The Lists
*Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli**Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Oriental* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Utne* *Campbell* *Norway* *Dirda* *Great* *Guardian* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *World* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

James Baldwin, The Book Lover: A Guide to the Best Reading [1910]

  1. Kitab alf Laylah Wa-Laylah_17

  2. The Thousand and One Nights; The Arabian Nights
    Ninth-Fifteenth centuries; Taylor specifies Richard Burton's version—Arabic

    *Lubock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *France* *Downs* *Ward* *Oriental* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Taylor*

  3. Ludovico Ariosto
    Orlando Furioso_5
    published in part, 1516; revised 1521; published in its entirety, 1532—Italian
    *Baldwin* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Trinity*

    • Aristophanes

    late Fifth Century B C—Greek
    *Baldwin* *France* *Good* *Read*

    • Aristotle

  4. Selected works_3
    Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Baldwin* *Read* *SeymourSmith*

  5. Francis Bacon

  6. Essays: Religious Meditations. Places of Perswasion and Disswasion. Seene and Allowed_12
    1597; expanded 1612; expanded and retitled Essayes or Counsels, Civill and Morall, 1625—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Good* *Bloom* *Great*

  7. The Bible_17

  8. Downs also lists John Wycliffe's 1382 English translation of the Vulgate; Bloom, Dirda, and the Globe and Mail specify the King James Version, translated 1604-11 to English from the Hebrew and Aramaic (Old Testament) and the Greek (New Testament), revised 1769 by Benjamin Blayney—Hebrew; Aramaic; Greek
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Dirda* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *World*

  9. R D Blackmoore

  10. Lorna Doone: A Romance of Exmoor_1
    originally anonymously published 1869—English

  11. James Boswell

  12. The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D._21
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Newman*

  13. Thomas Browne

  14. Religio Medici_5
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Clasics* *Bloom*

  15. John Bunyan
    The Pilgrim's Progress From This World to That Which Is to Come_18
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Great* *Newman* *Educated*

    • Edmund Burke

    "Orations and political essays"_1
    late Eighteenth Century—English

    • Robert Burns

  16. Poems_7
    late Eighteenth Century—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Rexroth* *Van Doren* *Good* *Bloom* *Newman*

  17. Robert Burton
    The Anatomy of Melancholy_4
    1621; revised through fifth edition—English
    *Baldwin* *Bloom* *Dirda* *Newman*

    Thomas Carlyle
    • Essays_2

  18. Bloom's entry inscribed as "Selected Prose"; Nineteenth Century—English
    *Baldwin* *Bloom*

  19. Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History_3

  20. 1842—English
    *Baldwin* *Downs*

  21. Miguel de Cervantes
    El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha_37
    Don Quixote
    originally published in two volumes, 1605 and 1615; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Edith Grossman's English translation—Spanish

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Reynolds* *World* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    Geoffrey Chaucer
    • Selected works_2

  22. late Fourteenth Century—English
    *Baldwin* *Read*

  23. Canterbury Tales_30
    1478; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Nevill Coghill's modern English version—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    Marcus Tullius Cicero
    • Speeches_4

  24. First Century B C—Latin
    *Baldwin* *Downs* *Read* *Magill*

  25. De Officiis_4

  26. written 44 B C—Latin
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Dirda* *World*

  27. Cato Major de Senectute_6

  28. written 44 B C—Latin
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *Read* *Ward*

  29. Laelius de Amicitia_5
    written 44 B C—Latin
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *Read*

    Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    • 'The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere'_7

    part of Lyrical Ballads, With a Few Other Poems, 1798; revised for inclusion in Sibylline Leaves, 1817—English
    *Baldwin* *Read* *Magill* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman* *Graphic*

    • 'Christabel'_1

    part of Christabel; Kubla Khan, a Vision in a Dream; The Pains of Sleep, 1816—English

    • 'Genevieve'_1

  30. originally entitled 'Effusion XVII', published Nov. 1794 in the Cambridge Intelligencer; included in Poems on Various Subjects, 1796; retitled 'Genevieve' for inclusion in Poems, 1803—English

  31. Dante

  32. La Divina Commedia_33
    The Divine Comedy
    originally entitled La Commedia; written ca. 1308-21—Italian

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic*

  33. Daniel Defoe
    The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner_21
    originally anonymously published 1719—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Dirda* *Great* *Zane* *Deposit* *Newman*

    • Speeches_2

  34. Fourth Century B C—English
    *Baldwin* *Invitation*

  35. On the Crown_3
    330 B.C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics*

    Charles Dickens
    • Novels_1

  36. Nineteenth Century—English

  37. The Personal History, Adventures, Experience and Observation of David Copperfield the Younger of Blunderstone Rookery (Which He Never Meant to Publish on Any Account)_15

  38. originally published serially May 1849-Nov. 1850—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *Magill* *Read* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Guardian* *Zane* *Telegraph* *Newman*

  39. Dealings With the Firm of Dombey and Son: Wholesale, Retail and for Exportation_3

  40. originally published serially Oct. 1846-Apr. 1848—English
    *Baldwin* *Bloom* *Newman*

  41. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby _5

  42. originally published serially Mar. 1838-Sep. 1839 under the pseudonym, Boz—English
    *Baldwin* *Classics* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended*

  43. The Old Curiosity Shop_3

  44. originally published serially Apr. 1840-Nov. 1841 in Master Humphrey's Clock under the pseudonym, Boz—English
    *Baldwin* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  45. A Tale of Two Cities_8

  46. originally published serially Apr.-Nov. 1859 in All the Year Round—English
    *Baldwin* *Classics* *Zulli* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Guardian* *Newman* *Graphic*

  47. The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club (The Pickwick Papers)_14
    originally published serially Apr. 1836-Nov. 1837 under the pseudonym, Boz—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman*

    • John Dryden

    Seventeenth Century—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Bloom* *Newman*

    George Eliot
    • Novels_1

  48. Nineteenth Century—English

  49. Adam Bede _7

  50. 1859—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Hundred* *Read* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Newman*

  51. The Mill on the Floss _6

  52. 1860—English
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  53. Romola _1

  54. originally published serially Jul. 1862-Aug. 1863 in Cornhill Magazine—English

  55. Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life _22

  56. originally published serially Dec. 1871-Dec. 1872—English
    *Baldwin* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic*

  57. Daniel Deronda _4
    *Baldwin* *Bloom* *Zane* *Newman*

    • Ralph Waldo Emerson

  58. Essays_9
    Nineteenth Century—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Magill* *Good* *Newman*

  59. Epictetus
    compiled by Arrian; Second Century—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics* *Hundred* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Trinity*

    • Euripides

  60. Plays_5
    late Fifth Century B C—Greek
    *Baldwin* *Durant* *Rexroth* *Good* *Read*

  61. Henry Fielding

  62. The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling_19
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great* *Zane* *Smart* *Newman*

  63. Jean Froissart

  64. Chroniques_3
    written 1369-1400—French
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Bloom*

  65. Edward Gibbon

  66. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire_23
    originally published in six volumes: first, 1776; second-third, 1781; fourth-sixth, 1788—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Telegraph* *World* *Educated*

  67. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  68. Faust_27
    originally published in two volumes: first, Faust. Der Tragödie Erster Teil, published in part, 1790; in its entirey, 1808; revised 1829; second, Faust. Der Tragödie Zweiter Teil, 1832—German
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *GlobeMail* *World* *Newman*

  69. Oliver Goldsmith

  70. The Vicar of Wakefield_6
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Newman*

    Nathaniel Hawthorne
  71. The Scarlet Letter_21

  72. 1850—English
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  73. The House of Seven Gables_7

  74. 1851—English
    *Baldwin* *Classics* *Zulli* *Magill* *Recommended* *Campbell* *Newman*

  75. The Blithedale Romance_3

  76. 1852—English
    *Baldwin* *Classics* *Newman*

  77. The Marble Faun: Or, The Romance of Monte Beni_4

  78. 1860—English
    *Baldwin* *Classics* *Bloom* *Newman*

  79. Herodotus

  80. Historiē_25
    Fifth Century B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *World* *Educated*

  81. Oliver Wendell Holmes

  82. The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table_1
    originally published serially 1857-8 in the Atlantic Monthly—English

  83. Iliad_33

  84. ca. Ninth-Eighth centuries B.C; Cowan and Guinness ("Trinity") specifiy Richard Lattimore's English translation; Mallison ("Smart") notes Derek Jacobi's modern aural version—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *World* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  85. Odýsseia_36

  86. The Odyssey
    ca. Ninth-Eighth centuries B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Robert Fitzgerald's English translation—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)
  87. Satirae_6

  88. originally published in two volumes, 35 B C and 30 B C—Latin
    *Baldwin* *Classics* *Downs* *Bloom* *Trinity* *Newman*

  89. Carmina_11

  90. Odes
    originally published in four volumes: first-third, 23 B.C; fourth, 13 B.C—Latin

    *Baldwin* *Powys* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Bloom* *Taylor* *Trinity* *Newman* *Educated*

  91. Epodon_6

  92. Epodes
    30 B C—Latin

    *Baldwin* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Trinity* *Newman*

  93. Victor Hugo

  94. Les Misérables_18
    *Baldwin* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Guardian* *Harvard* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Deposit*

  95. Washington Irving

  96. The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent._2
    originally published serially Jun. 1819-Jul. 1820; expanded 1848—English
    *Baldwin* *Bloom*

  97. Kalevala_3
    compiled by Elias Lönnrot; 1835; revised 1849—Finnish
    *Baldwin* *Rexroth* *Ward*

    • John Keats

  98. Poems_7
    early Nineteenth Century—English
    *Baldwin* *Durant* *Hundred* *Good* *Bloom* *Great* *Educated*

    Charles Lamb
  99. Essays of Elia_4

  100. 1823; originally published serially 1820-5 in the London Magazine—English
    *Baldwin* *Powys* *Hundred* *Ward*

  101. Last Essays of Elia_4
    1833; originally published serially 1820-5 in the London Magazine—English
    *Baldwin* *Powys* *Hundred* *Ward*

    • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Nineteenth Century—English
    *Baldwin* *Educated*

    • James Russell Lowell

    Nineteenth Century—English

    • Thomas Macaulay (Lord Macaulay)

  102. Essays_2
    Nineteenth Century—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin*

  103. Vyasa

  104. Mahabharata_13
    includes Bhagavad Gita; ca. Ninth Century B C-Fourth Century—Sanskrit
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Rexroth* *Oriental* *Magill* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Norway* *Great* *GlobeMail* *World* *Graphic*

  105. Thomas Malory

  106. Le Morte d'Arthur_13
    1485; revised through sixth edition, 1634—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Telegraph* *Great* *Newman* *Graphic*

  107. Marcus Aurelius

  108. Ta Eis Heauton_17
    written 161-80—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Utne* *Great*

    Christopher Marlowe
  109. Tamburlaine the Great_7

  110. 1590—English
    *Baldwin* *Classics* *Ward* *Recommended* *Dirda* *Great* *Newman*

  111. The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus_10

  112. 1592—English
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Recommended* *Campbell* *Dirda* *Newman* *Educated*

  113. The Jew of Malta_5
    *Baldwin* *Classics* *Ward* *Dirda* *Newman*

    John Milton
    • Poems_3

  114. Seventeenth Century—English
    *Baldwin* *Van Doren* *Newman*

  115. Paradise Lost_27
    1667; revised 1674—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Invitation* *Classics* *Zulli* *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    • Molière

  116. Plays_5
    Seventeenth Century—French
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *France* *Fadiman*

  117. Michel de Montaigne

  118. Les Essais_26
    originally published in three volumes: 1580, 1588, and 1595—French

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *GlobeMail* *World* *Newman* *Educated*

  119. Nibelungenlied_8

  120. ca. Twelfth-Thirteenth centuries—German
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Read* *Magill* *Bloom* *Trinity* *Great*

  121. Omar Khayyam
    The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam_8
    ca. Eleventh-Twelfth centuries; compiled by Edward FitzGerald in five editions, 1859, 1868, 1872, 1879, and 1889—Persian
    *Baldwin* *Durant* *Oriental* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great*

    • Plato

  122. Dialogues_10
    early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Hundred* *France* *Read* *Magill* *Bloom* *Kanigel* *World*

  123. Plutarch
    Bìoi Paràllēloi_18
    Parallel Lives; Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans
    First Century—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Educated*

    • Edgar Allan Poe

    Nineteenth Century—English
    *Baldwin* *Zulli* *Durant* *Newman*

    • Alexander Pope

  124. Poems_3
    Nineteenth Century—English
    *Baldwin* *Bloom* *Dirda*

  125. Valmiki

  126. Ramayana_10
    ca. Fifth-Second centuries B C—Sanskrit
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Ward* *Oriental* *Magill* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *World*

  127. Saadi Shirazi

  128. Gullistan_3
    written 1258—Persian
    *Baldwin* *Ward* *World*

    Walter Scott
  129. Waverley; or, 'Tis Sixty Years Since_3

  130. originally anonymously published 1814—English
    *Baldwin* *Ward* *Bloom*

  131. Guy Mannering; or, The Astrologer_3

  132. originally anonymously published 1815—English
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys*

  133. The Antiquary_1

  134. originally anonymously published 1816—English

  135. The Black Dwarf_1

  136. originally anonymously published 1816—English

  137. The Tale of Old Mortality_2

  138. originally anonymously published 1816—English
    *Baldwin* *Bloom*

  139. Rob Roy_2

  140. originally anonymously published 1817—English
    *Baldwin* *Newman*

  141. The Heart of Midlothian_3

  142. originally anonymously published 1818—English
    *Baldinw* *Powys* *Bloom*

  143. The Bride of Lamermoor_3

  144. originally anonymously published 1819—English
    *Baldwin* *Powys* *Newman*

  145. A Legend of Montrose_1

  146. originally anonymously published 1819—English

  147. Ivanhoe_5

  148. originally anonymously published 1819—English
    *Baldwin* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Magill* *Newman*

  149. The Monastery_1

  150. originally anonymously published 1820—English

  151. The Abbot_1

  152. originally anonymously published 1820—English

  153. Kenilworth_1

  154. originally anonymously published 1821—English

  155. The Pirate_1

  156. originally anonymously published 1822—English

  157. The Fortunes of Nigel_1

  158. originally anonymously published 1822—English

  159. Peveril of the Peak_1

  160. originally anonymously published 1822—English

  161. Quentin Durward_1

  162. originally anonymously published 1823—English

  163. St. Ronan's Well_1

  164. originally anonymously published 1823—English

  165. Redgauntlet_2

  166. originally anonymously published 1824—English
    *Baldwin* *Bloom*

  167. The Betrothed_1

  168. originally anonymously published 1825—English

  169. The Talisman_1

  170. originally anonymously published 1825—English

  171. Woodstock; or, The Cavalier_1

  172. originally anonymously published 1826—English

  173. St. Valentine's Day; or, The Fair Maid of Perth_1

  174. doriginally anonymously published 1828—English

  175. Anne of Geierstein; or, The Maiden of the Mist_1

  176. originally anonymously published 1829—English

  177. Count Robert of Paris_1

  178. originally anonymously published 1831—English

  179. Castle Dangerous_1
    originally anonymously published 1831—English

    • William Shakespeare

    Selected works_4
    late Sixteenth-early Seventeenth centuries—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Powys* *Read*

    • Percy Bysshe Shelley

    early Nineteenth Century—English
    *Baldwin* *Durant* *Good* *Bloom* *Great* *Newman*

    • Sophocles

    Fifth Century B C—Greek
    *Baldwin* *France* *Read*

    • Edmund Spenser

  180. The Faerie Queene [excerpted]_1
    unspecified selections; complete work originally published in two volumes, 1590 and 1596—English

  181. Torquato Tasso
    La Gerusalemme Liberata_4
    *Baldwin* *Ward* *Bloom* *Trinity*

    • Alfred, Lord Tennyson

    Nineteenth Century—English
    *Baldwin* *Durant* *Bloom* *Educated*

    William Makepeace Thackeray
    • Novels_1

  182. Nineteenth Century—English

  183. Vanity Fair: A Novel Without a Hero_18

  184. originally published serially Jan. 1847-Jul. 1848—English
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