English translation of the Vulgate; Bloom, Dirda, and the Globe and Mail specify the King James Version, translated 1604-11 to English from the Hebrew and Aramaic (Old Testament) and the Greek (New Testament), revised 1769 by Benjamin Blayney—Hebrew; Aramaic; Greek
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Dirda* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *World*

    Václav Havel
  29. Zahradní Slavnost_1

  30. The Garden Party


  31. Vyrozumění_1

  32. The Memorandum


  33. Sha Naqba Imuru_11

  34. The Epic of Gilgamesh; He Who Saw the Deep
    Eighteenth-Tenth centuries B.C—Sumerian; Akkadian

    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Norway* *Great* *Graphic* *Educated*

    Cornelius Tacitus
  35. Annales_11

  36. written First Century—Latin
    *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity*

  37. Historiae_8

  38. written ca. 100-10—Latin
    *Invitation* *France* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Trinity*

    • Ondra Lysohorsky

    Selected Poems_1
    1971; edited by Ewald Osers—Lachian

  39. Ernst Gombrich

  40. The Story of Art_1

    • Poem Into Poem: World Poetry in Modern Verse Translation_1

    1970; edited by George Steiner—varied languages

  41. Pierre Abélard

  42. Historia Calamitatum_5
    written ca. 1132; includes the letters of Abélard and Héloïse d'Argenteuil—Latin
    *Classics* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Newman* *Graphic*

    Year 2:
  43. Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus

  44. De Vita Caesarum_5
    The Lives of the Twelve Caesars
    written 121—Latin

    *Downs* *Ward* *Great* *Smart* *Telegraph*

  45. Murasaki Shikibu

  46. Genji Monogatari_12
    The Tale of Genji
    ca. early Eleventh Century; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Royall Tyler's English translation—Japanese

    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Magill* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Norway* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *World* *Graphic*

    William Shakespeare
  47. Romeo and Juliet_12

  48. ca. 1591-97—English
    *Durant* *Classics* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Zane* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  49. Hamlet_27

  50. 1602—English
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Taylor* *Harvard* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  51. All's Well That Ends Well_8

  52. ca. 1606-08—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  53. Troilus and Cressida_7

  54. ca. 1602-09—English
    *Ward* *Adler* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  55. Othello_14

  56. ca. 1604—English
    *Durant* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Norway* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  57. Measure for Measure_10

  58. 1604—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  59. King Lear_21

  60. 1606—English
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *World* *Newman* *Graphic*

  61. Macbeth_16

  62. ca. 1607—English
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Zane* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  63. Antony and Cleopatra_13

  64. ca. 1606-08—English
    *Invitation* *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Zane* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  65. Coriolanus_8

  66. written ca. 1605-08—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Utne* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  67. Timon of Athens_7

  68. written ca. 1607—English
    *Durant* *Ward* *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  69. Pericles, Prince of Tyre_4

  70. ca. 1606-08—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Newman*

    • Vincent Van Gogh

    Complete Letters_1
    1958—Dutch; French; English

    Maxim Gorky
    • Na Dne. The Lower Depths and Other Plays_1

    1959; English translations by Alexander Bakshy and Paul S Nathan—Russian

  71. Na Dne_1

  72. The Lower Depths


    Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    • The Portable Coleridge_1

    1961; includes Christabel; Kubla Khan, a Vision in a Dream; The Pains of Sleep [1816]; selections from Biographia Literaria, 1817; and other poems—English

  73. Christabel; Kubla Khan, a Vision in a Dream; The Pains of Sleep_4

  74. 1816—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  75. John Livingston Lowes

  76. The Road to Xanadu_1

  77. A J A Symons

  78. The Quest for Corvo_1

  79. Lín Yǔtáng

  80. The Importance of Living_1
    Shēnghuó de Yishù


  81. Aeschylus

  82. Oresteia_19
    The House of Atreus
    458 B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Zane* *Newman*

    Year 3:
    Mark Twain
  83. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer_7

  84. 1876—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Newman*

  85. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn_23

  86. 1884—English
    *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    • Buddhist Scriptures_1

    1959; English translations by Edward Conze—

  87. Fyodor Dostoevsky

  88. Brat'â Karamazovy_23
    The Brothers Karamazov
    originally published serially 1880 in Rússkij Véstnik—Russian

    *Powys* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Norway* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman*

    Ramón Goómez de la Serna
    • Greguerís. Selección, 1910-1960_1


  89. Automoribundia_1

  90. 1948—Spanish

    William Trevor
  91. The Love Department_1

  92. 1966—English

  93. The Children of Dynmouth_1

  94. 1976—English

  95. Teresa of Ávila

  96. La Vida de Santa Teresa de Jesús_3
    *Ward* *Graphic* *Educated*

  97. Apuleius

  98. Metamorphoseon_6
    Asinus Aureus; The Golden Ass
    Second Century—Latin

    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Utne* *Great* *Newman*

    • Emily Dickinson

    The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson_4
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  99. Arrian

  100. Anabasis Alexandri_1
    Second Century—Greek

    • Arthur Conan Doyle

    The Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes_1
    1981; includes all of the Sherlock Holmes novels and stories—English

  101. A Study in Scarlet_6

  102. originally published 1887 in Beeton's Christmas Annual—English
    *Hundred* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Kanigel* *Taylor* *Telegraph*

  103. The Sign of the Four_4

  104. originally published Feb. 1890 in Lippincott's Monthly—English
    *Hundred* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Telegraph*

  105. The Hound of the Baskervilles_4

  106. 1902; originally published serially Aug. 1901-Apr. 1902 in the Strand—English
    *Hundred* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Telegraph*

  107. The Valley of Fear_4

  108. 1915; originally published serially Sep. 1914-Feb. 1915 in the Strand—English
    *Hundred* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Telegraph*

  109. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes_6

  110. 1892; stories originally published Jul. 1891-Jun. 1892 in the Strand—English
    *Invitation* *Hundred* *Ward* *Dirda* *Guardian* *Telegraph*

  111. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes_3

  112. 1894; originally published 1892-3 in the Strand—English
    *Hundred* *Ward* *Telegraph*

  113. The Return of Sherlock Holmes_3

  114. 1905; stories originally published 1903-4 in the Strand—English
    *Hundred* *Ward* *Telegraph*

  115. His Last Bow: Some Later Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes_3

  116. 1917; stories originally published Sep. 1908-Dec. 1913 in the Strand; except one published Sep. 1917 in Collier's Weekly—English
    *Hundred* *Ward* *Telegraph*

  117. The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes_3

  118. 1927; stories originally published Oct. 1921-Apr. 1927 in the Strand—English
    *Hundred* *Ward* *Telegraph*

    Year 4:
    • The Penguin Book of French Verse_1

    1975; edited by Brian Woledge, Geoffrey Brereton, and Anthony Hartley—French

  119. Talmud_2

  120. Shas
    ca. Second-Fifth centuries—Aramaic; Hebrew

    *Downs* *Ward*

  121. Gustave Flaubert

  122. L'Éducation Sentimentale_8
    *Classics* *France* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Norway* *Newman*

    Sylvia Plath
  123. The Colossus and Other Poems_1

  124. 1960—English

  125. The Bell Jar_5

  126. originally published under the pseudonym, Victoria Lucas, 1963—English
    *Ward* *Recommended* *Guardian* *Harvard* *Graphic*

  127. Ariel_1

  128. 1965; revised 2004—English

  129. Winter Trees_1

  130. 1971—English

  131. Crossing the Water_1

  132. 1971—English

  133. Letters Home: Correspondence 1950-1963_1

  134. 1975—English

  135. Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams_1

  136. 1977; expanded later edition—English

    Pierre Beaumarchais
  137. Le Barbier de Séville ou la Précaution Inutile_1

  138. 1775—French

  139. La Folle Journée, ou Le Mariage de Figaro_1

  140. 1784—French

  141. La Mère Coupable_1

  142. 1794—French

  143. Ovid

  144. Metamorphoseon_14
    8; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Charles Martin's English translation—Latin

    *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Norway* *Dirda* *Great* *O'Hear* *Smart* *World* *Newman*

  145. Jean de la Fontaine

  146. Fables_7
    originally published in 12 volumes: first-sixth, 1668; seventh-eleventh, 1678; twelfth, 1694—French
    *Invitation* *France* *Ward* *Bloom* *Van Doren* *Trinity* *Newman*

  147. Plutarch

  148. Bìoi Paràllēloi_18
    Parallel Lives; Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans
    First Century—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Educated*

  149. Maurice Bowra

  150. Primitive Song_1

  151. Charles Dickens

  152. The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club_14
    The Pickwick Papers
    originally published serially Apr. 1836-Nov. 1837 under the pseudonym, Boz—English

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman*

    Year 5:
  153. Gustave Flaubert

  154. Madame Bovary_29
    originally published serially Oct. 1856-Dec. 1856 in La Revue de Paris; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Frances Steegmuller's English translation—French
    *Classics* *Durant* *Hundred* *France* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  155. Akharneîs_5

  156. The Acharnians
    425 B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Trinity*

  157. Hippeîs_5

  158. The Knights
    424 B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  159. Nephelai_11

  160. The Clouds
    423 B.C; revised 417 B.C; only revised version remains—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Newman*

  161. Sphēkes_4

  162. The Wasps
    422 B.C—Greek

    *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  163. Eirēnē_5

  164. Peace
    421 B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Trinity*

  165. Ornithes_13

  166. The Birds
    414 B.C—Greek

    *Downs* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Educated*

  167. Lysistrate_13

  168. 411 B.C—Greek
    *Classics* *Downs* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Newman* *Graphic*

  169. Thesmophoriazousai_5

  170. 411 B.C—Greek
    *Classics* *List* *Ward* *Adler* *Trinity*

  171. Ploutos_3

  172. Wealth
    408 B.C; revised 388 B.C; only revised version remains—Greek

    *Ward* *Adler* *Trinity*

  173. Bátrachoi_10

  174. The Frogs
    405 B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Eliot* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Trinity* *Newman*

  175. Ekklesiazousai_4

  176. The Assemblywomen; A Parliament of Women
    391 B.C—Greek

    *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Trinity*

    Albert Camus
  177. L'Étranger_14

  178. The Stranger

    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Harvard* *Graphic* *Deposit* *Educated*

  179. La Peste_8

  180. The Plague

    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell*

  181. La Chute_3

  182. The Fall

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended*

    • Collected Fiction_1

    1961; includes L'Étranger; La Peste; La Chute; L'Exil et le Royaume [1957]—French

  183. L'Exil et le Royaume_1

  184. Exile and the Kingdom


    Joseph Conrad
  185. The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale_2

  186. 1907—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  187. Under Western Eyes_2

  188. 1911—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    François Villon
    • Poems_3

    Fifteenth Century—French
    *List* *Ward* *Newman*

  189. Le Grand Testament Villon et le Petit. Son Codicille. Le Jargon et Ses Ballades_6

  190. 1489—French
    *Classics* *France* *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity* *Newman*

  191. Simǎ Qiān

  192. Shǐjì_4
    The Records of the Grand Historian
    written 109-91 B.C—Chinese

    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *World*

    Reiner Kunze
  193. Sensible Wege_1

  194. 1969—German

  195. Zimmerlautstärke_1

  196. 1972—German

  197. Der Löwe Leopold, Fast Märchen, Fast Geschichten_1

  198. 1970—German

  199. Die Wunderbaren Jahre_1

  200. The Lovely Years


  201. Le Misanthrope ou l'Atrabilaire Amoureux_12

  202. The Misanthrope

    *Durant* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Newman*

  203. Le Sicilien ou L'Amour Peintre_1

  204. 1667—French

  205. Tartuffe, ou l'Imposteur_14

  206. 1664—French
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Newman* *Educated*

  207. Le Médecin Malgre Lui_5

  208. 1666—French
    *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Trinity*

  209. Le Malade Imaginaire_6

  210. The Imaginary Invalid

    *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  211. L'Avare ou L'École du Mensonge_9

  212. The Miser

    *Durant* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Newman*

  213. Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme_8

  214. 1670—French
    *Durant* *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Newman*

  215. Les Fourberies de Scapin_2

  216. 1671—French
    *Classics* *Ward*

  217. L'Amour Médecin_1

  218. 1665—French

  219. Dom Juan ou le Festin de Pierre_6

  220. 1660—French
    *Durant* *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  221. Boris Pasternak

  222. Dóktor Živágo_5
    Doctor Zhivago
    Italian translation, 1957; original Russian, 1958—Russian

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Telegraph*

  223. Candide, ou L'Optimisme_22

  224. 1759; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Tobias Smollett's English translation—French
    *Powys* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *Zane* *Smart* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic*

  225. Zadig_6

  226. 1747—French
    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  227. L'Ingénu, Histoire Veritable, Tiree des Manuscrits du Père Quefnel_1

  228. 1767—French

    • Select Letters_1

    1963; edited by Theodore Besterman—French

  229. Pliny the Younger

  230. Epistulae_1
    First Century—Latin

    Year 6:
    • The Poem Itself_1

    1960; edited by Stanley Burnshaw; anthology of poems by 45 writers—French; Italian; Spanish; Portuguese; German

    Max Frisch
  231. Andorra_1

  232. 1961—German

  233. Stiller_2

  234. I'm Not Stiller

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  235. La Chanson de Roland_9

  236. ca. Eleventh Century—French
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Trinity* *Newman*

    Friedrich Dürrenmatt
  237. Der Besuch der Alten Dame_2

  238. The Visit

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  239. Die Physiker_1

  240. The Physicists


    Émile Zola
  241. Thérèse Raquin_2

  242. originally published serially 1867 in L'Artiste—French
    *Ward* *Deposit*

  243. L'Assommoir_5

  244. 1877—French
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Dirda* *Zane* *Newman*

  245. Germinal_10

  246. originally published serially Apr. 1884-Jan. 1885 in Gil Blas—French
    *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Dirda* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *Newman*

    Edgar Allan Poe
    • Complete Stories and Poems_1


  247. The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. Of Nantucket_4

  248. published in part, 1836-37, in the Southern Literary Messenger, under the author's given name; in its entirety, 1838, under the pseudonym, Arthur Gordon Pym—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Norway* *Newman*

    • 'William Wilson'_2

    originally published 1839 in the The Gift: A Christmas and New Year's Present and Oct. 1839 in Burton's Gentleman's Magazine—English
    *Ward* *Fadiman*

    • 'The Fall of the House of Usher'_5

    originally published Sep. 1839 in Burton's Gentleman's Magazine; revised for inclusion in Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, 1840—English
    *Eliot* *Ward* *Magill* *Recommended* *Newman*

    • 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue'_5

    originally published Apr. 1841 in Graham's Magazine; revised for inclusion in The Prose Romances of Edgar A Poe, 1843—English
    *Ward* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Telegraph* *Newman*

    • 'The Cask of Amontillado'_2

    originally published Nov. 1846 in Godey's Lady Book—English
    *Ward* *Recommended*

    Honoré de Balzac
    • La Comédie Humaine_5

    collective name for 91 finished and 46 unfinished works; Nineteenth Century—French
    *Powys* *France* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Trinity*

  249. Eugénie Grandet_7

  250. 1833—French
    *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  251. Le Père Goriot_14

  252. Father Goriot
    originally published serially Dec. 1834-Feb. 1835 in Revue de Paris—French

    *Eliot* *Powys* *Durant* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Newman*

  253. La Cousine Bette_7

  254. originally published serially Oct.-Dec. 1846 in Le Constitutionnel—French
    *Powys* *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  255. Le Cousin Pons_1

  256. 1848—French

    Aleksandr Ostrovsky
  257. Groza_2

  258. The Storm

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  259. Les_1

  260. The Forest


  261. Svoi Lyudi Sochtemsya_1

  262. It's a Family Affair


    G K Chesterton
    • The Father Brown Stories_1

    1929; includes The Innocence of Father Brown; The Wisdom of Father Brown; The Incredulity of Father Brown; The Secret of Father Brown—English

  263. The Napoleon of Notting Hill_1

  264. 1904—English

  265. The Man Who Was Thursday_3

  266. 1908—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Dirda*

    Year 7:
    • The Penguin Book of Latin Verse_1

    1962; edited by Frederick Brittain—Latin

    • Kafu Nagai

    Kafu the Scribbler: The Life and Writings_1
    1965; biography and English translations by Edward Seidensticker—Japanese

    Titus Maccius Plautus
  267. Amphitryo_3

  268. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom*

  269. Persa_1

  270. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  271. Menaechmi_2

  272. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin
    *Classics* *Ward*

  273. Cistellaria_1

  274. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  275. Miles Gloriosus_3

  276. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom*

  277. Mostellaria_2

  278. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin
    *Classics* *Ward*

  279. Epidicus_1

  280. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  281. Mercator_1

  282. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  283. Curculio_1

  284. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  285. Pseudolus_2

  286. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  287. Casina_1

  288. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  289. Captivi_1

  290. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  291. Bacchides_1

  292. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  293. Asinaria_1

  294. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  295. Aulularia_1

  296. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  297. Rudens_3

  298. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom*

  299. Truculentus_1

  300. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  301. Trinummus_1

  302. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  303. Stichus_1

  304. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  305. Poenulus_1

  306. Third-early Second centuries B.C—Latin

  307. Juan Ruiz, Archpriest of Hita

  308. El Libro de Buen Amor_1
    written 1330-43—Spanish

    Marcus Tullius Cicero
    • Selected Works_1

    1965; English translations by Michael Grant; includes Cato Major de Senectute—Latin

  309. Cato Major de Senectute_6

  310. written 44 B.C—Latin
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *Read* *Ward*

  311. Charles Singer

  312. A Short History of Science to the Nineteenth Century_1

  313. Emily Brontë

  314. Wuthering Heights_17
    originally published 1847 under the pseudonym, Ellis Bell; revised 1850—English
    *Powys* *Hundred* *France* *Zulli* *Ward* *Magill* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Norway* *Guardian* *Zane* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic*

  315. Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro)

  316. Aeneid_26
    First Century B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Dudley Fitts and Robert Fagles's English translation—Latin
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Smart* *Zane* *Reynolds* *World* *Graphic* *Newman*

    • Five German Tragedies_1

    1969; English translations by F J Lamport; includes Gotthold Ephraim Lessing's Emilia Galotti; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Egmont; Friedrich Schiller's Maria Stuart; Heinrich von Kleist's Penthesilea; Franz Grillparzer's Medea—German

  317. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

  318. Emilia Galotti_1

  319. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  320. Egmont_3
    *Eliot* *Ward* *Bloom*

  321. Friedrich Schiller

  322. Maria Stuart_3
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom*

  323. Heinrich von Kleist

  324. Penthesilea_3
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  325. Franz Grillparzer

  326. Medea_1

  327. Edward Gibbon

  328. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire_23
    originally published in six volumes: first, 1776; second-third, 1781; fourth-sixth, 1788—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Telegraph* *World* *Educated*

    Year 8:
    • Benedetto Croce

    Philosophy, Poetry, History: An Anthology_1
    1966; English translations by Cecil Sprigge—Italian

    Carlo Goldoni
  329. La Locandiera_1

  330. 1753—Italian

  331. I Rusteghi_1

  332. 1760—Italian

  333. Il Ventaglio_1

  334. 1764—Italian

    • Modern Arab Poets, 1950-1975_1

    1976; edited by Issa J Boullata—Arabic

  335. Dino Buzzati

  336. Il Deserto dei Tartari_1

  337. Giorgio Vasari

  338. Le Vite de' Più Eccellenti Pittori, Scultori, e Architettori da Cimabue Insino a' Tempi Nostri_5
    The Lives of the Most Excellent Italian Painters, Sculptors, and Architects; The Lives of the Artists
    1550; expanded 1568—Italian

    *Durant* *Ward* *Bloom* *Kanigel* *Telegraph*

  339. Catullus

  340. Poems_6
    First Century B.C—Latin
    *Powys* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Newman*

    Luigi Pirandello
  341. Il Fu Mattia Pascal_1

  342. 1904—Italian

  343. Sei Personaggi in Cerca d'Autore_4

  344. Six Characters in Search of an Author

    *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended*

  345. Charles Darwin

  346. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life_23
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *Deposit* *Graphic* *Educated*

  347. La Vita Nuova_6

  348. 1295—Italian
    *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity* *Newman*

  349. De Vulgari Eloquentia_2

  350. written ca. 1302-05—Latin
    *Classics* *Ward*

  351. Stendhal

  352. Le Rouge et le Noir, Chronique du XIXe Siècle_18
    The Red and the Black

    *Powys* *Classics* *France* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Deposit* *Newman*

    Year 9:
  353. Dante

  354. La Divina Commedia_33
    The Divine Comedy
    originally entitled La Commedia; written ca. 1308-21—Italian

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic*

  355. Wú Chéng-ēn (Ruzhong)

  356. Xi Yóu Jì_6
    Journey to the West; Monkey
    late Sixteenth Century—Chinese

    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Great* *Graphic*

  357. Benvenuto Cellini

  358. Vita di Benvenuto di Maestro Giovanni Cellini Fiorentino, Scritta, per Lui Medesimo, in Firenze_7
    written 1558-62—Italian

    *Eliot* *Durant* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

    William Shakespeare
  359. Sonnets_8

  360. 1609; two sonnets originally published in The Passionate Pilgrim, 1599—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Educated*

  361. The Rape of Lucrece_2

  362. 1594—English
    *Ward* *Newman*

  363. Venus and Adonis_2

  364. 1593—English
    *Ward* *Newman*

    Italo Calvino
  365. Il Visconte Dimezzato_1

  366. The Cloven Viscount


  367. Il Barone Rampante_3

  368. The Baron in the Trees

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  369. Il Cavaliere Inesistente_1

  370. The Nonexistent Knight


  371. Stendhal

  372. Le Chartreuse de Parme_12
    The Charterhouse of Parma

    *Classics* *France* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Zane* *Newman*

  373. Giacomo Leopardi

  374. Canti_1

    • Post-War Russian Poetry_1

    1974; edited by Daniel Weissbort—Russian

    Year 10:
    • Medieval Literature in Translation_1

    1950; edited by Charles W Jones—Latin et al.

  375. Miguel de Cervantes

  376. El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha_36
    Don Quixote
    originally published in two volumes, 1605 and 1615; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Edith Grossman's English translation—Spanish

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Powys* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Reynolds* *World* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    William Shakespeare
  377. The First Part of Henry VI_5

  378. ca. 1592—English
    *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  379. The Second Part of Henry VI_5

  380. ca. 1592—English
    *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  381. The Third Part of Henry VI_5

  382. ca. 1592—English
    *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  383. Richard III_11

  384. ca. 1592-7—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Great* *Taylor* *World* *Newman* *Educated*

  385. The First Part of Henry IV_13

  386. 1597—English
    *Durant* *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  387. Richard II_9

  388. 1597—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  389. King John_4

  390. ca. 1598—English
    *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World*

  391. Henry V_9

  392. 1599—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *O'Hear* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  393. The Second Part of Henry IV_12

  394. 1600—English
    *Durant* *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  395. Henry VIII_5

  396. ca. 1613—English
    *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  397. Pablo Neruda

  398. Canto General_3
    1950; English translation of 'Alturas de Machu Picchu', the second canto, published 1948 in the Tiger's Eye and 1950 in Let the Rail Splitter Awake and Other Poems—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Utne*

  399. Thomas Mann

  400. Buddenbrooks_5
    *Ward* *Magill* *Trinity* *Norway* *Smart*

  401. Tirso de Molina

  402. El Burlador de Sevilla y Convidado de Piedra_2
    ca. 1630—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    • "Songs of the Provençal Tradition"_1

    Twelfth Century—French

  403. Camilo José Cela

  404. Viaje a la Alcarria_1

  405. Pú Sōngling

  406. Liáozhāi Zhìyì_1
    Strange Stories From a Chinese Studio
    written ca. late Seventeenth Century; published 1766—Chinese


  407. Antonio Machado

  408. Juan de Mairena_1
    Sentencias, Donaires, Apuntes y Recuerdos de un Profesor Apórifo


    Year 11:
    Lope de Vega
  409. Arcadia_1

  410. 1598—Spanish

  411. Pastores de Belen: Prosas y Versos Divinos_1

  412. 1614—Spanish

  413. Novelas a Marcia Leonarda_1

  414. originally published in four volumes: Las Fortunas de Diana, 1621; La Desdicha por la Honra, 1624; La Más Prudente Venganza, 1624; Guzmán el Bravo, 1624—Spanish

  415. La Dorotea_2

  416. 1632—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  417. Peribáñez and the Comendador of Ocaña_1

  418. ca. 1604-14—Spanish

  419. Fuenteovejuna_3

  420. 1619—Spanish
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom*

  421. El Perro del Hortelano_2

  422. 1613—Spanish
    *Classics* *Ward*

  423. El Caballero de Olmedo_2

  424. written ca. 1620—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  425. El Castigo sin Venganza_2

  426. Lost in a Mirror
    written 1631—Spanish

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  427. Wáng Chōng

  428. Lùnhéng_1
    Balanced Inquiries; Critical Essays


    San Juan de la Cruz (Saint John of the Cross)
  429. La Noche Oscura del Alma_2

  430. Dark Night of the Soul
    written 1578-79 and 1584-85—Spanish

    *France* *Ward*

  431. Cántico Espiritual_1

  432. written 1577-84—Spanish

    • 'Llama de Amor Viva'_1


    William Shakespeare
  433. The Comedy of Errors_8

  434. 1594—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  435. The Taming of the Shrew_9

  436. ca. 1592-94—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  437. Love's Labour Lost_6

  438. 1598—English
    *Ward* *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  439. A Midsummer Night's Dream_14

  440. ca. 1595-1600—English
    *Durant* *Hundred* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Taylor* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  441. The Two Gentlemen of Verona_7

  442. ca. 1590-94—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  443. The Merchant of Venice_11

  444. ca. 1596-98—English
    *Durant* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  445. Much Ado About Nothing_10

  446. ca. 1598-99—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman*

  447. The Merry Wives of Windsor_6

  448. ca. 1597-1602—English
    *Ward* *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  449. As You Like It_12

  450. 1603—English
    *Durant* *Hundred* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  451. Twelfth Night; or, What You Will_10

  452. 1602—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  453. All's Well That Ends Well_8

  454. ca. 1606-08—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  455. The Tempest_20

  456. 1611—English
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  457. Gabriel García Márquez

  458. Cien Anõs de Soledad_18
    One Hundred Years of Solitude
    1967; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Gregory Rabassa's English translation—Spanish

    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Utne* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Graphic* *Deposit* *Educated*

  459. José Eustacio Rivera

  460. La Vorágine_1
    The Vortex


  461. Herodotus

  462. Historiē_25
    Fifth Century B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *World* *Educated*

    • The Penguin Book of Spanish Verse_1


  463. Panchatantra_3

  464. Pancatranta
    attributed to Vishnu Sharma; ca. Third Century B.C—Sanskrit

    *Ward* *Oriental* *World*

    Jorge Luis Borges
  465. Ficciones_6

  466. originally published 1941, entitled El Jardín de Senderos que se Bifurcan; expanded 1944 and 1956—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Norway* *GlobeMail* *Harvard*

  467. El Aleph_2

  468. 1949; expanded 1952—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  469. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

  470. Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium_1
    First Century—Latin

    Year 12:
    Gil Vicente
  471. Quem Tem Farelos?_1

  472. 1515—Portuguese

  473. Auto da Índia_1

  474. 1509—Portuguese

  475. O Velho da Horta_1

  476. 1512—Portuguese

  477. Auto dos Físicos_1

  478. 1512—Portuguese

    Tanizaki Junichiro
  479. Tade Ku Mushi_1

  480. Some Prefer Nettles
    originally published serially 1928-29—Japanese


  481. Sasameyuki_4

  482. The Makioka Sisters
    published in part serially Jan.-Mar. 1943 in Chuo Koron; in its entirety in three volumes: 1946, 1947, and 1948—Japanese

    *Ward* *Fadiman* *Great* *Zane*

  483. Luís Vaz de Camões

  484. Os Lusíadas_3
    *Ward* *Bloom* *World*

  485. Konstantin Paustovsky

  486. Povest' o Žizni_1
    Story of a Life
    originally published in six volumes, 1946-1963—Russian


    José Maria de Eça de Queirós
  487. O Crime do Padre Amaro_2

  488. 1875; revised 1876 and 1880—Portuguese
    *Ward* *Dirda*

  489. O Primo Basílio_2

  490. 1878—Portuguese
    *Ward* *Dirda*

  491. Os Maias: Episódios da Vida Romântica_3

  492. 1888—Portuguese
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Dirda*

    Suryakant Tripathi Nirala
    • A Season on the Earth: Selected Poems_1

    1977; English translations by David Rubin—Hindustani

    • 'Chatrapati Sivaji ka Patra'_1


  493. Alves Redol

  494. A Barca dos Sete Lemes_1

  495. Aristotle

  496. Peri Poiêtikês_15
    De Poetica; Poetics
    Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Smart* *Educated*

  497. Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)

  498. Ars Poetica_5
    ca. 10-8 B.C—Latin
    *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Trinity*

  499. Longinus

  500. Perì Hýpsous_2
    On the Sublime
    ca. First Century—Greek

    *Ward* *Bloom*

    • Fernando Pessoa

    Selected works_1
    unspecified selection—Portuguese

  501. François Rabelais

  502. La Vie de Gargantua et de Pantagruel_22
    originally published in five volumes: Les Horribles et Épouvantables Faits et Prouesses du Très Renommé Pantagruel Roi des Dipsodes, Fils du Grand Géant Gargantua, 1532; La Vie Très Horrifique du Grand Gargantua, Père de Pantagruel, 1534; Le Tiers Livre des Faicts et Dicts Héroïques du Bon Pantagruel, 1546; Le Quart Livre des Faicts et Dicts Héroïques du Bon Pantagruel, 1552; Le Cinquiesme et Dernier Livre des Faicts et Dicts Héroïques du Bon Pantagruel, 1564; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Thomas Urquhart and Peter Motteux's English translation—French
    *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Hundred* *France* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Utne* *Norway* *Great* *Smart* *Newman*

    Year 13:
    • The Penguin Book of German Verse_1


  503. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  504. Faust_26
    originally published in two volumes: first, Faust. Der Tragödie Erster Teil, published in part, 1790; in its entirey, 1808; revised 1829; second, Faust. Der Tragödie Zweiter Teil, 1832—German
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *GlobeMail* *World* *Newman*

    Harold Pinter
  505. The Caretaker_3

  506. 1960—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  507. The Room_1

  508. 1957—English

  509. The Dumb Waiter_1

  510. 1959; originally performed in German—English

  511. Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen

  512. Der Abenteuerliche Simplicissimus Teutsch, d.h. die Beschreibung des Lebens Eines Seltsamen Vaganten, Genannt Melchior Sternfels von Fuchsheim_1

  513. Wáng Wéi

  514. Wang Yu-ch'eng Chi Chien-chu_1
    Seventh Century—Chinese

    Bertolt Brecht
  515. Der Gute Mensch von Sezuan_3

  516. The Good Woman of Szechuan

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  517. Der Kaukasische Kreidekreis_3

  518. The Caucasian Chalk Circle

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  519. Titus Lucretius Carus

  520. De Rerum Natura_19
    On the Nature of Things
    First Century B.C—Latin

    *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *Graphic* *Educated*

    Victor Hugo
  521. Notre-Dame de Paris_8

  522. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    *Eliot* *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Newman*

  523. Hernani_2

  524. 1830—French
    *Classics* *Ward*

    • East German Poetry: An Anthology_1

    1972; edited by Michael Hamburger—German

    Albert Schweitzer
  525. Zwischen Wasser und Urwald_1

  526. On the Edge of the Primeval Forest


  527. Aus Meiner Kindheit und Jugendzeit_1

  528. Memoirs of Childhood and Youth


  529. Aus Meinem Leben und Denken_1

  530. Out of My Life and Thought


  531. Das Urwaldspital zu Lambaréné_1

  532. More From the Primeval Forest


    Year 14:
  533. Leo Tolstoy

  534. Anna Karenina_19
    published in part serially 1873-7 in Rússkij Véstnik; in its entirety, 1877; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky's English translation—Russian
    *Eliot* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Utne* *Norway* *Guardian* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    • Paul Celan

    Poems: A Bilingual Edition_2
    1980; English translations by Michael Hamburger—German
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    • The Presocratic Philosophers: A Critical History With a Selection of Texts_1

    1957; edited by G S Kirk and J E Raven—

    Friedrich Schiller
  535. Don Karlos, Infant von Spanien_3

  536. 1787—German
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom*

  537. Briefe Über Don Carlos_1

  538. 1788—German

  539. Shī Nài'ān

  540. Shuǐ Hŭ Zhuàn_5
    The Water Margin
    written Fourteenth Century—Chinese

    *Ward* *Oriental* *Great* *World* *Graphic*

    Hugo von Hofmannsthal
  541. Elektra_2

  542. 1909—German
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  543. Jedermann_1

  544. 1911—German

  545. Karl Marx

  546. Das Kapital, Kritik der Politischen Ökonomie_12
    originally published in three volumes: 1867, 1885, and 1894—German
    *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *World*

    • Shaking the Pumpkin: Traditional Poetry of the Indian North Americas_1

    1972; edited by Jerome Rothenberg—

  547. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  548. Aus Mienem Leben: Dichtung und Warheit_5
    From My Life: Poetry and Truth
    originally published in four volumes: first-third, 1811-13; fourth, 1833—German

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Bloom*

    Year 15:
    Franz Kafka
  549. Die Verwandlung_14

  550. The Metamorphosis
    originally published 1915 in Die Weißen Blätter; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Stanley Corngold's English translation—German

    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Norway* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Newman* *Graphic* *Deposit*

    • Beschreibung Eines Kampfes_1

    Description of a Struggle and Other Stories


    • Hochzeitsvorbereitungen auf dem Lande_1

    Wedding Preparations in the Country and Other Stories


  551. Herman Hesse

  552. Das Glasperlenspiel_3
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  553. Sigmund Freud

  554. Die Traumdeutung_15
    The Interpretation of Dreams

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Learning* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Great* *Graphic*

  555. Fernando de Rojas

  556. Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea_2
    La Celestina

    *Ward* *Bloom*

    Hans Magnus Enzensberger
    • Poems_1

    Twentieth Century—German

  557. Der Untergang der Titanic_1

  558. The Sinking of the Titanic


  559. Herman Melville

  560. Moby-Dick; or, The Whale_26
    *Classics* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Guardian* *Zane* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Harvard* *Newman* *Graphic* *Deposit* *Educated*

    Gerhart Hauptmann
    • Five Plays_1

    1961; English translations by Theodore H Lustig—German

  561. Die Weber_2

  562. 1892—German
    *Ward* *Trinity*

  563. Hanneles Himmelfahrt_1

  564. 1893—German

  565. Der Biberpelz_1

  566. 1893—German

  567. Führmann Henschell_1

  568. 1898—German

  569. Rose Bernd_1

  570. 1903—German

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    • Poems_1

    late Eighteenth-early Nineteenth centuries—German

  571. Westöstlicher Diwan_2

  572. The West-Eastern Divan
    1819; revised 1827—German

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  573. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  574. Les Confessions_14
    *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *France* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Newman* *Educated*

  575. Du Contrat Social ou Principes du Droit Politique_17

  576. The Social Contract

    *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Educated*

  577. Émile, ou de l'Éducation_6

  578. 1762—French
    *Read* *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Newman*

    Year 16:
    • The Penguin Book of Greek Verse_1

    1962; edited by Constantine A Trypanis—Greek

    • Great Sanskrit Plays in New English Transcreations_1

    1957; English translations by P Lal; includes The Dream of Vasavadatta; The Recognition of Sakuntala; The Little Clay Cart; Ratnavali; The Story of Rama's Later Life; The Signet of the Minister—Sanskrit

  579. Bhasa

  580. Svapnavasavadattam_1
    The Dream of Vasavadatta
    ca. Second Century B.C-Second Century—Sanskrit


  581. Kalidasa

  582. Abhijnanasakuntalam_6
    The Recognition of Sakuntala
    ca. Fifth Century—Sanskrit

    *Lubbock* *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Norway* *World*

  583. Sudraka

  584. Mrcchakatika_2
    The Little Clay Cart
    ca. Second Century B.C-Fifth Century—Sanskrit

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  585. Harsha

  586. Ratnavali_1
    ca. early Seventh Century—Sanskrit

  587. Bhavabhuti

  588. Uttararamacharita_1
    The Story of Rama's Later Life
    Eighth Century—Sanskrit


  589. Vishakhadatta

  590. Mudrarakshasa_1
    The Signet of the Minister
    ca. Fourth-Eighth centuries—Sanskrit


  591. Pausanias

  592. Description of Greece_1
    Second Century—Greek

  593. Homer

  594. Odýsseia_36
    The Odyssey
    ca. Ninth-Eighth centuries B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Robert Fitzgerald's English translation—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  595. D H Lawrence

  596. Sons and Lovers_9
    *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Newman*

  597. Aristotle

  598. Politik_10
    Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Invitation* *Downs* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Fadiman* *Foundation*

  599. Plato

  600. Politeia_24
    The Republic
    early Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Reynolds* *World* *Deposit* *Educated*

  601. Shījīng_4

  602. Shih-Ching; The Classic of Poetry; The Book of Poetry; The Book of Songs; The Book of Odes
    one of the Five Classics of Confucianism; Eleventh-Seventh centuries B.C—Chinese

    *Lubbock* *Ward* *Oriental* *World*

    • Osip Mandelstam

    early Twentieth Century—Russian

    Year 17:
  603. Apology_1

  604. early Fourth Century B.C—Greek

  605. Anabasis_3

  606. early Fourth Century B.C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Downs* *Ward*

  607. Hellenica_1

  608. early Fourth Century B.C—Greek

  609. Kúrou Paideía_1

  610. Cryopaedia
    early Fourth Century B.C—Greek


  611. Memorabilia_2

  612. Apomnemoneumata
    early Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Ward*

  613. Symposium_1

  614. early Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    Robert Burns
    • Poems and Songs_1

    1971; edited by James Kinsley—English

  615. Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect_2

  616. 1786—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren*

  617. The Merry Muses of Caledonia_1

  618. 1799—English

  619. Alkēstis_6

  620. Alcestis
    438 B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  621. Mēdeia_17

  622. Medea
    431 B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Michael Collier and Georgia Ann Machemer's English translation—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Norway* *Great* *Smart* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  623. Hērakleidai_2

  624. Heracleidae; Herakles' Children
    c. 430 B.C—Greek

    *Ward* *Adler*

  625. Hippolytos _11

  626. 428 B.C—Greek
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  627. Andromache _4

  628. ca. 428-25 B.C—Greek
    *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended*

  629. Hēkabē _3

  630. Hecuba
    written ca. 424 B.C—Greek

    *Ward* *Adler* * Bloom*

  631. Hiketides _2

  632. The Suppliants
    423 B.C—Greek

    *Ward* *Adler*

  633. Hēraklēs Mainomenos _3

  634. Herakles
    ca. 416 B.C—Greek

    *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom*

  635. Trōiades _8

  636. The Trojan Woman
    415 B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Downs* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  637. Ēlektra _7

  638. Electra
    written ca. 413 B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great*

  639. Iphigeneia en Taurois _4

  640. Iphigeneia in Tauris
    written ca. 414-12 B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler*

  641. Iōn _5

  642. written ca. 414-12 B.C—Greek
    *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom*

  643. Helenē _3

  644. 412 B.C—Greek
    *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom*

  645. Phoinissai _2

  646. Phoenician Women
    written c. 408—Greek

    *Ward* *Adler*

  647. Orestēs _3

  648. 408 B.C—Greek
    *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom*

  649. Bakchai _14

  650. The Bacchae
    405 B.C—Greek

    *Eliot* *Powys* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *O'Hear*

  651. Iphigeneia en Aulidi _4

  652. Iphigeneia in Aulis
    405 B.C—Greek

    *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Foundation*

  653. Kyklōps_4

  654. Cyclops
    late Fifth Century B.C—Greek

    *Clasics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom*

  655. Rhēsos_2

  656. Rhesus
    late Fifth Century B.C—Greek

    *Ward* *Adler*

    • Leonardo da Vinci

    late Fifteenth-early Sixteenth centuries—Italian
    *Invitation* *Hundred* *Read* *Ward* *Bloom*

    • Epicurus

    three extant letters, part of Diogenes Laërtius's Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers; Third Century—Greek
    *Ward* *Trinity*

    Heinrich von Kleist
    • Stories_2

    early Nineteenth Century—German
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  657. Prinz Friedrich von Homburg Oder die Schlacht bei Fehrbellin_2

  658. 1821—German
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  659. Homer

  660. Iliad_33
    ca. Ninth-Eighth centuries B.C; Cowan and Guinness ("Trinity") specifiy Richard Lattimore's English translation; Mallison ("Smart") notes Derek Jacobi's modern aural version—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *World* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    Chikamatsu Monzaemon
  661. Yotsugi Soga_1

  662. The Soga Successors


  663. Sonezaki no Shinju_2

  664. The Love Suicides at Sonezaki

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  665. Shinju Mannenso_2

  666. The Love Suicides in the Women's Temple

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  667. Meido no Hikyaku_2

  668. The Courier for Hell

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  669. Kokusen'ya Kassen_2

  670. The Battles of Coxinga

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  671. Nebiki no Kadomatsu_2

  672. The Uprooted Pine

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  673. Onnagoroshi Abura no Jigoku_2

  674. The Woman-Killer and the Hell of Oil

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  675. Shinju Ten no Amijima_2

  676. The Love Suicides at Amijima

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  677. Horikawa Nami no Tsuzumi_2

  678. 1721—Japanese
    *Ward* *Oriental*

  679. Tamba Yosaku Machiyo no Komurobushi_2

  680. 1721—Japanese
    *Ward* *Oriental*

  681. Yari no Gonza_2

  682. 1721—Japanese
    *Ward* *Oriental*

  683. Hakata Kojoro Namimakura_2

  684. 1721—Japanese
    *Ward* *Oriental*

  685. Antigone_22

  686. ca. 441 B.C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Campbell* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *World* *Newman*

  687. Oidipous Tyrannos_25

  688. Oedipus Rex; Oedipus the King
    ca. 429 B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Dudley Fitts and Robert Fitzgerald's English translation—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *World* *Newman* *Educated*

  689. Oidipous epi Kolōnō_20

  690. Oedipus at Colonus
    401 B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Van Doren* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *World* *Newman*

  691. Aias_5

  692. Ajax
    ca. 450-430 B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom*

  693. Philoktētēs_5

  694. Philocetes
    409 B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom*

  695. Trachiniai_4

  696. The Trachiniae; The Women of Trachis
    ca. 450-420 B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom*

  697. Ēlektra_4

  698. Electra
    ca. 410-400 B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom*

    Year 18:
  699. Somadeva

  700. Katha-sarit-sagara_2
    Eleventh Century—Sanskrit
    *Ward* *World*

    • Nazim Hikmet

    Twentieth Century—Turkish

  701. Saadi Shirazi

  702. Gullistan_3
    written 1258—Persian
    *Baldwin* *Ward* *World*

  703. Fuzuli

  704. Dastan-i Leyli vu Mecnun_3
    The Epic of Layla and Majnun
    Sixteenth Century—Turkish

    *Ward* *Oriental* *World*

  705. Evliya Celebi

  706. Seyahatname_1
    Book of Travels
    Seventeenth Century—Persian


  707. Masnavi-l Ma'navi_4

  708. Mathnavi
    written ca. 1258-73—Persian

    *Ward* *Oriental* *Norway* *World*

  709. Fihi Ma Fihi_1

  710. Thirteenth Century—Persian

    Oliver Goldsmith
  711. The Vicar of Wakefield_6

  712. 1766—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Newman*

  713. She Stoops to Conquer_5

  714. 1773—English
    *Eliot* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Educated*

  715. The Deserted Village_2

  716. 1770—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    George Crabbe
  717. The Village_1

  718. 1783—English

  719. The Borough_1

  720. 1810—English

  721. Sadegh Hedayat

  722. Boof e-Kor_1
    The Blind Owl


    • Yahya Kemal Bayatli

    early Twentieth Century—Turkish

    • Hafez

    Fourteenth Century—Persian
    *Ward* *World*

    Year 19:
    • Anthology of Islamic Literature, From the Rise of Islam to Modern Times_1

    1964; edited by James Kritzeck—Arabic; Turkish; Persian

  723. Jean-Paul Sartre

  724. La Nausée_7

    *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Graphic*

  725. Quran_11

  726. Koran
    Seventh Century—Arabic

    *Downs* *Ward* *Oriental* *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *World*

    Terence (Publius Terentius Afer)
  727. Andria_3

  728. 166 B.C—Latin
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom*

  729. Hecrya_3

  730. 165 B.C—Latin
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom*

  731. Heauton Timorumenos_2

  732. 163 B.C—Latin
    *Classics* *Ward*

  733. Phormio_2

  734. 161 B.C—Latin
    *Classics* *Ward*

  735. Eunuchus_3

  736. 161 B.C—Latin
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom*

  737. Adelphi_2

  738. 160 B.C—Latin
    *Classics* *Ward*

  739. Muallaqat_3

  740. The Seven Odes
    compiled Eighth Century—Arabic

    *Ward* *Oriental* *World*

    Richard Francis Burton
  741. Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Medinah and Meccah_1

  742. 1855—English

  743. Abeokuta and the Cameroon Mountains_1

  744. 1863—English

  745. A Mission to Gelele, King of Dahomé_1

  746. 1864—English

  747. The Gold-Mines of Midian_1

  748. 1878—English

  749. The Land of Midian (Revisited)_1

  750. 1879—English

  751. De Bellis_1

  752. Wars of Justinian
    written ca. 545—Greek


  753. Peri Ktismaton_1

  754. De Aedificiis
    written ca. 557—Greek


  755. Anekdota_1

  756. Historia Arcana
    written ca. 550-60—Greek


  757. Ibn Hazm

  758. Tawq al-Hamamah_2
    The Ring of the Dove
    written ca. 1022—Arabic

    *Ward* *Oriental*

    • Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli

    The Roman Sonnets of G G Belli_2
    1960; English translations by Howard Norse—Italian
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  759. Ibn Battuta

  760. Ar-Rihla_1
    The Journey
    Fourteenth Century—Arabic


    Year 20:
    Arthur Rimbaud
    • Poems_3

    late Nineteenth Century—French
    *France* *Rexroth* *Ward*

  761. Une Saison en Enfer_6

  762. A Season in Hell

    *France* *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity* *Great* *Newman*

  763. Les Illuminations_5

  764. published in part serially May-Jun. 1886 in La Vogue; in its entirety later the same year—French
    *France* *Bloom* *Trinity* *Ward* *Newman*

  765. Kitab alf Laylah Wa-Laylah_17

  766. The Thousand and One Nights; The Arabian Nights
    Ninth-Fifteenth centuries; Taylor specifies Richard Burton's version—Arabic

    *Lubock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *France* *Downs* *Ward* *Magill* *Oriental* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Taylor*

  767. Pedro Calderón de la Barca

  768. La Vida es Sueño_8
    Life Is a Dream

    *Eliot* *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Great*

  769. Muhammad al-Bukhari

  770. Sahih al-Bukhari_2
    Ninth Century—Arabic
    *Ward* *World*

  771. Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj

  772. Sahih Muslim_1
    Ninth Century—Arabic

    Daniel Defoe
  773. The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner_21

  774. originally anonymously published 1719—English
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  775. The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Being the Second and Last Part of His Life, And of the Strange Surprizing Accounts of His Travels Round Three Parts of the Globe_1

  776. originally anonymously published 1719—English

  777. Serious Reflections During the Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe: With His Vision of the Angelick World_1

  778. originally anonymously published 1720—English

    Ibn Khaldun
  779. Kitab al-Ibar_2

  780. Fourteenth Century—Arabic
    *Ward* *World*

  781. Muqaddimah_3

  782. Fourteenth Century; originally written as the preface to Kitab al-Ibar—Arabic
    *Ward* *Oriental* *Great*

  783. Friedrich Nietzsche

  784. Also Sprach Zarathustra: Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen_15
    Thus Spake Zarathustra
    originally published in four volumes, 1883-5—German

    *Powys* *Durant* *Hundred* *France* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Magill* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *World* *Graphic*

  785. Al-Hariri of Basra

  786. Maqamat al-Hariri_3
    Eleventh Century—Arabic
    *Ward* *Oriental* *World*

  787. Izumo Takeda, Shoraku Miyoshi, and Senryu Namiki

  788. Kanadehon Chushingura_2
    The Treasure of Loyal Retainers

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  789. Lucan

  790. De Bello Civili_3
    written 61-65—Latin

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

    Year 21:
  791. Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff

  792. Aus dem Leben Eines Taugenichts_1

  793. Kitab al-Hayawan_1

  794. The Book of Animals
    Ninth Century—Arabic


  795. Kitab al-Bukhala_1

  796. The Book of Misers
    Ninth Century—Arabic


  797. Kitab al-Bayan wa al-Tabyin_1

  798. The Book of Eloquence and Demonstration
    Ninth Century—Arabic


    • Po Chu-I

    early Ninth Century—Chinese

  799. Al-Munqidh min al-Dalal_2

  800. Deliverance From Error
    Eleventh-early Twelfth centuries—Arabic

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  801. Ihya Ulum al-Din_2

  802. The Revival of Religious Sciences
    Eleventh-early Twelfth centuries—Arabic

    *Ward* *World*

  803. Tahafut al-Falasifa_1

  804. The Incoherence of the Philosophers
    Eleventh-early Twelfth centuries—Arabic


  805. The Story of Sinuhe_1

  806. ca. Twentieth Century B.C—Egyptian

  807. Yevgeny Zamyatin

  808. My_1
    English translation, 1924; Russian original, 1952—Russian


    Henry Adams
  809. Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres_5

  810. 1913—English
    *Durant* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  811. The Education of Henry Adams_11

  812. 1918—English
    *Durant* *Invitation* *Hundred* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Foundation* *Fadiman* *Kanigel*

    • Chaim Nachman Bialik

    early Twentieth Century—Hebrew

  813. Thomas Hardy

  814. Jude the Obscure_7
    originally published serially Dec. 1894-Nov. 1895 in Harper's New Monthly Magazine—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Great* *Guardian* *Smart*

    • Al-Mutanabbi

    1967; edited by A J Arberry; written Tenth Century—Arabic

  815. Harry Elmer Barnes

  816. A History of Historical Writing_1

    Year 22:
    • The Penguin Book of Russian Verse_1

    1962; edited by Dimitri Obolensky—Russian

  817. Leo Tolstoy

  818. Voyna i Mir"_24
    War and Peace
    originally entitled 1805, published in part, 1865 and 1867; retitled and published in its entirety, 1869—Russian

    *Invitation* *Hundred* *France* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Norway* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *World* *Newman*

    William Blake
    • The Complete Writings of William Blake With Variant Readings_1

    1957; revised 1966; edited by Geoffrey Keynes; includes Poetical Sketches; All Religions Are One; There Is No Natural Religion; Tiriel; Songs of Innocence and Experience Showing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul; The Book of Thel; The Marriage of Heaven and Hell; The French Revolution; Visions of the Daughters of Albion; The Gates of Paradise; America a Prophecy; Europe a Prophecy; The Book of Urizen; The Song of Los; The Book of Los; The Book of Ahania; Vala, or The Four Zoas; Milton; Jerusalem; The Everlasting Gospel; On Homers Poetry; On Virgil; The Ghost of Abel; 'An Island in the Moon'; and other works—English

  819. Poetical Sketches_4

  820. 1783—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  821. All Religions Are One_4

  822. written ca. 1788—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  823. There Is No Natural Religion_4

  824. written ca. 1788—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  825. Tiriel_4

  826. written ca. 1789; originally published as part of The Poetical Works of William Blake, 1874—English
    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  827. Songs of Innocence and Experience Showing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul_11

  828. published in part, 1789, as Songs of Innocence; in its entirety, 1794—English
    *Classics* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Educated*

  829. The Book of Thel_5

  830. written 1789-90—English
    *Classics* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  831. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell_6

  832. written 1790—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  833. The French Revolution_2

  834. 1791—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  835. Visions of the Daughters of Albion_4

  836. 1793—English
    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  837. For Children: The Gates of Paradise_2

  838. 1793; revised 1820 and retitled, For the Sexes: The Gates of Paradise—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  839. America, a Prophecy_4

  840. 1793—English
    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  841. Europe, a Prophecy_4

  842. 1794—English
    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  843. The Book of Urizen_5

  844. originally entitled The First Book of Urizen, published 1794—English
    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Utne* *Newman*

  845. The Song of Los_4

  846. 1795—English
    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  847. The Book of Los_4

  848. 1795—English
    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  849. The Book of Ahania_4

  850. 1795—English
    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  851. Vala, or The Four Zoas_4

  852. written ca. 1797-1807—English
    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  853. Milton, a Poem in 2 Books_5

  854. written ca. 1804-11—English
    *Van Doren* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  855. Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion_6

  856. 1820; written ca. 1804-20—English
    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Graphic* *Newman*

  857. The Everlasting Gospel_4

  858. written ca. 1818—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  859. On Homers Poetry; On Virgil_2

  860. ca. 1822—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  861. The Ghost of Abel_2

  862. 1822—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    Anton Chekhov
  863. P'esa Bez Nazvaniâ_1

  864. That Worthless Fellow Platonov


  865. Ivanov_2

  866. 1887—Russian
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  867. Lešij_1

  868. The Wood Demon


  869. Čajka_7

  870. The Seagull

    *Powys* *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Dirda* *Newman*

  871. Dâdâ Vanâ_10

  872. Uncle Vanya

    *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Dirda* *Great* *Newman*

  873. Tri Sestry_8

  874. Three Sisters

    *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Dirda* *Newman*

  875. Višhnëvyj Sad_8

  876. The Cherry Orchard

    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Newman* *Educated*

  877. Patanjali

  878. Yoga Sutras_3
    ca. Second Century B.C—Sanskrit
    *Ward* *Oriental* *World*

  879. Marco Polo and Rustichello da Pisa

  880. Livre des Merveilles du Monde_3
    ca. 1300—French
    *Rexroth* *Downs* *Ward*

  881. Ivan Goncharov

  882. Oblomov_4
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Dirda* *Newman*

  883. Chomei Kamo

  884. Hojoki_2
    An Account of My Hut
    written 1212—Japanese

    *Ward* *Oriental*

    Year 23:
  885. Aristotle

  886. Ethika Nikomacheia_16
    Nicomachean Ethics
    Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Reynolds*

  887. Fyodor Dostoevsky

  888. Prestuplénie i Nakazániye_22
    Crime and Punishment
    originally published serially Jan.-Dec. 1866 in Rússkij Véstnik; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky's English translation—Russian

    *Eliot* *Powys* *Classics* *France* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Norway* *Guardian* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    Charles Lamb
  889. Essays of Elia_4

  890. 1823; originally published serially 1820-25 in the London Magazine—English
    *Baldwin* *Powys* *Hundred* *Ward*

  891. Last Essays of Elia_4

  892. 1833; originally published serially 1820-25 in the London Magazine—English
    *Baldwin* *Powys* *Hundred* *Ward*

    Isaak Babel
    • Collected Stories_2

    1960; English translations by Walter Morrison—Russian
    *Bloom* *Ward*

  893. Konarmiâ_1

  894. Red Cavalry
    published in part serially 1923-24 in LEF—Russian


  895. Odesskie Rasskazy_1

  896. The Odessa Tales
    originally published serially 1923-24 in Krasnaâ Nov' and LEF—Russian


  897. Norbert Lynton

  898. The Story of Modern Art_1

  899. Ivan Turgenev

  900. Otcy i Deti_11
    Fathers and Children; Fathers and Sons
    originally published Feb. 1862 in Rússkij Véstnik—Russian

    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great* *Newman*

    • Ghalib

    Nineteenth Century—Hindustani; Persian
    *Ward* *World*

  901. Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  902. Odîn den' Ivána Denîsoviča_4
    A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
    originally published Nov. 1962 in Nóvyj Mîr—Russian

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity*

    • Kukai and His Major Works_2

    1972; English translations by Yoshito S Hakeda—Japanese

  903. Jujushinron_2

  904. Treatise on the Ten Stages of the Development of the Mind

    *Ward* *World*

  905. Alexander Pushkin

  906. Evgénij Onegin_7
    Eugene Onegin
    published in part serially 1825-32; in its entirety, 1833; revised 1837—Russian

    *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Great* *Newman*

    Year 24:
    • Sources of Chinese Tradition_1

    1964; edited by William Theodore de Bary, Wing-tsit Chan, and Burton Watson—Chinese

  907. Queste del Saint Graal_1

  908. early Thirteenth Century—French

    • Anthology of Chinese Literature_1

    two volumes: 1965 and 1967; edited by Cyril Birch—Chinese

  909. Jane Austen

  910. Pride and Prejudice_30
    originally anonymously published 1813—English
    *Eliot* *Powys* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *World* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    • Li Bai (Li Po)

    Eighth Century—Chinese

  911. Cáo Xuěqín (Mengruan) (Ts'ao Hsueh-ch'in)

  912. Hóng Lóu Mèng_7
    The Dream of the Red Chamber; The Story of the Stone

    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Magill* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Great* *World*

    Federico García Lorca
  913. Bodas de Sangre_2

  914. Blood Wedding

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  915. Yerma_2

  916. 1934—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  917. La Casa de Bernarda Alba_2

  918. The House of Bernarda Alba
    written 1936; published 1945—Spanish

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  919. Confucius (Kǒng Zǐ) (Kǒng Fūzǐ) (K'ung Fu-tzu)

  920. Analects_12
    Lún Yǔ
    written and compiled by the author's pupils; ca. Fifth Century B.C-Second Century—Chinese

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Downs* *Ward* *Oriental* *Good* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *Taylor* *World* *Graphic*

    Alexander Kuprin
    • Granatovy Braslet_1

    The Garnet Brothers
    includes Poedinok [1905]; 'Moloch'; and other works—Russian


  921. Poedinok_1

  922. The Duel


    • 'Moloch'_1


    • Máo Zédōng

    Selected Works_1

    Year 25:
  923. Mèng Zǐ (Mencius) (Meng Tzu)

  924. Mèng Zǐ_5
    Mencius; Meng Tzu
    Fourth Century B.C—Chinese

    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Great* *World*

    Federico García Lorca
    • Poems_2

    early Twentieth Century—Spanish
    *France* *Ward*

  925. Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías_3

  926. Lament for Ignacio Sánchez Mejías

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    • The Texts of Taoism_1

    1962; English translations by James Legge; includes the Tao te Ching—Chinese

  927. Lǎozǐ (Lao-tzu) (Laocius)

  928. Dàodéjǐng_11
    Tao te Ching
    ca. Sixth Century B.C—Chinese

    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Oriental* *Good* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Utne* *Dirda* *Great* *World* *Graphic*

    • John Keats

    Poetical Works_1
    1958; edited by H W Garrod—English

  929. Lánlíng Xiàoxiào Shēng

  930. Jīn Píng Méi_3
    The Golden Lotus; The Plum in the Golden Vase
    1610; author's identity unknown, given name is a pseudonym—Chinese

    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman*

    • Dù Fǔ (Tu Fu)

    Eighth Century—Chinese
    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Utne*

  931. Wú Jìngzǐ

  932. Rúlínwùishi_1
    The Scholars
    written ca. 1750—Chinese


  933. Arthur Schopenhauer

  934. Parerga and Paraliopomena_1

    • Lu Xun

    Selected Works_1
    four volumes—Chinese

    Year 26:
    • Sources of Indian Tradition_1

    1964; edited by William Theodore de Bary, Stephen N Hay, Royal Weiler, and Andrew Yarrow—

  935. El Cantar de Mio Cid_4

  936. written ca. 1195-1207—Spanish
    *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Trinity*

    • Vyasa

    Bhagavad Gita_8
    part of the Mahabharata; ca. Ninth Century B C-Fourth Century—Sanskrit
    *Eliot* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Great* *Zane*

    Augustine of Hippo
  937. Confessionum Libri Tredecim_23

  938. The Confessions of St. Augustine
    written 397-98—Latin

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *O'Hear* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *Newman* *Educated*

  939. De Civitate Dei Contra Paganos_9

  940. City of God

    *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Great* *Educated*

    • Poems From the Sanskrit_1

    1968; English translations by John Brough—Sanskrit

  941. Premchand

  942. Godan_1
    The Gift of a Cow


    Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca)
  943. De Secreto Conflictu Curarum Mearum_1

  944. Secretum
    written ca. 1347-53—Latin


  945. Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta_3

  946. Il Canzoniere

    *Ward* *World* *Newman*

  947. I Trionfi_1

  948. ca. 1351-74—Italian

  949. Africa_1

  950. written ca. 1337-43—Latin

  951. Saddharma Pundarika Sutra_2

  952. Lotus Sutra
    ca. First Century B.C-Second Century—Sanskrit

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  953. William Faulkner

  954. The Sound and the Fury_13
    *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Harvard* *Newman* *Graphic*

  955. Mohandas K Gandhi

  956. The Story of My Experiments With the Truth_4
    originally published serially 1925-9 in Navijan—Gujarati
    *Ward* *Oriental* *Great* *Educated*

    Year 27:
  957. Thucydides

  958. History of the Peloponnesian War_23
    early Fifth Century B.C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Utne* *Great* *Telegraph* *World* *Educated*

    • Khushhal Khatak

    Seventeenth Century—Pashto

  959. E M Forster

  960. A Passage to India_8
    *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Zane* *Smart*

  961. Dhammapada_3

  962. part of the Khuddaka Nikaya, fifth of five nikayas in the Sutta Pitaka; written ca. Third Century B.C—Pali
    *Ward* *Oriental* *SeymourSmith*

    • Modern Spanish Theatre: An Anthology of Plays_1

    1969; English translations by Michael Benedikt and George E Wellwarth—Spanish

  963. Abe Kobo

  964. Suna no Onna_3
    The Woman in the Dunes

    *Ward* *Recommended* *Zane*

    • Faiz Ahmad Faiz

    Twentieth Century—Hindustani

  965. Günter Grass

  966. Die Blechtrommel_6
    The Tin Drum

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Norway* *Zane*

  967. Vatsayana

  968. Kama Sutra_2
    ca. Fourth-Third centuries B.C—Sanskrit
    *Ward* *Taylor*

    Robert Lowell
  969. Life Studies_1

  970. 1959—English

  971. Near the Ocean_1

  972. 1967—English

  973. Notebook 1967-68_1

  974. 1969; revised and expanded as Notebook, 1970—English

  975. History_1

  976. 1973—English

  977. For Lizzie and Harriet_1

  978. 1973—English

  979. The Dolphin_1

  980. 1973—English

  981. Day by Day_1

  982. 1977—English

    Year 28:
  983. Valmiki

  984. Ramayana_10
    ca. Fifth-Second centuries B.C—Sanskrit
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Ward* *Magill* *Oriental* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *World*

    • Upanishads_4

    Seventh-Fourth centuries B C—Sanskrit
    *Ward* *Oriental* *SeymourSmith* *Great*

    Jeremy Bentham
  985. Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation_4

  986. 1789—English
    *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Trinity*

  987. Fragment on Government_1

  988. 1776—English

    • Contemporary Indonesian Poetry_1

    1975; English translations by Harry Aveling—Malay

    Pio Baroja
  989. Las Inquietudes de Shanti Andía_1

  990. 1911—Spanish

  991. El Laberinto de las Sirenas_1

  992. 1923—Spanish

  993. La Estrella del Capitán Chimista_1

  994. 1930—Spanish

  995. Los Pilotos de Altura_1

  996. 1931—Spanish

  997. Desde la Última Vuelta del Camino_1

  998. 1944—Spanish

    • Chairil Anwar

    Complete Poetry and Prose_1
    1970; English translations by Burton Raffel; includes Deru Campur Debu [1949]; Kerikil-Kerikil Tajam dan Yang Terampas dan Yang Putus [1949]; Tiga Menguak Takdir [1950]—Malay

  999. Deru Campur Debu_1

  1000. 1949—Malay

  1001. Kerikil-Kerikil Tajam dan Yang Terampas dan Yang Putus_1

  1002. 1949—Malay

  1003. Tiga Menguak Takdir_1

  1004. 1950—Malay

    • Medieval Latin Lyrics_1

    1952; English translations by Helen Waddell—Latin

  1005. Helen Waddell

  1006. The Wandering Scholars_1

  1007. Kautilya (Chanakya) (Vishnu Gupta)

  1008. Arthashastra_2
    Fourth-Third centuries B.C—Sanskrit
    *Ward* *World*

  1009. Sugawara no Takasue no Musume (Takasue's Daughter) (Lady Sarashina)

  1010. Sarashina Nikki_2
    *Ward* *Oriental*

  1011. Baldassare Castiglione

  1012. Il Cortegiano_3
    *Zulli* *Ward* *Bloom*

    Year 29:
    • Sacred Writings of the Sikhs_1

    1973; edited by George S Fraser—Punjabi

  1013. Guru Granth Sahib_2

  1014. Adi Granth
    written ca. Fifteenth-Sixteenth centuries—Punjabi

    *Ward* *World*

    • Guy de Maupassant

    Complete Short Stories_1

    • A Celtic Miscellany: Translations From the Celtic_1

    1971; English translations by Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson—Celtic

  1015. James Boswell

  1016. The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D._21
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Newman*

    François de la Rochefoucauld
  1017. Réflexions ou Sentences et Maximes Morales_4

  1018. originally anonymously published 1665—French
    *Durant* *France* *Ward* *Bloom*

  1019. Mémoires_1

  1020. French

    Rainer Maria Rilke
  1021. Duineser Elegien_5

  1022. The Duino Elegies

    *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Utne*

  1023. Die Sonette an Orpheus_4

  1024. The Sonnets to Orpheus

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  1025. Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin

  1026. Gospoda Golovlëvy_1
    The Golovlyov Family
    published in part serially 1875-6 and 1880 in Otečestvennye Zapiski—Russian


    • Kabir

    Fifteenth Century—Hindustani

    Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  1027. De Providentia_1

  1028. Latin

  1029. De Clementia_1

  1030. written 55-56—Latin

    Year 30:
    • An Anthology of Sinhalese Literature Up to 1815_1

    1970; edited by C H B Reynolds—Sinhalese

    Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
  1031. Il Gattopardo_5

  1032. The Leopard
    1958; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Archibald Colquhoun's English translation—Italian

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Zane* *Smart*

  1033. I Racconti_1

  1034. 1961—Italian

  1035. Ananta Badu Chandidas

  1036. Srikrishna Kirtan_1
    Love Songs of Chandidas
    Fourteenth Century—Bengali


  1037. Lucian

  1038. Verae Historiae_6
    True History
    Second Century—Greek

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Dirda* *Newman*

  1039. Milinda Panha_2

  1040. Questions of Milinda
    written ca. Second Century B.C-Second Century—Pali

    *Ward* *Oriental*

    Sándor Petőfi
    • Petőfi_1

    1973; English translations by Anton N Nyerges—Hungarian

  1041. János Vitéz_1

  1042. written 1845—Hungarian

  1043. Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

  1044. Pother Pachali_1
    Pather Pancali; 1929—Bengali

    Francis Bacon
  1045. Essays: Religious Meditations. Places of Perswasion and Disswasion. Seene and Allowed_12

  1046. 1597; expanded 1612; expanded and retitled Essayes or Counsels, Civill and Morall, 1625—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Good* *Bloom* *Great*

  1047. Of the Proficience and Advancement of Learning, Divine and Human_6

  1048. 1605—English
    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler*

  1049. Novum Organum Scientiarium_10

  1050. 1620—English
    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *Educated*

  1051. Bilhana

  1052. Caurapancasika_1
    Eleventh Century—Sanskrit

  1053. Okagami_1

  1054. The Great Mirror


    Year 31:
    Desiderius Erasmus
  1055. Stultitiae Laus_10

  1056. In Praise of Folly
    1511; revised—Latin

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Dirda* *Reynolds*

  1057. Colloquia Familiaria_1

  1058. 1518-33—Latin

    • Friedrich Hölderlin

    Poems and Fragments_1
    1961; English translations by Michael Hamburger—German
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1059. Jakob Rosenberg

  1060. Rembrandt: Life and Work_1

    Blaise Pascal
  1061. Lettres Provinciales_6

  1062. 1656-57—French
    *Classics* *France* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Trinity*

  1063. Pensées_20

  1064. Thoughts

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Classics* *France* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *O'Hear* *Reynolds*

    • A Thousand Years of Vietnamese Poetry_1

    1975; English translations by N N Bich, B Raffel, and W S Merwin—Vietnamese

  1065. Baruch Spinoza

  1066. Ethica, Ordine Geometrico Demonstrata_15

    *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Dirda* *Deposit*

    Emil Cioran
  1067. Précis de Décomposition_1

  1068. 1949—French

  1069. La Tentation d'Exister_1

  1070. 1956—French

  1071. La Chute dans le Temps_1

  1072. 1964—French

  1073. Le Mauvais Démiurge_1

  1074. 1969—French

    Francisco de Quevedo
  1075. Sueños y Discursos de Verdades Descubridoras de Abusos, Vicios y Engaños en Todos los Oficios del Mundo_2

  1076. Dreams

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1077. Historia de la Vida del Buscón, Llamado Don Pablos, Ejemplo de Vagamundos y Espejo de Tacaños_1

  1078. El Buscón


    • Poetry of the Netherlands in Its European Context, 1170-1930_1

    1960; English translations by Theodoor Weevers—Dutch

  1079. Yoshida Kenko

  1080. Tsurezuregusa_2
    Essays in Idleness
    written 1330-32—Japanese

    *Ward* *Oriental*

    Year 32:
    Robert Musil
  1081. Der Mann Ohne Eigenschaften_5

  1082. The Man Without Qualities
    originally published in three volumes: 1930, 1933, and 1943—German

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Norway*

    • T S Eliot

    Collected Poems, 1909-1962_3
    1936; expanded 1963; includes Prufrock and Other Observations [1917]; Poems: 1920 [1920]; 'The Waste Land'; 'The Hollow Men'; Ash Wednesday [1930]; Journey of the Magi [1927]; A Song for Simeon [1928]; Animula [1929]; Marina [1930]; Triumphal March [1931]; Sweeney Agonistes: Fragments of an Aristophanic Melodrama [1932]; Four Quartets; The Cultivation of Christmas Trees [1954]; selections from The Rock; two poems, 'Coriolan' and 'Difficulties of a Statesman', included with Triumphal March and Sweeney Agonistes in a section entitled Unfinished Poems; plus sections entitled Minor Poems, and Occasional Verses; 1936 edition, entitled Collected Poems, 1909-1935, only included 'Burnt Norton' from Four Quartets and did not include The Cultivation of Christmas Trees or the Occasional Verses section—English
    *Ward* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  1083. Prufrock and Other Observations_4

  1084. 1917—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  1085. Poems: 1920_4

  1086. 1920—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  1087. Journey of the Magi_5

  1088. 1927; illustrations by Edward McKnight Kauffer; eighth of a series of 37 pamphlets collectively entitled Ariel Poems—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  1089. A Song for Simeon_4

  1090. 1927; with an illustration by Edward McKnight Kauffer; 16th of a series of 37 pamphlets collectively entitled Ariel Poems—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  1091. Animula_4

  1092. 1929; illustrations by Gertrude Hermes; 23rd of a series of 37 pamphlets collectively entitled Ariel Poems—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  1093. Marina_5

  1094. 1930; illustrations by Edward McKnight Kauffer; 29th of a series of 37 pamphlets collectively entitled Ariel Poems—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  1095. Ash Wednesday_7

  1096. 1930—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail* *Newman*

  1097. Triumphal March_4

  1098. 1931; illustrations by Edward McKnight Kauffer; 35th of a series of 37 pamphlets collectively entitled Ariel Poems; later made part of 'Coriolan' in the Unfinished Poems section of Eliot's Collected Poems—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  1099. Sweeney Agonistes: Fragments of an Aristophanic Melodrama_4

  1100. 1932—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  1101. Four Quartets_10

  1102. originally published in four volumes: Burnt Norton, in Collected Poems 1909-1935, 1936; East Coker, in the New English Weekly, 1940; The Dry Salvages, in the New English Weekly, 1941; Little Gidding, in the New English Weekly, 1942—English
    *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Newman*

  1103. The Cultivation of Christmas Trees_3

  1104. 1954; illustrations by David Jones; part of a second series of Ariel Poems—English
    *Ward* *GlobeMail* *Fadiman*

    Denis Diderot
  1105. La Religieuse_2

  1106. The Nun

    *Ward* *Dirda*

  1107. Le Rêve de d'Alembert_2

  1108. originally published serially 1782 in Correspondance Littéraire—French
    *Classics* *Ward*

  1109. Le Neveu de Rameau ou la Satire Seconde_7

  1110. German traslation, 1805; French original, 1823—French
    *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Foundation* *Dirda* *Newman*

  1111. Jacques le Fataliste et son Maître_4

  1112. Jacques the Fatalist and His Master
    published in part, 1785; in its entirety, 1796—French

    *Ward* *Norway* *Dirda* *Newman*

  1113. David Farrant Bland

  1114. A History of Book Illustration: The Illuminated Manuscript and the Printed Book_1

    • Birds Through a Ceiling of Alabaster: Three Abbasid Poets_1

    1975; English translations by G B H Wightman—Arabic

  1115. Avesta_3

  1116. ca. Fourth Century B.C; foundational work of Zoroastrian literature—Avestan
    *Ward* *SeymourSmith* *World*

  1117. Michelangelo Buonarotti

  1118. Le Rime de Michelangelo_1

  1119. Ernst Robert Curtius

  1120. Europäische Literatur und Lateinisches Mittlelalter_1

  1121. Juvenal (Decimus Junius Juvenalis)

  1122. Satires_4
    late First-early Second centuries; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Rolfe Humphries's English translation—Latin
    *Downs* *Ward* *Bloom* *Smart*

  1123. Mòzǐ (Mo Tzu)

  1124. Mòzǐ_3
    Mo Tzu
    ca. Fifth Century B.C—Chinese

    *Ward* *Oriental* *World*

    Year 33:
  1125. Kalevala_3

  1126. compiled by Elias Lönnrot; 1835; revised 1849—Finnish
    *Baldwin* *Rexroth* *Ward*

    John Stuart Mill
  1127. Utilitarianism_5

  1128. originally published serially 1861 in Fraser's Magazine—English
    *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Foundation*

  1129. Autobiography_7

  1130. 1873—English
    *Eliot* *Invitation* *Hundred* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Bloom*

    Henrik Ibsen
  1131. Brand_2

  1132. 1866—Norwegian
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1133. Peer Gynt_6

  1134. 1867—Norwegian
    *Durant* *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  1135. Vildanden_8

  1136. The Wild Duck

    *Powys* *Invitation* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  1137. Bygmester Solness_5

  1138. The Master Builder

    *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    Gunnar Ekelöf
  1139. Diwan Över fursten av Emgión_1

  1140. 1965—Swedish

  1141. Sagan om Fatumeh_1

  1142. 1966—Swedish

  1143. Vägvisare Till Underjorden_2

  1144. 1967—Swedish
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1145. Michel de Montaigne

  1146. Les Essais_26
    originally published in three volumes: 1580, 1588, and 1595—French

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *GlobeMail* *World* *Newman* *Educated*

    Hjalmar Söderberg
  1147. Doktor Glas_1

  1148. 1905—Swedish

  1149. Historietter_1

  1150. 1898—Swedish

  1151. Gertrud_1

  1152. 1906—Swedish

  1153. Sextus Propertius

  1154. Elegiae_2
    First Century B.C—Latin
    *Ward* *Newman*

    Knut Hamsun
  1155. Sult_5

  1156. Hunger
    published in part, 1888, in Ny Jord; in its entirety, 1890—Norwegian

    *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Norway*

  1157. Mysterier_1

  1158. Mysteries


  1159. Pan_2

  1160. 1894—Norwegian
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1161. Victoria. En Kjaerlighedshistorie_1

  1162. 1898—Norwegian

  1163. John Donne

  1164. Poems With Elegies on the Authors Death_2
    *Ward* *Great*

  1165. Njáls Saga_5

  1166. ca. Thirteenth Century—Norse
    *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Norway* *Dirda*

    Year 34:
    Henrik Ibsen
  1167. Samfundets Støtter_1

  1168. Pillars of Society

    *Classics* *Ward*

  1169. Et Dukkehjem_14

  1170. A Doll's House

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Newman* *Educated*

  1171. Rosmersholm_2

  1172. 1886—Norwegian
    *Classics* *Ward*

  1173. John Gabriel Borkman_2

  1174. 1896—Norwegian
    *Classics* *Ward*

    Jean Cocteau
  1175. Les Enfants Terribles_1

  1176. 1929—French

  1177. Les Parent Terribles_1

  1178. 1938—French

  1179. Eino Leino

  1180. Helkavirsiä_1
    originally published in two volumes, 1903 and 1916—Finnish

  1181. Henry Fielding

  1182. The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling_19
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great* *Zane* *Smart* *Newman*

    August Strindberg
  1183. Hemsöborna_1

  1184. 1887—Swedish

  1185. Fröken Julie_5

  1186. Miss Julie
    written 1888—Swedish

    *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Newman*

  1187. Den Starkare_1

  1188. The Stronger


  1189. Fadren_3

  1190. The Father
    written 1887—Swedish

    *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom*

  1191. Ett Drömspel_3

  1192. A Dream Play

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  1193. Spöksonaten_2

  1194. The Ghost Sonata

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  1195. Påsk_1

  1196. Easter


  1197. Hán Fēizi (Han Fei-tzu)

  1198. Hán Fēizi_3
    Third Century B.C—Chinese
    *Ward* *Oriental* *World*

    Tarjei Vesaas
  1199. Is-slottet_1

  1200. The Ice Palace


  1201. Båten om Krelden_1

  1202. The Boat in the Evening


    Sǿren Kierkegaard
  1203. Enten - Eller_2

  1204. Either/ Or
    originally published under the pseudonym, Victor Eremita, 1843—Danish

    *Ward* *SeymourSmith*

  1205. Stadier på Livets Vej_1

  1206. Stages on Life's Way


  1207. Chinua Achebe

  1208. Things Fall Apart_9
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Smart* *Taylor*

  1209. Snorri Sturluson

  1210. Heimskringla_1
    written ca. 1230—Norse

    Year 35:
    • Anthology of Japanese Literature to the Nineteenth Century_1

    1968; edited by Donald Keene—Japanese

    George Bernard Shaw
  1211. Man and Superman_7

  1212. performed in part, 1905; in its entirety, 1915—English
    *Powys* *Classics* *Hundred* *Read* *Ward* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  1213. Saint Joan_8

  1214. 1923—English
    *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Educated*

  1215. Ihara Saikaku

  1216. Koshoku Ichidai Onna_2
    The Life of an Amorous Woman

    *Ward* *Oriental*

    • Ch'an and Zen Teaching_1

    three volumes, 1960-2—Chinese et al.

    Saint-John Perse
  1217. Éloges_1

  1218. 1924—French

  1219. Anabase_2

  1220. 1924—French
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1221. Exil_2

  1222. 1942—French
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1223. Vents_1

  1224. 1946—French

  1225. Amers_1

  1226. 1957—French

  1227. Chronique_1

  1228. 1960—French

  1229. Oiseaux_2

  1230. 1963—French
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1231. Basho Matsuo

  1232. Oku no Hosomichi_4
    The Narrow Road to the Deep North; late Seventeenth Century—Japanese
    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *World*

    Geoffrey Chaucer
  1233. Canterbury Tales_30

  1234. 1478; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Nevill Coghill's modern English version—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  1235. Troilus and Criseyde_8

  1236. written ca. 1380s—English
    *Classics* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Newman*

  1237. Ueda Akinari

  1238. Ugetsu Monotagari_1
    Tales of Moonlight and Rain


    • Man'yoshu_2

    The Ten Thousand Leaves
    poetry anthology; probably completed by Otomo Yakamochi; ca. Seventh and Eighth centuries—Japanese

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  1239. Epictetus

  1240. Diatribai_9
    compiled by Arrian; Second Century—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics* *Hundred* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Trinity*

    Year 36:
    • The Penguin Book of Japanese Verse_1

    1964; English translations by Geoffrey Bownas and Anthony Thwaite—Japanese

  1241. Thomas de Quincey

  1242. Confessions of an English Opium-Eater_2
    originally published serially Sep.-Oct. 1821 in the London Magazine—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    • Twenty Plays of the No Theatre_1

    1970; edited by Donald Keene and Royall Tyler—Japanese

    Isaac Bashevis Singer
  1243. Di Familye Moshkat_2

  1244. The Family Moskat

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1245. In My Family's Court_2

  1246. 1963—Yiddish
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    • The Séance_1


  1247. Hekigan Roku_1

  1248. The Blue Cliff Record
    originally compiled 1125; expanded by Yuanwu Keqin; partially commentraies on The Transmission of the Lamp—Chinese


  1249. Pär Lagerkvist

  1250. Aftonland_1
    Evening Land


  1251. Kawabata Yasunari

  1252. Yukiguni_4
    Snow Country
    published in part serially 1935-47; in its entirety, 1948; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Edward G Seidensticker's English translation—Japanese

    *Ward* *Fadiman* *Great* *Smart*

  1253. Mabinogion_2

  1254. compiled ca. Eleventh-Thirteenth centuries; includes The Four Branches of the Mabinogi—Welsh
    *Ward* *Great*

  1255. Sei Shonagon

  1256. Makura no Soshi_4
    The Pillow Book
    written 1002—Japanese

    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Great*

  1257. Marcus Aurelius

  1258. Ta Eis Heauton_17
    written 161-80—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Utne* *Great*

    Year 37:
    • The New Oxford Book of American Verse_1

    1976; edited by Richard Ellmann—English

    Abbé Prévost
  1259. Mémoires et Aventures d'un Homme de Qualité qui s'Est Retiré du Monde_1

  1260. originally published in seven volumes: first-fourth, 1728; fifth-seventh, 1731—French

  1261. L'Histoire du Chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut_3

  1262. seventh volume of Homme de Qualité [see above]; published separately 1731—French
    *France* *Ward* *Bloom*

    John Ruskin
  1263. Praeterita: Outlines of Scenes and Thoughts Perhaps Worthy of Memory in My Past Life_1

  1264. originally published in three volumes, 1885-89—English

  1265. Modern Painters_2

  1266. originally published in five volumes: first, 1843; second, 1846; third-fourth, 1856; fifth, 1860—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1267. The Stones of Venice_2

  1268. originally published in three volumes: first, 1851; second-third, 1853—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1269. Unto This Last: Four Essays on the First Principles of Political Economy_2

  1270. originally published serially 1860-61 in Cornhill Magazine—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1271. Munera Pulveris: Six Essays on the Elements of Political Economy_1

  1272. 1872; originally published serially 1862-63 in Fraser's Magazine—English

  1273. Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)

  1274. Carmina_11
    originally published in four volumes: first-third, 23 B.C; fourth, 13 B.C—Latin

    *Baldwin* *Powys* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Bloom* *Taylor* *Trinity* *Newman* *Educated*

    Oscar Wilde
  1275. The Picture of Dorian Grey_5

  1276. originally published Jul. 1890 in Lippincott's Monthly Magazine; revised and expanded 1891; alternate earlier version published 2011—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Deposit* *Graphic*

  1277. De Profundis_3

  1278. published in part, 1905; additional portions published 1913; in its entirety, 1949; revised 1962 and included in The Letters of Oscar Wilde—English
    *Powys* *Ward* *Newman*

  1279. Lady Windmere's Fan, A Play About a Good Woman_3

  1280. 1892—English
    *Ward* *Recommended* *Newman*

  1281. A Woman of No Importance_2

  1282. 1893—English
    *Ward* *Newman*

  1283. An Ideal Husband_2

  1284. 1895—English
    *Ward* *Newman*

  1285. The Importance of Being Earnest_8

  1286. 1895—English
    *Powys* *Ward* *Magill* *Recommended* *Smart* *Trinity* *Newman* *Educated*

  1287. James Joyce

  1288. Ulysses_20
    published in part serially Mar. 1918-Dec. 1920 in the Little Review; in its entirety, 1922—English
    *Classics* *France* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Graphic*

    Nikolai Leskov
    • Stories_2

    Nineteenth Century—Russian
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1289. Zayachii Remiz_1

  1290. The Rabbit Warren; The March Hare


  1291. Ledi Makbet Mcenskogo Uezda_1

  1292. Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District


  1293. Ferdowsi

  1294. Shahnameh_7
    The Book of Kings
    written ca. 977-1010—Persian

    *Lubbock* *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Dirda* *Great* *World*

    Benito Pérez Galdós
  1295. Nazarín_1

  1296. 1895—Spanish

  1297. Halma_1

  1298. 1895—Spanish

  1299. Misericordia_1

  1300. 1897—Spanish

    Wallace Stevens
    • The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens_3

    1954; includes Harmonium [1923; revised 1931]; Ideas of Order [1936]; The Man With the Blue Guitar [1937]; Parts of a World [1942]; Transport to Summer [1947]; The Auroras of Autumn [1950]; plus a section entitled The Rock—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1301. Harmonium_3

  1302. 1923; revised 1931—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1303. Ideas of Order_3

  1304. 1936—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1305. The Man With the Blue Guitar_3

  1306. 1937—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1307. Parts of a World_3

  1308. 1942—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1309. Transport to Summer_3

  1310. 1947—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1311. The Auroras of Autumn_3

  1312. 1950—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    • Opus Posthumous_2

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1313. The Necessary Angel: Essays on Reality and the Imagination_2

  1314. 1951; six essays, three of which originally published as Three Academic Pieces, 1947—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    Year 38:
  1315. Benito Pérez Galdós

  1316. Fortunato and Jacinto_3
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  1317. Jayadeva

  1318. Gita Govinda_3
    Song of Govinda
    ca. 1200—Sanskrit

    *Ward* *Oriental* *World*f

  1319. Samuel Pepys

  1320. Diary_4
    written 1660-69; published in part, 1825; expanded and revised 1875-79; further revised versions, 1893-99 and 1926; final work, in nine volumes, 1970-83
    *Hundred* *Ward* *Great* *Newman*

  1321. Petronius

  1322. Satyricon_7
    late First Century—Latin
    *Classics* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Bloom* *Dirda* *Great* *Newman*

    Eugene O'Neill
  1323. Long Day's Journey Into Night_8

  1324. 1956—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Educated*

  1325. Mourning Becomes Electra_4

  1326. 1931—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Fadiman*

  1327. The Iceman Cometh_4

  1328. 1946—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

    • "Pre-Columbian Peru"_1


    Josef Škvorecký
  1329. Zbabĕlci_1

  1330. The Cowards


  1331. Bassaxofon_1

  1332. The Bass Saxophone


  1333. Olynthiacs_2

  1334. 349 B.C—Greek
    *Classics* *Ward*

  1335. First Philippic_3

  1336. ca. 351-50 B.C—Greek
    *Classics* *Downs* *Ward*

  1337. Second Philippic_2

  1338. ca. 344-43 B.C—Greek
    *Downs* *Ward*

  1339. Third Philippic_2

  1340. 341 B.C—Greek
    *Downs* *Ward*

    • Marina Ivanovna Tsvetayeva

    Selected Poems_2
    English translations by Elaine Feinstein—Russian
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1341. George Eliot

  1342. Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life _22
    originally published serially Dec. 1871-Dec. 1872—English
    *Baldwin* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic*

    Year 39:
    • The Penguin Book of Latin American Verse_1

    1971; edited by E Caracciolo-Trejo—

  1343. Lù Yóu

  1344. Jiànnán Shīgǎo_1
    Collected Poems


    • Modern Czech Poetry_1

    1945; English translations by Ewald Osers and J K Montgomery—Romanian

    Jaroslav Seifert
  1345. Morový Sloup_1

  1346. 1968-70—Czech

  1347. Deštník z Picadilly_1

  1348. 1979—Czech

  1349. Vladimir Holan

  1350. Noc s Hamletem_1
    A Night With Hamlet


  1351. Henry David Thoreau

  1352. Walden; or, Life in the Woods_20
    *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Campbell* *Great* *Smart* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    William Butler Yeats
    • The Collected Poems of W B Yeats_5

    1933; expanded 1950; revised 1956; includes The Wind Among the Reeds [1899]; The Shadowy Waters [originally published May 1900 in the North American Review; revised for inclusion in Poems, 1899-1905; theatrical version published separately 1906; both versions included here]; Michael Robartes and the Dancer [1921]; The Tower [1928]; The Winding Stair [1929]; Words for Music Perhaps and Other Poems [1932]; New Poems [1938]; selections from The Wanderings of Oisin and Other Poems, 1889; The Countess Kathleen and Various Legends and Lyrics, 1892; In the Seven Woods: Being Poems Chiefly of the Irish Heroic Age, 1904; The Green Helmet and Other Poems, 1910; Responsibilities, 1914; The Wild Swans at Coole, Other Verses and a Play in Verse, 1917, expanded 1919; A Full Moon in March, 1935; and Last Poems and Two Plays, 1939—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  1353. The Wind Among the Reeds_6

  1354. 1899—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  1355. The Shadowy Waters_6

  1356. 1900; originally published May 1900 in the North American Review; revised for inclusion in Poems, 1899-1905; theatrical version published separately 1906; both versions included in the author's collected poems—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  1357. Michael Robartes and the Dancer_6

  1358. 1920—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  1359. The Tower_6

  1360. 1928; originally published as Seven Poems and a Fragment, 1922; The Cat and the Moon, 1924; and October Blast, 1927—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  1361. The Winding Stair_6

  1362. 1929—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  1363. Words for Music Perhaps and Other Poems_7

  1364. 1932—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  1365. New Poems_6

  1366. 1938—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  1367. A Vision: An Explanation of Life Founded Upon the Writings of Giraldus and Upon Certain Doctrines Attributed to Kusta Ben Luka_2

  1368. 1925; revised 1937—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1369. Jaroslav Hasek

  1370. Osudy Dobrého Vojáka Švejka za Svetové Války_4
    The Good Soldier Švejk

    *Ward* *Fadiman* *Dirda* *Deposit*

    • Portuguese Voyages (1498-1663)_1

    1953; edited by Charles David Ley—Portuguese

  1371. Fernão Mendes Pinto

  1372. Peregrinação_1

  1373. João de Barros

  1374. Décadas_1

  1375. Fernão Lopes de Castanheda

  1376. História_1

  1377. Damiâo de Góis

  1378. Crónica do Felicíssimo Rei D. Manuel_1

  1379. Antonio Galvão

  1380. Tratado que Compôs o Nobre e Notauel Capitão Antonio Galuão, dos Diuersos e Desuayrados Caminhos, por Onde nos Tempos Passados a Pimenta e Especearia Veyo da India ás Nossas Partes, e Assi de Todos os Descobrimentos Antigos e Modernos, que são Feitos até a era de mil e Quinhentos e Cincoenta_1
    The Discoveries of the World From Their First Original Unto the Year of Our Lord 1555
    1653; retitled Tratado dos Descobrimentos, Antigos e Modernos, Feitos até a era de 1550, 1731—Portuguese


  1381. Gaspar da Cruz

  1382. Tratado_1

  1383. C R Boxer

  1384. The Portuguese Sea-Borne Empire, 1415-1825_1

    • Like Water, Like Fire: An Anthology of Byelorussian Poetry From 1828 to the Present_1

    1971; English translations by Vera Rich—Russian

  1385. Fyodor Dostoevsky

  1386. Idiot_11
    originally published serially 1868-9 in Rússkij Véstnik—Russian
    *Powys* *Classics* *France* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Norway* *Deposit* *Newman*

    • New Writing in Yugoslavia_1

    1970; edited by Bernard Johnson—Serbo-Croat; Slovene; Macedonian

    Year 40:
  1387. Jonathan Swift

  1388. Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World, in Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and Then a Captain of Several Ships_29
    Gulliver's Travels
    1726; revised 1735—English

    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    • Polish Post-War Poetry_1

    1970; English translations by Czeslaw Milosz—Polish

  1389. Soseki Natsume

  1390. Kokoro_4
    originally entitled Kokoro: Sensei no Isho, published serially Apr.-Aug. 1914 in Asahi Shinbun—Japanese
    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Great*

    • Poems of Black Africa_1

    1975; edited by Wole Soyinka—

  1391. James Cook

  1392. The Journals of Captain James Cook on His Voyages of Discovery_1
    written 1769, 1772-79—English

  1393. Adam Mickiewicz

  1394. Pan Tadeusz, Czyli Ostatni Zajazd na Litwie. Historia Szlachecka z Roku 1811 i 1812 we Dwunastu Ksiegach Wierszem_2
    Sir Thaddeus, or the Last Lithuanian Foray: A Nobleman's Tale From the Years of 1811 and 1812 in Twelve Books of Verse

    *Ward* *World*

    Richard Brinsley Sheridan
  1395. The Rivals_3

  1396. 1775—English
    *Lubbock* *Ward* *Bloom*

  1397. School for Scandal_6

  1398. 1777—English
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Ward* *Bloom* *Smart* *Educated*

  1399. Sasna Tsrer_1

  1400. Daredevils of Sassoun
    written ca. Tenth Century—Armenian


    Slawomir Mrozek
  1401. Tango_1

  1402. 1964—Polish

  1403. Wesele w Atomicach_1

  1404. The Ugupu Bird


    • Romanian Poems: A Bilingual Anthology_1

    1972; edited by Sever Trifu and Dumitru Ciocoi-Pop—Romanian

    Year 41:
  1405. Anna Komnene

  1406. Alexiad_1
    written ca. 1148—Greek

    • Moses Ben Ezra

    Selected Poems_1
    1934; English translations by S de Solis-Cohen; written late Eleventh Century—Hebrew

  1407. Giambattista Vico

  1408. Principi di Scienza Nuova d'Intorno Alla Comune Natura Delle Nazioni_6
    The New Science
    1725; revised 1730 and 1744—Italian

    *Downs* *Ward* *Bloom* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great*

    Samuel Beckett
  1409. Molloy_4

  1410. 1951—French
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Norway*

  1411. Malone Muert_4

  1412. 1951—French
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Norway*

  1413. L'Innommable_4

  1414. The Unnameable

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Norway*

  1415. En Attendant Godot_12

  1416. Waiting for Godot

    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *GlobeMail* *Graphic* *Educated*

    Vladimir Lenin
    • Selected Works_1


  1417. Čto Delat'?_1

  1418. What Is to Be Done? Burning Questions of Our Movement


  1419. Shota Rustaveli

  1420. Vepkhistkaosani_1
    The Knight in the Panther's Skin
    late Twelfth Century—Georgian


  1421. Miguel de Unamuno

  1422. Del Sentimiento Trágico de la Vida_1

    Robert Graves
    • Collected Poems 1975_2

    1975; U S edition entitled New Collected Poems; includes the entirety, or nearly all, of New Poems 1962 [1962]; Man Does, Woman Is [1964]; Love Respelt [1965]; Seventeen Poems Missing From 'Love Respelt' [1966]; Colophon to 'Love Respelt' [1967]; Poems 1965-1968 [1968]; Beyond Giving [1969]; Poems 1968-1970 [1970]; The Green-Sailed Vessel [1971]; Poems 1970-1972 [1972]; Timeless Meeting [1973]; At the Gate [1974]; selections from More Poems 1961, 1961; Food for Centraurs, 1960; Steps, 1958; 5 Pens in Hand, 1958; The Crowning Privilege, 1955; Poems 1953, 1953; Poems and Satires 1951, 1951; Poems 1938-1945, 1945; Work in Hand, 1942; earlier Collected Poems; and earlier books that had already been significantly revised for the authorís first Collected Poems, 1938; plus 20 new poems—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1423. New Poems 1962_2

  1424. 1962—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1425. Man Does, Woman Is_2

  1426. 1964—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1427. Love Respelt_2

  1428. 1965—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1429. Seventeen Poems Missing From 'Love Respelt'_2

  1430. 1966—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1431. Colophon to 'Love Respelt'_2

  1432. 1967—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1433. Poems 1965-1968_2

  1434. 1968—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1435. Beyond Giving_2

  1436. 1969—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1437. Poems 1968-1970_2

  1438. 1970—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1439. The Green-Sailed Vessel_2

  1440. 1971—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1441. Poems 1970-1972_2

  1442. 1972—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1443. Timeless Meeting_2

  1444. 1973—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1445. At the Gate_2

  1446. 1974—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1447. Good-Bye to All That_3

  1448. 1929; revised 1957—English
    *Ward* *Fadiman* *Telegraph*

  1449. Wilfred Owen

  1450. Poems_3
    1920; four poems previously published; 'Memoir' by Edmund Blunden added for 1931 edition; revised 1933; retitled The Collected Poems of Wilfred Owen, 1963, with a new introduction and notes by C Day Lewis plus four drafts of 'Anthem for Doomed Youth' and an unfinished poem, 'Wild With All Regrets'—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Taylor*

  1451. Theodor Fontane

  1452. Effi Briest_2
    originally published serially 1894-95—German
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    • Modern Hungarian Poetry_1

    1977; edited by Miklós Vajda—Hungarian

    Year 42:
    Giovanni Verga
  1453. I Malavoglia_2

  1454. 1881—Italian
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1455. Novelle Rusticane_2

  1456. Little Novels of Sicily

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1457. Mastro-Don Gesualdo_2

  1458. 1889—Italian
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1459. Jacobus de Varagine

  1460. Legenda Aurea_1
    The Golden Legend
    written ca. 1264—Latin


  1461. Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun

  1462. Roman de la Rose_2
    written in two parts, the first by Lorris, the second by Muen, ca. 1230 and 1275, respectively
    *Ward* *Newman*

    Laurence Sterne
  1463. The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman_14

  1464. originally published in nine volumes, 1759-67—English
    *Powys* *Durant* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Zane* *Smart* *Newman*

  1465. The Sermons of Mr. Yorick_1

  1466. originally published in seven volumes: first-second, 1760; third-fourth, 1766; fifth-seventh, 1769—English

  1467. A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy_5

  1468. 1768—English
    *Powys* *Read* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

    • Hungarian Short Stories_1

    1967; edited by A Alvarez—Hungarian

    • Linda Degh

    Folktales of Hungary_1

    Wáng Yángmíng (Bo'an)
    • Instructions for Practical Living, and Other Neo-Confucian Writings_1

    1963; English translations by Wing-tsit Chan—Chinese

  1469. Chuáxí Lù_2

  1470. Instructions for Practical Living
    late Fifteenth-early Sixteenth centuries—Chinese

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  1471. Inquiry on the Great Learning_2

  1472. late Fifteenth-early Sixteenth centuries—Chinese
    *Ward* *Oriental*

    Akutagawa Ryunosuke
    • Rashoman and Other Stories_1

    1949; English translations by Takashi Kojima—Japanese

  1473. Kappa_1

  1474. 1927—Japanese

    • Judah Ha-Levi

    Selected Poems_1
    1928; English translations by N Salamn—Arabic

    James Joyce
  1475. Finnegans Wake_5

  1476. 1939—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Newman*

  1477. Dubliners_10

  1478. 1914—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard* *Newman*

  1479. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man_14

  1480. originally published serially Feb. 1914-Sep. 1915, in the Egoist—English
    *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Zane* *Smart* *Deposit* *Newman*

  1481. Ludovico Ariosto

  1482. Orlando Furioso_5
    published in part, 1516; revised 1521; published in its entirety, 1532—Italian
    *Baldwin* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Trinity*

    Year 43:
  1483. Charlotte Brontë

  1484. Jane Eyre: An Autobiography_16
    originally published under the pseudonym, Currer Bell, 1847—English
    *Zulli* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  1485. Pindar

  1486. Epinikia_5
    Victory Odes
    Fifth Century B.C—Greek

    *Downs* *Ward* *Bloom* *Dirda* *Newman*

  1487. René Descartes

  1488. Discours de la Méthode Pour Bien Conduire sa Raison, et Chercher la Vérité dans les Sciences_17
    Discourse on the Method

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *World*

  1489. Alessandro Manzoni

  1490. I Promessi Sposi_4
    The Betrothed

    *Eliot* *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  1491. Bhartrihari

  1492. Satakatraya_3
    The Three Satakas
    ca. Fifth Century—Sanskrit

    *Ward* *Oriental* *World*

    Sean O'Casey
  1493. The Shadow of a Gunman_2

  1494. 1923—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1495. Juno and the Paycock_2

  1496. 1924—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1497. The Plough and the Stars_2

  1498. 1926—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    Vladimir Nabokov
  1499. Ada or Ador: A Family Chronicle_2

  1500. 1969—English
    *Ward* *Fadiman*

  1501. Pale Fire_8

  1502. 1962—English
    *List* *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard*

  1503. Bend Sinister_1

  1504. 1947—English

    • T'ao Ch'ien

    The Poetry of T'ao Ch'ien_1
    1970; English translations by J R Hightower—Chinese

  1505. Ivy Compton-Burnett

  1506. A God and His Gifts_1

  1507. Gottfried Von Strassberg

  1508. Tristan_4
    early Thirteenth Century—German
    *Ward* *Magill* *Trinity* *Dirda*

    Year 44:
  1509. Michael D Coe

  1510. The Maya_1

  1511. Herbert Spinden

  1512. A Study of Maya Art: Its Subject Matter and Historical Development_1

  1513. Ezra Pound

  1514. Cantos_7
    published in part in Poetry, Jun.-Aug. 1917; the Criterion, Jul. 1923; the Transatlantic Review, Jan. 1924; and in the following volumes: The Fourth Canto, 1919; A Draft of XVI Cantos, 1925; A Draft of Cantos 17-27, 1928; A Draft of XXX Cantos, 1930; Eleven New Cantos XXXI-XLI, 1934; The Fifth Decad of Cantos, 1937; Cantos LII-LXXI, 1940; The Pisan Cantos, 1948; Seventy Cantos, 1950; Section: Rock-Drill, 85-95 de los Cantares, 1955; Thrones: 96-109 de los Cantares, 1959; Drafts and Fragments of Cantos CX-CXVII, 1968; in its entirety, revised and expanded, 1987—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Newman*

    Mariano Azuela
  1515. Los de Abajo_1

  1516. The Underdogs


  1517. Los Caciques_1

  1518. The Bosses


  1519. Las Moscas_1

  1520. The Flies


    Octavio Paz
  1521. El Laberinto de la Soledad_2

  1522. 1950—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    • Configurations_1

    1971; includes Piedra de Sol; Blanco; Ladera Este (1962-1968); selections from Salamandra (1958-1961)—Spanish

  1523. Piedra de Sol_3

  1524. 1957—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  1525. Blanco_3

  1526. 1967—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  1527. Ladera Este (1962-1968)_3

  1528. 1969—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  1529. Zhū Xī (Chu Hsi)

  1530. Jìnsīlù_1
    Chin-ssu Lu; Reflections on Things at Hand
    Twelfth Century—Chinese


    Pierre Corneille
  1531. Le Cid_7

  1532. 1637—French
    *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Newman*

  1533. Cinna ou la Clémence d'Auguste_4

  1534. 1639—French
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  1535. Polyeucte_5

  1536. 1643—French
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  1537. Horace_2

  1538. 1640—French
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom*

    Alejo Carpentier
  1539. Los Pasos Perdidos _2

  1540. 1953—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1541. El Recurso del Método _2

  1542. 1974—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    Cesar Vallejo
  1543. Los Heraldos Negros_1

  1544. 1919—Spanish

  1545. Trilce_1

  1546. 1922—Spanish

  1547. Poemas Humanas_1

  1548. 1939—Spanish

  1549. España, Aparta de Mí Este Cáliz_2

  1550. 1939—Spanish
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1551. Nizam al-Mulk

  1552. Siyasatnama_2
    Book of Government
    Eleventh Century—Persian

    *Ward* *World*

    Juan José Arreola
  1553. Confabulario_1

  1554. 1952—Spanish

  1555. La Feria_1

  1556. 1963—Spanish

    Year 45:
  1557. Henry Walter Bates

  1558. The Naturalist on the River Amazons: A Record of the Adventures, Habits of Animals, Sketches of Brazilian and Indian Life, and Aspects of Nature Under the Equator, During Eleven Years of Travel_1

    João Guimarães Rosa
  1559. Sagarana_1

  1560. 1946—Portuguese

  1561. Grande Sertão: Veredas_2

  1562. The Devil to Pay in the Backlands

    *Ward* *Norway*

  1563. Thomas Paine

  1564. The Rights of Man: Being an Answer to Mr. Burke's Attack on the French Revolution_7
    originally published in two volumes, 1791 and 1792—English
    *Invitation* *Hundred* *Ward* *Good* *Recommended* *Great* *Telegraph*

  1565. Claudio and Orlando Villas-Bôas

  1566. Xingu; os Índios, Seus Mitos_1

  1567. Walt Whitman

  1568. Leaves of Grass_20
    1855; expanded and revised through ninth edition, 1892—English
    *Powys* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    Gilberto Freyre
  1569. Casa-Grande e Senzala_1

  1570. The Masters and the Slaves


  1571. Sobrados e Mucambos_1

  1572. The Mansions and the Shanties


  1573. Ordem e Progresso_1

  1574. Order and Progress


  1575. Tokutomi Kenjiro

  1576. Omoide no Ki_1
    Footprints in the Snow


  1577. Theophrastus

  1578. Characters_1
    Fourth-early Third centuries B.C—Greek

  1579. Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu

  1580. De l'Esprit des Lois_8
    The Spirit of Laws
    originally anonymously published 1748—French

    *Invitation* *Hundred* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Trinity*

  1581. Ovid

  1582. Ars Amatoria_4
    ca. late First Century B.C-early First Century—Latin
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

    Year 46:
    Alexander Pushkin
    • The Captain's Daughter and Other Stories_1

    1933; English translations by Natalie Duddington—Russian

  1583. Kapitanskaâ Dočka_5

  1584. The Captain's Daughter
    originally published 1836 in Sovremennik—Russian

    *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Newman*

    Torquato Tasso
  1585. La Gerusalemme Liberata_4

  1586. 1581—Italian
    *Baldwin* *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  1587. Rinaldo_1

  1588. 1562—Italian

  1589. Bernardo Tasso

  1590. L'Amadigi_1

    Herbert Read
  1591. The Green Child_1

  1592. 1935—English

  1593. Contrary Experiences: Autobiographies_1

  1594. published in part, 1933, as The Innocent Eye; and 1940, as Annals of Innocence and Experience; in its entirety, 1963—English

    • Vidyapati Thakur

    Love Songs_1
    1963; English translations by Deben Bhattacharya—Sanskrit

  1595. Pierre de Marivaux

  1596. Le Paysan Parvenu_1
    written 1735—French

  1597. Luis Vélez de Guevara

  1598. El Diablo Cojuelo_1

  1599. Maimonides (Moshe ben Maimon)

  1600. Dalalatul al-Hairin_3
    Moreh Nevukhim; The Guide for the Perplexed
    written Twelfth Century; Hebrew version published 1204—Arabic

    *Ward* *SeymourSmith* *World*

  1601. Hermann Broch

  1602. Der Tod des Vergil_3
    1945; English version published simultaneously—German
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  1603. Milarepa

  1604. Mila Grubum_1
    The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa
    Eleventh-Twelfth centuries—Tibetan


  1605. Apollonius of Rhodes

  1606. Argonautica_2
    *Classics* *Ward*

    Year 47:
    • Anthology of Koren Poetry: From the Earliest Era to the Present_1

    1964; English translations by Peter H Lee—Korean

    Italo Svevo
  1607. La Coscienza di Zeno_3

  1608. Zeno's Conscience

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Norway*

  1609. Una Vita_1

  1610. 1892—Italian

  1611. Senilità_2

  1612. As a Man Grows Older

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1613. Qū Yuán and Sòng Yù

  1614. Cǔ Chí_2
    Songs of the South; Verses of Chu
    ca. Third Century B.C-Third Century—Chinese

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  1615. Thomas More

  1616. Libellus Uere Aureus, nec Minus Salutaris Quam Festivus, de Optimo rei Publicae Statu Deque Nova Insula Utopia_14

    *Eliot* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Great* *Educated*

    Farid ud-Din Attar (Attar of Nishapur)
  1617. Ilahi-Nama_2

  1618. The Book of God
    Twelfth Century—Persian

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1619. Mantiq-ut-Tayr_2

  1620. The Conference of the Birds

    *Ward* *Oriental*

    Christopher Marlowe
  1621. Tamburlaine the Great_7

  1622. 1590—English
    *Baldwin* *Classics* *Ward* *Recommended* *Dirda* *Great* *Newman*

  1623. The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus_10

  1624. 1592—English
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Recommended* *Campbell* *Dirda* *Newman* *Educated*

  1625. The Jew of Malta_5

  1626. 1592—English
    *Baldwin* *Classics* *Ward* *Dirda* *Newman*

  1627. Edward II_4

  1628. 1593—English
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Dirda* *Newman*

  1629. François-René de Chateaubriand

  1630. Memoires d'Outre Tombe_2
    originally published in two volumes, 1849 and 1850—French
    *France* *Ward*

  1631. Carlos Fuentes

  1632. Terra Nostra_2
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  1633. Nature_3

  1634. originally anonymously published 1836—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1635. The American Scholar_5

  1636. originally entitled, An Oration, Delivered Before the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Cambridge, published 1837—English
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Ward* *Fadiman* *Newman*

    David Jones
  1637. In Parenthesis_2

  1638. 1937—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1639. The Anathemata_2

  1640. 1952—English
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    Year 48:
  1641. Walter Scott

  1642. Waverley; or, 'Tis Sixty Years Since_3
    originally anonymously published 1814—English
    *Baldwin* *Ward* *Bloom*

  1643. Francesco Guicciardini

  1644. L'Historia d'Italia_1

    • Gerard Manley Hopkins

    Nineteenth Century—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Educated*

    Henry James
    • American Novels and Stories_1

    1947; edited by F O Matthiessen; includes The Ivory Tower; The Europeans; Washington Square; The Bostonians—English

  1645. The Ivory Tower_1

  1646. 1917—English

  1647. The Europeans_3

  1648. originally published serially Jul.-Oct. 1878 in the Atlantic Monthly—English
    *Ward* *Trinity* *Newman*

  1649. Washington Square_3

  1650. originally published serially 1880 in Cornhill Magazine and Harper's New Monthly Magazine—English
    *Ward* *Recommended* *Smart*

  1651. The Bostonians_4

  1652. originally published serially 1885-86 in the Century Magazine—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Newman*

  1653. The Portrait of a Lady_14

  1654. originally published serially Oct. 1880-Nov. 1881 in Macmillan's and Nov. 1880-Dec. 1881 in the Atlantic Monthly—English
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Trinity* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Educated*

  1655. Lǐ Hè (Li Ho)

  1656. Sānjiā Píngzhù Lǐ Chángjí Gēshī_1
    San-chia Li Ch'ang-chi Ko-shih
    edited by Wáng Qí; early Ninth Century—Chinese


  1657. Amos Tutuola

  1658. The Palm-Wine Drinkard, and His Dead Palm-Wine Tapster in the Deads' Town_2
    *Ward* *Bloom*

    Vladimir Mayakovsky
    • Poems_1

    1964; English translations by Herbert Marshall—Russian

  1659. Klop_2

  1660. The Bedbug

    *Ward* *Bloom*

  1661. Banya_1

  1662. The Bathhouse


  1663. Ilango Adigal

  1664. Silappathikaram_1
    Second Century—Tamil

  1665. Bertrand Russell

  1666. A History of Western Philosophy_1

  1667. Shimazaki Toson

  1668. Hakai_1
    The Broken Commandement


    Year 49:
    Thomas Aquinas
  1669. Summa Theologiae_12

  1670. Summa Theologica
    written 1265-74—Latin

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *Reynolds* *World*

  1671. Summa Contra Gentiles_1

  1672. Summa Contra Gentes
    written ca. 1270—Latin


    George Borrow
  1673. Lavengro; The Scholar—The Gypsy—The Priest_2

  1674. 1851—English
    *Hundred* *Ward*

  1675. The Romany Eye_1

  1676. 1857—English

  1677. The Bible in Spain or The Journeys, Adventures, and Imprisonments of an Englishman, in an Attempt to Circulate the Scriptures in the Peninsula_1

  1678. 1843—English

  1679. Wild Wales: Its People, Language and Scenery_1

  1680. 1863—English

  1681. Kuruntokai_1

  1682. one of the Eṭṭtuttokai, or eight anthologies, that forms part of the Patiṉeṅmēlkaṅakku—Tamil

  1683. Akananuru_1

  1684. one of the Eṭṭtuttokai, or eight anthologies, that forms part of the Patiṉeṅmēlkaṅakku—Tamil

  1685. Purananuru_1

  1686. one of the Eṭṭtuttokai, or eight anthologies, that forms part of the Patiṉeṅmēlkaṅakku—Tamil

  1687. William Makepeace Thackeray

  1688. Vanity Fair: A Novel Without a Hero_18
    originally published serially Jan. 1847-Jul. 1848—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Zulli* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Newman*

  1689. Sirat Antar ibn Shaddad_1

  1690. The Romance of Antar
    Eleventh-Fourteenth centuries—Arabic


    Ben Jonson
  1691. Volpone_6

  1692. 1606—English
    *Classics* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Magill* *Recommended* *Newman*

  1693. The Alchemist_8

  1694. 1610—English
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Rexroth* *List* *Ward* *Magill* *Recommended* *Newman*

  1695. Bartholomew Fayre_5

  1696. 1614—English
    *Classics* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Recommended* *Newman*

  1697. Salvador Dalí

  1698. The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí_1
    English translation, 1942—French

  1699. Marcel Proust

  1700. À la Recherche du Temps Perdu_17
    In Search of Lost Time; In Remembrance of Things Past
    originally published in seven volumes, two of which originally published as two books each, 1913-27—French

    *Classics* *France* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Utne* *Norway* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Newman*

    • Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

    Selected works_1
    Ward recommends either Selections, 1979, edited by J Lowenberg; or The Philosophy of Hegel: Hegel's Basic Writings, 1965, edited by C J Friedrich—German

    Mishima Yukio
  1701. Kinkaku-ji_2

  1702. The Temple of the Golden Pavilion

    *Ward* *Fadiman*

  1703. Haru no Yuki_3

  1704. Spring Snow
    1969; first of four novels in the tetralogy, The Sea of Fertility—Japanese

    *Ward* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  1705. Honba_2

  1706. Runaway Horses
    1969; second of four novels in the tetralogy, The Sea of Fertility—Japanese

    *Ward* *Fadiman*

  1707. Akatsuki no Tera_2

  1708. The Temple of Dawn
    1970; third of four novels in the tetralogy, The Sea of Fertility—Japanese

    *Ward* *Fadiman*

  1709. Tennin Gosui_2

  1710. The Decay of the Angel
    1971; fourth of four novels in the tetralogy, The Sea of Fertility—Japanese

    *Ward* *Fadiman*

    Year 50:
  1711. Ludwig Wittgenstein

  1712. Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung_1
    Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
    originally published 1921 in Annalen der Naturphilosophie—German


  1713. Giovanni Boccaccio

  1714. Il Decameron, Cognominato Prencipe Galeotto_12
    ca. 1351-53—Italian
    *Downs* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Newman*

  1715. Jami

  1716. Baharistan_1
    Abode of Spring
    Fifteenth Century—Persian


  1717. Plotinus

  1718. Enneads_6
    Third Century—Greek
    *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *World*

  1719. Ibn Tufail

  1720. Hayy Ibn Yaqdhan_1
    Philosophus Autodidactus; The Improvement of Human Reason
    Twelfth Century—Arabic


    José Ortega y Gasset
  1721. España Invertebrada_1

  1722. originally published serially 1921 in El Sol—Spanish

  1723. La Rebelión de las Masas_2

  1724. The Revolt of the Masses
    originally published serially 1929 in El Sol—Spanish

    *Ward* *Fadiman*

  1725. Meditaciondes del Quijote_1

  1726. 1914—Spanish

    Rabindranath Tagore
    • Collected Poems and Plays_1

    1936; includes Gitanjali; The Crescent Moon; Chitrangada; Fruit-Gathering; The Gardener; The Fugitive; Sacrifice, and Other Plays; and others—Bengali

  1727. Gitanjali_1

  1728. 1910; English version, Gitanjali (Song Offerings), consists of selections from Gitanjali; Naivedya, 1901; Kheya, 1906; Giti-Malya, 1914; and others—Bengali

    • The Crescent Moon_2

    English translations of selections mostly from Sisu, 1903—Bengali
    *Ward* *Oriental*

    • The Gardener_2

    English translations of selections from Kshanika, 1900; Kalpana, 1900; Sonar Tari, 1894; and others—Bengali
    *Ward* *Oriental*

  1729. Chitrangada_2

  1730. 1892; English translation entitled Chitra—not the same as the author's poetry book entitled Chitra, 1896—Bengali
    *Ward* *Oriental*

  1731. Dakghar_2

  1732. The Post Office

    *Ward* *Oriental*

    • Fruit-Gathering_2

    1916; English translations of selections from Gitimalya, Gitali, Balaka, and others—Bengali
    *Ward* *Oriental*

  1733. Stray Birds_2

  1734. —Bengali
    *Ward* *Oriental*

  1735. Phalguni_2

  1736. The Cycle of Spring

    *Ward* *Oriental*

    • The Fugitive_2

    1921; English translations of selections from Manasi, 1890; Sonar Tari, 1894; Giti-Malya, 1914; Kahini, 1900; and others; also includes Viday-Abhisap [1894]—Bengali
    *Ward* *Oriental*

  1737. Visarjan_2

  1738. Sacrifice

    *Ward* *Oriental*

  1739. Ghare-Baire_1

  1740. The Home and the World


    • Yuán Méi

    Selected works_1
    Eighteenth Century—Chinese

  1741. John Milton

  1742. Areopagitica; A Speech of Mr. John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicenc'd Printing, to the Parliament of England_12
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  1743. Immanuel Kant

  1744. Kritik der Reinen Vernunft_12
    Critique of Pure Reason
    1781; revised 1787—German

    *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *World*