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John Lubbock, The Choice of Books [1896]

    121 entries: 96 monographical, 25 otherwise
    Unranked, arranged topically

    According to W B Carnochan's 'Where Did Great Books Come From Anyway', Lubbock offered an earlier version of his list in a lecture given at the Working Men's College in London, apparently in January 1886; this list, edited at least for organizational purposes, was published in the Pall Mall Gazette, January 11. An edited version of Lubbock's lecture, with list included, was published in the Contemporary Review, February 1886, entitled 'On the Pleasure of Reading'. Lubbock crafted a revised version of this list for his 1896 book, The Choice of Books. That version is the basis for our list here. The Contemporary Review version included unspecified listings for Heinrich Heine and Lucretius; two novels by Jane Austen, Emma and Pride and Prejudice; and two works by Robert Southey, Thalaba the Destroyer and The Curse of Kehama. While these were excluded from the '96 list, the Kalidasa and Schiller entries were added.

  1. The Bible_17

  2. Downs also lists John Wycliffe's 1382 English translation of the Vulgate; Bloom, Dirda, and the Globe and Mail specify the King James Version, translated 1604-11 to English from the Hebrew and Aramaic (Old Testament) and the Greek (New Testament), revised 1769 by Benjamin Blayney—Hebrew; Aramaic; Greek
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Dirda* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *World*

  3. Marcus Aurelius

  4. Ta Eis Heauton_17
    written 161-80—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Utne* *Great*

  5. Diatribai_9

  6. Discourses
    compiled by Arrian; Second Century—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics* *Hundred* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Trinity*

  7. Enchiridion of Epictetus_3

  8. compiled by Arrian; Second Century—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Read*

  9. Aristotle

  10. Ethika Nikomacheia_16
    Nicomachean Ethics
    Fourth Century B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Reynolds*

  11. Confucius (Kǒng Zǐ) (Kǒng Fūzǐ) (K'ung Fu-tzu)

  12. Analects_12
    Lún Yǔ
    written and compiled by the author's pupils; ca. Fifth Century B C-Second Century—Chinese

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Downs* *Ward* *Oriental* *Good* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *Taylor* *World* *Graphic*

  13. Jules Barthélemy-Saint-Hilaire
    Le Bouddha et Sa Religion_1

    • Apostolic Fathers

  14. Selected works_1
    series of early Christian writings from the late First-early Second centuries; unspecified selection—Greek

  15. Thomas á Kempis

  16. De Imitatione Christi_4
    The Imitation of Christ
    written ca. 1418-27—Latin

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Trinity* *Great*

  17. Augustine of Hippo
    Confessionum Libri Tredecim_23
    The Confessions of St. Augustine
    written 397-8—Latin

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *O'Hear* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *Newman* *Educated*

    • Quran (Koran) [excerpted]_2

  18. Lubbock does not specify his selections; Eliot's Harvard Classics presents a selection edited and translated by E H Palmer; Seventh Century—Arabic
    *Lubbock* *Eliot*

  19. Baruch Spinoza

  20. Tractatus Theologico-Politicus_4
    originally anonymously published 1670—Latin
    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Trinity* *Dirda*

  21. Auguste Comte

  22. Catéchisme Positiviste_1

  23. Blaise Pascal

  24. Pensées_20

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Classics* *France* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *O'Hear* *Reynolds*

  25. Joseph Butler

  26. Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature_1

  27. Jeremy Taylor

  28. Holy Living and Holy Dying_3
    originally published in two volumes: The Rules and Exercises of Holy Living, 1650; and The Rules and Exercises of Holy Dying, 1651—English
    *Lubbock* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  29. John Bunyan

  30. The Pilgrim's Progress From This World to That Which Is to Come_18
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Great* *Newman* *Educated*

  31. John Keble
    The Christian Year_1

    • Dialogues_10

  32. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Hundred* *France* *Read* *Magill* *Bloom* *Kanigel* *World*

  33. Apologia Socratis_16

  34. The Apology
    early Fourth Century B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Campbell* *Great* *O'Hear*

  35. Crito_13

  36. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Downs* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Campbell* *O'Hear*

  37. Phaedo_14

  38. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Eliot* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *O'Hear*

  39. Xenophon

  40. Memorabilia_2
    early Fourth Century B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Ward*

  41. Aristotle

  42. Politik_10
    Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Invitation* *Downs* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Fadiman* *Foundation*

  43. Demosthenes

  44. On the Crown_3
    330 B.C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics*

    Marcus Tullius Cicero
  45. De Officiis_4

  46. written 44 B C—Latin
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Dirda* *World*

  47. Cato Major de Senectute_6

  48. written 44 B C—Latin
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *Read* *Ward*

  49. Laelius de Amicitia_5

  50. written 44 B C—Latin
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *Read*

  51. Plutarch

  52. Bìoi Paràllēloi_18
    Parallel Lives; Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans
    First Century—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Educated*

  53. George Berkeley (Bishop Berkeley)

  54. A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge_7
    1710; revised 1734—English
    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Great*

  55. René Descartes

  56. Discours de la Méthode Pour Bien Conduire sa Raison, et Chercher la Vérité dans les Sciences_17
    Discourse on the Method

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *World*

  57. John Locke

  58. Of the Conduct of the Understanding_1
    originally published as part of the Posthumous Works of John Locke, 1706—English

  59. Iliad_33

  60. ca. Ninth-Eighth centuries B.C; Cowan and Guinness ("Trinity") specifiy Richard Lattimore's English translation; Mallison ("Smart") notes Derek Jacobi's modern aural version—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *World* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  61. Odýsseia_36
    The Odyssey
    ca. Ninth-Eighth centuries B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Robert Fitzgerald's English translation—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    • Hesiod_1

    ca. Eighth-Seventh centuries B C—Greek

    • Virgil

  62. Selected works_3
    First Century B C—Latin
    *Lubbock* *Read*

  63. Vyasa

  64. Mahabharata_13
    includes Bhagavad Gita; ca. Ninth Century B C-Fourth Century—Sanskrit
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Rexroth* *Oriental* *Magill* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Norway* *Great* *GlobeMail* *World* *Graphic*

  65. Valmiki

  66. Ramayana_10
    ca. Fifth-Second centuries B C—Sanskrit
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Ward* *Oriental* *Magill* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *World*

  67. Ferdowsi

  68. Shahnameh_7
    The Book of Kings
    written ca. 977-1010—Persian

    *Lubbock* *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Dirda* *Great* *World*

  69. Nibelungenlied_8

  70. ca. Twelfth-Thirteenth centuries—German
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Read* *Magill* *Bloom* *Trinity* *Great*

  71. Thomas Malory

  72. Le Morte d'Arthur_13
    1485; revised through sixth edition, 1634—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Telegraph* *Great* *Newman* *Graphic*

  73. Shījīng_4

  74. Shih-Ching; The Classic of Poetry; The Book of Poetry; The Book of Songs; The Book of Odes
    one of the Five Classics of Confucianism; Eleventh-Seventh centuries B C—Chinese

    *Lubbock* *Ward* *Oriental* *World*

  75. Kalidasa

  76. Abhijnanasakuntalam_6
    The Recognition of Sakuntala
    ca. Fifth Century—Sanskrit

    *Lubbock* *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Norway* *World*

  77. Promētheus Desmōtēs_12

  78. Prometheus Bound
    disputed authorship; Fifth Century B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Newman*

  79. Oresteia_19

  80. The House of Atreus
    458 B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Zane* *Newman*

  81. Antigone_22

  82. ca. 441 B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Campbell* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *World* *Newman*

  83. Oidipous epi Kolōnō_20

  84. Oedipus at Colonus
    401 B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *World* *Newman*

  85. Oidipous Tyrannos_25

  86. Oedipus Rex; Oedipus the King
    ca. 429 B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Dudley Fitts and Robert Fitzgerald's English translation—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *World* *Newman* *Educated*

  87. Euripides

  88. Mēdeia_17
    431 B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Michael Collier and Georgia Ann Machemer's English translation—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Norway* *Great* *Smart* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  89. Hippeîs_5

  90. The Knights
    424 B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  91. Nephelai_11
    The Clouds
    423 B C; revised 417 B C; only revised version remains—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Newman*

    • Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)

  92. Poems_2
    First Century B C—Latin
    *Lubbock* *Invitation*

  93. Geoffrey Chaucer
    Canterbury Tales_30
    1478; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Nevill Coghill's modern English version—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    • William Shakespeare

  94. Selected works_4
    late Sixteenth-early Seventeenth centuries—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Powys* *Read*

    John Milton
  95. Paradise Lost_27
    1667; revised 1674—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Invitation* *Classics* *Zulli* *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    • 'Lycidas'_7

    originally published in Justa Edouardo King Naufrago, 1638; revised for inclusion in Poems of Mr. John Milton, Both English and Latin, 1645—English
    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Classics* *Van Doren* *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    • A Mask Presented at Ludlow Castle, 1634: On Michelmas Night, Before the Right Honorable, John Earl of Bridgewater, Viscount Brackly, Lord President of Wales, and One of His Maiesties Most Honorable Privie Councill_4

    originally anonymously published 1637; included in Poems of Mr. John Milton, Both English and Latin, 1645—English

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom*

    • "Minor poems"_5

  96. Lubbock uses the term, "Shorter poems"; Seventeenth Century—English
    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Read* *Adler* *Bloom*

  97. Dante

  98. La Divina Commedia_33
    The Divine Comedy
    originally entitled La Commedia; written ca. 1308-21—Italian

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic*

  99. Edmund Spenser
    The Faerie Queene_8
    originally published in two volumes, 1590 and 1596—English
    *Lubbock* *Read* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Reynolds* *Newman* *Graphic*

    • John Dryden

    Seventeenth Century—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Bloom* *Newman*

    • Walter Scott_1

    Nineteenth Century—English

    • William Wordsworth

  100. Poems of Wordsworth_1
    1879; edited by Matthew Arnold—English

    Alexander Pope
  101. Essay on Criticism_4

  102. 1711—English
    *Lubbock* *Read* *Dirda* *Newman*

  103. Essay on Man_5

  104. 1734—English
    *Lubbock* *Read* *Magill* *Recommended* *Newman*

  105. The Rape of the Lock_7
    originally anonymously published 1712 in Linot's Miscellany; expanded 1714 and 1717—English
    *Lubbock* *Read* *Magill* *Recommended* *Dirda* *Great* *Newman*

    • Robert Burns

  106. Poems_7
    late Eighteenth Century—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Rexroth* *Van Doren* *Good* *Bloom* *Newman*

  107. Lord Byron (George Gordon, Lord Byron)
    Childe Harold's Pilgrimage_5
    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Van Doren* *Recommended* *Newman*

    • Thomas Gray

  108. Poems_2
    Eighteenth Century—English
    *Lubbock* *Bloom*

  109. Herodotus

  110. Historiē_25
    Fifth Century B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *World* *Educated*

  111. Xenophon

  112. Anabasis_3
    early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Downs* *Ward*

  113. Thucydides

  114. History of the Peloponnesian War_23
    early Fifth Century B.C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Utne* *Great* *Telegraph* *World* *Educated*

  115. Cornelius Tacitus

  116. De Origine et Situ Germanorum_5
    written ca. 98—Latin

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Read* *Trinity*

  117. Livy (Titus Livius)

  118. Ab Urbe Condita Libri_6
    History of Rome
    First Century B C—Latin

    *Lubbock* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Trinity* *World*

  119. Edward Gibbon

  120. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire_23
    originally published in six volumes: first, 1776; second-third, 1781; fourth-sixth, 1788—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Telegraph* *World* *Educated*

  121. David Hume

  122. The History of England_1
    originally published in six volumes: fifth, 1754; sixth, 1756; third-fourth, 1759; first-second, 1761—English

  123. George Grote

  124. History of Greece; From the Earliest Period to the Close of the Generation Contemporary With Alexander the Great_1
    originally published in twelve volumes, 1846-56—English

  125. Thomas Carlyle

  126. The French Revolution_2
    1837; revised 1857—English
    *Lubbock* *Durant*

  127. John Richard Green

  128. A Short History of the English People_1

  129. George Henry Lewes

  130. The Biographical History of Philosophy_1
    1848; later revised—English

  131. Kitab alf Laylah Wa-Laylah_17

  132. The Thousand and One Nights; The Arabian Nights
    Ninth-Fifteenth centuries; Taylor specifies Richard Burton's version—Arabic

    *Lubock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *France* *Downs* *Ward* *Oriental* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Taylor*

  133. Jonathan Swift

  134. Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World, in Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and Then a Captain of Several Ships_29
    Gulliver's Travels
    1726; revised 1735—English

    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  135. Daniel Defoe

  136. The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner_21
    originally anonymously published 1719—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Dirda* *Great* *Zane* *Deposit* *Newman*

  137. Oliver Goldsmith

  138. The Vicar of Wakefield_6
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Newman*

  139. Miguel de Cervantes

  140. El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha_37
    Don Quixote
    originally published in two volumes, 1605 and 1615; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Edith Grossman's English translation—Spanish

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Reynolds* *World* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  141. James Boswell
    The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D._21
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Newman*

    • Molière

  142. Plays_5
    Seventeenth Century—French
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *France* *Fadiman*

  143. Friedrich Schiller

  144. Wilhelm Tell_4
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Trinity*

    Richard Brinsley Sheridan
  145. The Critic: or, a Tragedy Rehearsed_1

  146. 1779—English

  147. School for Scandal_6

  148. 1777—English
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Ward* *Bloom* *Smart* *Educated*

  149. The Rivals_3

  150. 1775—English
    *Lubbock* *Ward* *Bloom*

  151. Thomas Carlyle

  152. Past and Present_1

  153. Francis Bacon
    Novum Organum Scientiarium_10
    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *Educated*

    • Adam Smith

  154. An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations [excerpted]_1
    unspecified selection; complete work, 1776; revised through third edition, 1784—English

  155. John Stuart Mill
    Principles of Political Economy_1
    1848; revised through seventh edition, 1871—English

    • James Cook_1

    Eighteenth Century—English

    • Alexander von Humboldt

  156. "Travels"_1
    unspecified selection; early Nineteenth Century—French, German

  157. Gilbert White

  158. The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne_2
    *Lubbock* *Rexroth*

    Charles Darwin
  159. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life_23

  160. 1859—English
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *Deposit* *Graphic* *Educated*

  161. The Voyage of the Beagle_4

  162. originally published as Journal and Remarks, 1832-1835, volume three of Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of His Majesty's Ships Adventure and Eagle, 1838; also published that year as Journal of Researches Into the Geology and Natural History of the Various Countries Visited by H M S Beagle; revised 1845—English
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Fadiman*

  163. John Stuart Mill

  164. A System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive_2
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  165. Francis Bacon

  166. Essays: Religious Meditations. Places of Perswasion and Disswasion. Seene and Allowed_12
    1597; expanded 1612; expanded and retitled Essayes or Counsels, Civill and Morall, 1625—English
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  167. Michel de Montaigne
    Les Essais_26
    originally published in three volumes: 1580, 1588, and 1595—French

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *GlobeMail* *World* *Newman* *Educated*

    • David Hume

    Eighteenth Century—English

    • Thomas Macaulay (Lord Macaulay)

    Nineteenth Century—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin*

    • Joseh Addison

    early Eighteenth Century—English

    • Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Nineteenth Century—English
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    • Edmund Burke

  168. Selected works_1
    late Eighteenth Century—English

  169. Samuel Smiles

  170. Self-Help; With Illustrations of Character and Conduct_1

  171. Zadig_6

  172. 1747—French
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  173. Micromégas_2

  174. 1752—French
    *Lubbock* *Fadiman*

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  175. Faust_27

  176. originally published in two volumes: first, Faust. Der Tragödie Erster Teil, published in part, 1790; in its entirey, 1808; revised 1829; second, Faust. Der Tragödie Zweiter Teil, 1832—German
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *GlobeMail* *World* *Newman*

  177. Aus Mienem Leben: Dichtung und Warheit_5

  178. From My Life: Poetry and Truth
    originally published in four volumes: first-third, 1811-3; fourth, 1833—German

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Bloom*

    William Makepeace Thackeray
  179. Vanity Fair: A Novel Without a Hero_18

  180. originally published serially Jan. 1847-Jul. 1848—English
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  181. The History of Pendennis: His Fortunes and Misfortunes, His Friends and Greatest Enemy_3

  182. originally published serially 1848-50—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics*

    Charles Dickens
  183. The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club_14

  184. The Pickwick Papers
    originally published serially Apr. 1836-Nov. 1837 under the pseudonym, Boz—English

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  185. The Personal History, Adventures, Experience and Observation of David Copperfield the Younger of Blunderstone Rookery (Which He Never Meant to Publish on Any Account)_15

  186. originally published serially May 1849-Nov. 1850—English
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  187. Edward Bulwer-Lytton

  188. The Last Days of Pompeii_1

  189. George Eliot

  190. Adam Bede _7
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Hundred* *Read* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Newman*

  191. Charles Kingsley
    Westward Ho!_1

    • Walter Scott_1

  192. Novels
    Nineteenth Century—English