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Clifton Fadiman and John S Major, The New Lifetime Reading Plan [1997]

    672 entries: 565 monographical, 107 otherwise
    Unranked—arranged chronologically (nos. 1-360) and alphabetically by author (no. 361-567)

    Clifton Fadiman's The New Lifetime Reading Plan [1997] is the fourth, final edition of The Lifetime Reading Plan, originally published in 1960. In this version, John S Major contributes, but it is still overall Fadiman's work. Finished just before his death, this list is one the "big five" of "great books" lists, alongside Charles W Eliot's, Mortimer Adler's, Phillip Ward's, and Harold Bloom's. Adler and Fadiman both attended Columbia University in the early 1920's when John Erskine and others were developing the kind of educational programs that came to be associated with the concept of "great books"; they remained friends and Fadiman supported Adler's Great Books project. Overall, Fadiman's literary career (editor at Simon and Schuster, the New Yorker magazine, and the Book of the Month Club) reflects the intellectual milieu of mid-Twentieth-Century America that produced and supported projects such as Adler's. Fadiman also became known as a radio and television host.

    For this list, both the authors' commentaries and the bibliography in the back of the book clarify their choices. For example, though Fadiman lists "selected works" for Plato, he explains in the accompanying text that certain works are especially important. At times, the bibliography's recommended edition of an author's collected poems or stories does not exactly match what was listed in the text, most of all their recommendation of Hemingway's complete stories despite only listing "stories," which in this project we would not assume is a "complete" listing. In this case, I go with the relatively-specific listing in the bibliography.

    In some cases, such as the Federalist Papers or The Berlin Stories, the authors especially recommend portions of a work; however, these particular references do not discount the recommendation of the work as a whole.

    In other cases, Fadiman and Major recommend books other than those in the chapter heading; these are included as well. However, books that are simply noted in the essays--referring to, say, another critic's opinion or general consensus--are not considered part of the list; only those directly recommended, or given high accolades, are included. For example, despite only listing Stendhal's The Red and the Black, Fadiman then notes that many consider the The Charterhouse of Parma to be "equal" to the former, concluding, "Try it." Merely noting that others rank Charterhouse with Red would not suffice; that extra short sentence puts it in the list. In Thomas Hardy's chapter, The Mayor of Casterbridge is the work listed at the top; the other major novels are noted, but only as being "generally admired"--Fadiman says nothing more about them. But he does note earlier that "many rate his verse above his novels" and "he is one of two dozen or so English poets you may wish to read most closely." Having noted "his gigantic cosmic panorama of the Napoleonic wars, The Dynasts," and given those remarks about the high quality of his poetry, I see fit to include it. At other times, the authors recommend further reading if the participants in their reading plan come to especially appreciate a certain author. For example, Major says, "If you find yourself drawn into Mishima's weirdly brilliant mind, you might also want to try The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea and his four-volume masterpiece and final testament, The Sea of Fertility." And sometimes they do both, as with Kawabata Yasunari, in whose entry Major recommends Snow Country despite not listing it, and later adds that those "becoming a fan" should read The Master of Go.

    When you reach the Richard Adams listing, you've entered the second part of this list, entitled 'Going Further'. As the authors explain, these works are Twentieth-Century "temporary classics" ("important in our time, if not forever") by authors "whose works [...] will be of interest to readers of The New Lifetime Reading Plan." These authors "fall into at least three subgroups": "acknowledged modern masters"; "writers whom we believe are of the first rank but who so far have not had the widespread recognition they deserve"; and "writers of the post-war period whose books [...] helped to define the literary and intellectual terrain of our time." These entries are included, especially as Harold Bloom's canon has a similar, massive section of contemporary literature.

  1. Sha Naqba Imuru_11

  2. The Epic of Gilgamesh; He Who Saw the Deep
    Eighteenth-Tenth centuries B.C—Sumerian; Akkadian

    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Norway* *Great* *Graphic* *Educated*

  3. Iliad_33

  4. ca. Ninth-Eighth centuries B.C; Cowan and Guinness ("Trinity") specifiy Richard Lattimore's English translation; Mallison ("Smart") notes Derek Jacobi's modern aural version—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *World* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  5. Odýsseia_36

  6. The Odyssey
    ca. Ninth-Eighth centuries B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Robert Fitzgerald's English translation—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  7. Confucius (Kŏng Zǐ) (Kŏng Fūzǐ) (K'ung Fu-tzu)

  8. Analects_12
    Lún Yǔ
    written and compiled by the author's pupils; ca. Fifth Century B C-Second Century—Chinese

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Downs* *Ward* *Oriental* *Good* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *Taylor* *World* *Graphic*

  9. Aeschylus

  10. Oresteia_19
    The House of Atreus
    458 B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Zane* *Newman*

  11. Oidipous Tyrannos_25

  12. Oedipus Rex; Oedipus the King
    ca. 429 B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Dudley Fitts and Robert Fitzgerald's English translation—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *World* *Newman* *Educated*

  13. Oidipous epi Kolōnō_20

  14. Oedipus at Colonus
    401 B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *World* *Newman*

  15. Antigone_22
    ca. 441 B C—Greek

  16. *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Campbell* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *World* *Newman*

  17. Alkēstis_6

  18. Alcestis
    438 B C—Greek

    *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  19. Mēdeia_17

  20. Medea
    431 B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Michael Collier and Georgia Ann Machemer's English translation—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Norway* *Great* *Smart* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  21. Hippolytos _11

  22. 428 B C—Greek
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  23. Trōiades _8

  24. The Trojan Woman
    415 B C—Greek

    *Classics* *Downs* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  25. Ēlektra _7

  26. Electra
    written ca. 413 B C—Greek

    *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great*

  27. Bakchai _14

  28. The Bacchae
    405 B.C—Greek

    *Eliot* *Powys* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *O'Hear*

  29. Herodotus

  30. Historiē_25
    Fifth Century B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *World* *Educated*

  31. Thucydides

  32. History of the Peloponnesian War_23
    early Fifth Century B.C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Utne* *Great* *Telegraph* *World* *Educated*

  33. Sūnzǐ (Sun-tzu)

  34. Sūnzǐ Bīngfǎ_4
    The Art of War
    written ca. Fifth-Third centuries B C—Chinese

    *Learning* *Fadiman* *Great* *Deposit*

  35. Lysistrate_13

  36. Lysistrata
    411 B C—Greek

    *Classics* *Downs* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Newman* *Graphic*

  37. Nephelai_11

  38. The Clouds
    423 B C; revised 417 B C; only revised version remains—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Newman*

  39. Ornithes_13

  40. The Birds
    414 B.C—Greek

    *Downs* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Educated*

    • Plato

    Selected works_1
    early Fourth Century B C—Greek

  41. Apologia Socratis_16

  42. The Apology
    early Fourth Century B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Campbell* *Great* *O'Hear*

  43. Crito_13

  44. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Downs* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Campbell* *O'Hear*

  45. Protagoras_5

  46. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Classics* *Van Doren* *Read* *Adler* *Fadiman*

  47. Meno_4

  48. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Fadiman*

  49. Symposium_10

  50. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Graphic*

  51. Phaedo_14

  52. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Eliot* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *O'Hear*

  53. Politeia_24

  54. The Republic
    early Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Reynolds* *World* *Deposit* *Educated*

  55. Ethika Nikomacheia_16

  56. Nicomachean Ethics
    Fourth Century B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Reynolds*

  57. Politik_10

  58. Politics
    Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Invitation* *Downs* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Fadiman* *Foundation*

  59. Peri Poiêtikês_15

  60. De Poetica; Poetics
    Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Smart* *Educated*

  61. Mèng Zǐ (Mencius) (Meng Tzu)

  62. Mèng Zǐ_5
    Fourth Century B C—Chinese
    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Great* *World*

  63. Valmiki

  64. Ramayana_10
    ca. Fifth-Second centuries B C—Sanskrit
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Ward* *Oriental* *Magill* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *World*

  65. Mahabharata_13

  66. includes Bhagavad Gita; ca. Ninth Century B C-Fourth Century—Sanskrit
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Rexroth* *Oriental* *Magill* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Norway* *Great* *GlobeMail* *World* *Graphic*

    • Bhagavad Gita_8

    part of the Mahabharata; ca. Ninth Century B C-Fourth Century—Sanskrit
    *Eliot* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Great* *Zane*

  67. Simǎ Qiān

  68. Shǐjì_4
    The Records of the Grand Historian
    written 109-91 B C—Chinese

    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *World*

  69. Titus Lucretius Carus

  70. De Rerum Natura_19
    On the Nature of Things
    First Century B.C—Latin

    *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *Graphic* *Educated*

  71. Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro)

  72. Aeneid_26
    First Century B C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Dudley Fitts and Robert Fagles's English translation—Latin
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Smart* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic*

  73. Marcus Aurelius

  74. Ta Eis Heauton_17
    written 161-80—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Utne* *Great*

  75. Augustine of Hippo

  76. Confessionum Libri Tredecim_23
    The Confessions of St. Augustine
    written 397-98—Latin

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *O'Hear* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *Newman* *Educated*

  77. Meghaduta_4

  78. The Cloud Messenger
    ca. Fifth Century—Sanskrit

    *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Great* *World*

  79. Abhijnanasakuntalam_6

  80. The Recognition of Sakuntala
    ca. Fifth Century—Sanskrit

    *Lubbock* *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Norway* *World*

  81. Quran_11

  82. Koran
    Seventh Century—Arabic

    *Downs* *Ward* *Oriental* *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *World*

  83. Huìnéng

  84. Liùzǔ Tánjīng_3
    The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch
    ca. Eighth-Thirteenth centuries—Chinese

    *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Great*

  85. Ferdowsi

  86. Shahnameh_7
    The Book of Kings
    written ca. 977-1010—Persian

    *Lubbock* *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Dirda* *Great* *World*

  87. Sei Shonagon

  88. Makura no Soshi_4
    The Pillow Book
    written 1002—Japanese

    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Great*

  89. Murasaki Shikibu

  90. Genji Monogatari_12
    The Tale of Genji
    ca. early Eleventh Century; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Royall Tyler's English translation—Japanese

    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Oriental* *Magill* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Norway* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *World* *Graphic*

  91. Omar Khayyam

  92. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam_8
    ca. Eleventh-Twelfth centuries; compiled by Edward FitzGerald in five editions, 1859, 1868, 1872, 1879, and 1889—Persian
    *Baldwin* *Durant* *Oriental* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great*

  93. Dante

  94. La Divina Commedia_33
    The Divine Comedy
    originally entitled La Commedia; written ca. 1308-21—Italian

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic*

  95. Luó Guànzhōng

  96. Sān Guó Yǎn Yì_2
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms
    L1522; written Fourteenth Century—Chinese

    *Fadiman* *Great*

  97. Geoffrey Chaucer

  98. Canterbury Tales_30
    1478; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Nevill Coghill's modern English version—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  99. Kitab alf Laylah Wa-Laylah_17

  100. The Thousand and One Nights; The Arabian Nights
    Ninth-Fifteenth centuries; Taylor specifies Richard Burton's version—Arabic

    *Lubock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *France* *Downs* *Ward* *Magill* *Oriental* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Taylor*

  101. Niccolò Machiavelli

  102. Il Principe_28
    The Prince

    *Eliot* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Zulli* *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *World* *Deposit* *Educated*

  103. François Rabelais

  104. La Vie de Gargantua et de Pantagruel_22
    originally published in five volumes: Les Horribles et Épouvantables Faits et Prouesses du Très Renommé Pantagruel Roi des Dipsodes, Fils du Grand Géant Gargantua, 1532; La Vie Très Horrifique du Grand Gargantua, Père de Pantagruel, 1534; Le Tiers Livre des Faicts et Dicts Héroïques du Bon Pantagruel, 1546; Le Quart Livre des Faicts et Dicts Héroïques du Bon Pantagruel, 1552; Le Cinquiesme et Dernier Livre des Faicts et Dicts Héroïques du Bon Pantagruel, 1564; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Thomas Urquhart and Peter Motteux's English translation—French
    *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Hundred* *France* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Utne* *Norway* *Great* *Smart* *Newman*

  105. Wú Chéng-ēn (Ruzhong)

  106. Xi Yóu Jì_6
    Journey to the West; Monkey
    late Sixteenth Century—Chinese

    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Great* *Graphic*

    • Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

    Essais [selections]_1
    'Apology for Raymond Sebond'; 'That Intention Is Judge of Our Actions'; 'Of Idleness'; 'Of Liars'; 'That the Taste of Good and Evil Depends in Large Part on the Opinion We Have of Them'; 'That to Philosophize Is to Learn to Die'; 'Of the Power of the Imagination'; 'Of Custom, and Not Easily Changing an Accepted Law'; 'Of the Education of Children'; 'Of Friendship'; 'Of Moderation'; 'Of Cannibals'; 'Of Solitude'; 'Of the Inequality That Is Between Us'; 'Of Ancient Customs'; 'Of Democritus and Heraclitus'; 'Of Vain Subtleties'; 'Of Age'; 'Of the Inconsistency of Our Actions'; 'Of Drunkenness'; 'Of Practice'; 'Of the Affection of Fathers for Their Children'; 'Of Books'; 'Of Presumption'; 'Of a Monstrous Child'; 'Of the Resemblance of Children to Fathers'; 'Of the Useful and the Honorable'; 'Of Three Kinds of Association'; 'On Some Verses of Virgil'; 'Of the Art of Discussion'; 'Of Vanity'; 'Of Experience'; complete work originally published in three volumes: 1580, 1588, and 1595—French

  107. Miguel de Cervantes

  108. El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha_36
    Don Quixote
    originally published in two volumes, 1605 and 1615; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Edith Grossman's English translation—Spanish

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Powys* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Reynolds* *World* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    William Shakespeare
    • Complete works_4

    late Sixteenth-early Seventeenth centuries—English
    *Zulli* *List* *Fadiman* *Guardian*

  109. The Merchant of Venice_11

  110. ca. 1596-98—English
    *Durant* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  111. Romeo and Juliet_12

  112. ca. 1591-97—English
    *Durant* *Classics* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Zane* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  113. The First Part of Henry IV_13

  114. 1597—English
    *Durant* *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  115. The Second Part of Henry IV_12

  116. 1600—English
    *Durant* *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  117. Hamlet_27

  118. 1602—English
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Taylor* *Harvard* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  119. Troilus and Cressida_7

  120. ca. 1602-09—English
    *Ward* *Adler* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  121. Measure for Measure_10

  122. 1604—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  123. King Lear_21

  124. 1606—English
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *World* *Newman* *Graphic*

  125. Macbeth_16

  126. ca. 1607—English
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Zane* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  127. Antony and Cleopatra_13

  128. ca. 1606-08—English
    *Invitation* *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Zane* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  129. Othello_14

  130. ca. 1604—English
    *Durant* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Norway* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

  131. The Tempest_20

  132. 1611—English
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Taylor* *World* *Newman*

    • Sonnets [selections]_1

    nos. 18, 29, 30, 33, 55, 60, 63, 64, 65, 66, 71, 73, 94, 106, 107, 116, 129, 130, 144, 146; complete work published 1609—English

    John Donne_1
    • Selected works

    early Seventeenth Century—English

    • Sermons_2

    written 1615-31; edition of 154 sermons published in three volumes: LXXX Sermons, 1640; Fifty Sermons, 1649; and XXVI Sermons, 1660; six sermons published separately during the author’s life: A Sermon Upon the XV. Verse of the XX. Chapter of the Booke of Judges, 1622; A Sermon Upon the VIII. Verse of the I. Chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, 1622; Encænia. The Feast of Celebration. Celebrated at Lincolnes Inne, in a Sermon Thereupon Ascension Day, 1623, 1623; The First Sermon Preached to King Charles, at Saint Iames: 3°. April. 1625., 1625; A Sermon, Preached to the Kings Mtie. at Whitehall, 24. Febr. 1625, 1626; A Sermon of Commemoration of the Lady Dāuers, Late Wife of Sr. John Dāuers, 1627; seven others published soon after his death: Death’s Duell, or, A Consolation to the Soule, Against the Dying Life, and Living Death of the Body, 1632; and Six Sermons, 1634—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    • The Songs and Sonnets of John Donne_1

    1956; edited by Theodore Redpath—English

    • Elegies_2

    part of Poems With Elegies on the Authors Death [1633]—English
    *Classics* *Fadiman*

  133. First and Second Anniversaries_3

  134. 1612; The First Anniversary originally entitled An Anatomy of the World, published 1611; complete work also included in Poems With Elegies on the Authors Death, 1633—English
    *Classics* *Van Doren* *Fadiman*

    • Holy Sonnets_2

    part of Poems With Elegies on the Authors Death [1633]—English
    *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  135. Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, and Severall Steps in My Sicknes_3

  136. 1624—English
    *Classics* *Van Doren* *Fadiman*

  137. Lánlíng Xiàoxiào Shēng

  138. Jīn Píng Méi_3
    The Plum in the Golden Vase; The Golden Lotus
    1610; author's identity unknown, given name is a pseudonym—Chinese

    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman*

  139. Galileo

  140. Dialogo Sopra i due Massimi Sistemi del Mondo_8
    Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems

    *Downs* *Learning* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *Taylor* *GlobeMail* *Educated*

  141. Thomas Hobbes

  142. Leviathan or, The Matter, Forme and Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil_16
    *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *Telegraph* *Deposit*

  143. René Descartes

  144. Discours de la Méthode Pour Bien Conduire sa Raison, et Chercher la Vérité dans les Sciences_17
    Discourse on the Method

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *World*

    John Milton
  145. Paradise Lost_25

  146. 1667; revised 1674—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Powys* *Invitation* *Classics* *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    • 'Lycidas'_7

    originally published in Justa Edouardo King Naufrago, 1638; revised for inclusion in Poems of Mr. John Milton, Both English and Latin, 1645—English
    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Classics* *Van Doren* *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    • 'On the Morning of Christ's Nativity'_2

    originally published in Poems of Mr. John Milton, Both English and Latin, 1645 1645—English
    *Classics* *Fadiman*

    • Sonnets_3

    Seventeenth Century—English
    *Durant* *Classics* *Fadiman*

  147. Areopagitica; A Speech of Mr. John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicenc'd Printing, to the Parliament of England_12

  148. 1644—English
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

    • Plays_5

    Seventeenth Century—French
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *France* *Fadiman*

  149. Le Médecin Malgre Lui_5

  150. 1666—French
    *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Trinity*

  151. Le Malade Imaginaire_6

  152. The Imaginary Invalid

    *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  153. L'École des Femmes_6

  154. The School for Wives

    *Classics* *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  155. Le Misanthrope ou l'Atrabilaire Amoureux_12

  156. The Misanthrope

    *Durant* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Newman*

  157. Tartuffe, ou l'Imposteur_14

  158. 1664—French
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Newman* *Educated*

  159. Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme_8

  160. 1670—French
    *Durant* *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Newman*

  161. L'Avare ou L'École du Mensonge_9

  162. The Miser

    *Durant* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Newman*

  163. Dom Juan ou le Festin de Pierre_6

  164. 1660—French
    *Durant* *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  165. Les Femmes Savantes_2

  166. The Learned Ladies

    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  167. Blaise Pascal

  168. Pensées_20

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Classics* *France* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *O'Hear* *Reynolds*

  169. John Bunyan

  170. The Pilgrim's Progress From This World to That Which Is to Come_18
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Great* *Newman* *Educated*

    John Locke
    • Second Treatise [second part of Two Treatises of Government: In the Former, the False Principles, and Foundation of Sir Robert Filmer, and His Followers, Are Detected and Overthrown. The Latter Is an Essay Concerning the True Original, Extent, and End of Civil Government]_8

    complete work originally anonymously published 1689—English
    *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Great* *Reynolds* *Educated*

  171. An Essay Concerning Human Understanding_9

  172. 1689—English
    *Classics* *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Reynolds*

  173. Basho Matsuo

  174. Oku no Hosomichi_4
    The Narrow Road to the Deep North
    late Seventeenth Century—Japanese

    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *World*

  175. Daniel Defoe

  176. The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner_21
    originally anonymously published 1719—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Dirda* *Great* *Zane* *Deposit* *Newman*

  177. Jonathan Swift

  178. Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World, in Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and Then a Captain of Several Ships_29
    Gulliver's Travels
    1726; revised 1735—English

    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  179. Candide, ou L'Optimisme_22

  180. 1759; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Tobias Smollett's English translation—French
    *Powys* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *Zane* *Smart* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic*

    • Selected works_2

    Eighteenth Century—French
    *Durant* *Fadiman*

  181. Zadig_6

  182. 1747—French
    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  183. Micromégas_2

  184. 1752—French
    *Lubbock* *Fadiman*

  185. Le Siècle de Louis XIV_2

  186. 1751—French
    *Classics* *Fadiman*

  187. Lettres Philosophiques_5

  188. Letters Concerning the English Nation
    English translation, 1733; French original, 1734; revised 1778—English

    *Eliot* *Read* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  189. David Hume

  190. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding_10
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Fadiman* *Great* *GlobeMail* *World*

  191. Henry Fielding

  192. The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling_19
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great* *Zane* *Smart* *Newman*

  193. Cáo Xuěqín (Mengruan) (Ts'ao Hsueh-ch'in)

  194. Hóng Lóu Mèng_7
    The Dream of the Red Chamber; The Story of the Stone

    *Rexroth* *Ward* *Oriental* *Magill* *Fadiman* *Great* *World*

  195. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  196. Les Confessions_14
    *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *France* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Newman* *Educated*

  197. Laurence Sterne

  198. The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman_14
    originally published in nine volumes, 1759-67—English
    *Powys* *Durant* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Zane* *Smart* *Newman*

  199. James Boswell

  200. The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D._21
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Newman*

    • Basic Documents in American History_1

    edited by Richard B Morris—English

    • Alexander Hamilton; John Jay; James Madison

    The Federalist Papers_11
    originally published 1787-1788 in the Independent Journal, the New-York Packet, and the Daily Advertiser—English
    *Hundred* *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *Trinity* *Great*

  201. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  202. Faust_26
    originally published in two volumes: first, Faust. Der Tragödie Erster Teil, published in part, 1790; in its entirey, 1808; revised 1829; second, Faust. Der Tragödie Zweiter Teil, 1832—German
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *GlobeMail* *World* *Newman*

    William Blake
    • Selected works_1

    late Eighteenth-early Nineteenth centuries—English

  203. Poetical Sketches_4

  204. 1783—English
    *Fadiman* *Ward* *Bloom* *Newman*

  205. Songs of Innocence and Experience Showing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul_11

  206. published in part, 1789, as Songs of Innocence; in its entirety, 1794—English
    *Classics* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Educated*

  207. The Everlasting Gospel_4

  208. written ca. 1818—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    • Milton: A Poem in Two Books [excerpted]_1

    preface; complete work written 1804-10—English

  209. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell_6

  210. ca. 1793—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  211. All Religions Are One_4

  212. written 1788—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  213. There Is No Natural Religion_4

  214. written 1788—English
    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    • Annotations to Sir Joshua Reynolds' Discourses_2

    written ca. 1808—English
    *Classics* *Fadiman*

    William Wordsworth
  215. The Prelude or, Growth of the Poet's Mind: An Autobiographical Poem_9

  216. 1850; earlier versions written 1799 and 1805—English
    *Classics* *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Telegraph* *Newman*

    • "Selected shorter poems"_1

    late Eighteenth-early Nineteenth centuries—English

    • 'It Is a Beauteous Evening, Calm and Free'_2

    part of Poems, in Two Volumes, 1807—English
    *Van Doren* *Fadiman*

    • 'Lines Written a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey, on Revisiting the Banks of the Wye During a Tour, July 13, 1798'_3

    originally published in Lyrical Ballads, 1798—English
    *Van Doren* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

    • 'Ode: Intimations of Immortality From Recollections of Early Childhood'_4

    originally entitled 'Ode', published in Poems, in Two Volumes, 1807; retitled and revised for inclusion in Poems, 1815; revised for inclusion in The Miscellaneous Poems of William Wordsworth, 1820—English
    *Van Doren* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman*

    • 'Michael, a Pastoral'_1

    originally published in the 1800 edition of Lyrical Ballads—English

    • 'Resolution and Independence'_1

    part of Poems, in Two Volumes, 1807—English

    • 'Ode to Duty'_2

    part of Poems, in Two Volumes, 1807—English
    *Van Doren* *Fadiman*

    • Lyrical Ballads, With a Few Other Poems [excerpted]_1

    preface; complete work published 1798; expanded 1800 and 1802; preface not included in 1798 edition—English

    Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    • 'The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere'_7

    originally published in Lyrical Ballads, With a Few Other Poems, 1798; revised for inclusion in Sibylline Leaves, 1817—English
    *Baldwin* *Read* *Magill* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman* *Graphic*

  217. Christabel; Kubla Khan, a Vision in a Dream; The Pains of Sleep_4

  218. 1816—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  219. Biographia Literaria; or Biographical Sketches of My Literary Life and Opinions_7

  220. originally published in two volumes, 1817—English
    *Invitation* *Classics* *Read* *Magill* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman*

    • "Writings on Shakespeare"_1

    late Eighteenth-early Nineteenth centuries—English

    Jane Austen
  221. Pride and Prejudice_30

  222. originally anonymously published 1813—English
    *Eliot* *Powys* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *World* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  223. Emma_11

  224. originally anonymously published 1815—English
    *Read* *List* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Guardian* *Zane* *Newman*

  225. Mansfield Park_4

  226. originally anonymously published 1814—English
    *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  227. Persuasion_6

  228. originally anonymously published 1817—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Guardian* *Zane* *Newman*

  229. Sense and Sensibility_4

  230. originally published under the pseudonym, A Lady, 1811—English
    *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Guardian* *Newman*

  231. Le Rouge et le Noir, Chronique du XIXe Siècle_18

  232. The Red and the Black

    *Powys* *Classics* *France* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Newman* *Deposit*

  233. Le Chartreuse de Parme_12

  234. The Charterhouse of Parma

    *Classics* *France* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Zane* *Newman*

    Honoré de Balzac
  235. Le Père Goriot_14

  236. Father Goriot
    originally published serially Dec. 1834-Feb. 1835 in Revue de Paris—French

    *Eliot* *Powys* *Durant* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Newman*

  237. Eugénie Grandet_7

  238. 1833—French
    *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  239. La Cousine Bette_7

  240. originally published in Le Constitutionnel Oct.-Dec. 1846—French
    *Powys* *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Newman*

    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    • Selected works_1

    Nineteenth Century—English

  241. Nature_3

  242. originally anonymously published, 1836—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  243. English Traits_2

  244. 1856—English
    *Eliot* *Fadiman*

    • 'History'_1

    part of Essays: First Series, 1841—English

    • 'Thoreau'_1

    edited and expanded version of May 1862 eulogy for Henry David Thoreau; originally published in the Atlantic Monthly, Aug. 1862—English

  245. The American Scholar_5

  246. originally entitled, An Oration, Delivered Before the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Cambridge, published 1837—English
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Ward* *Fadiman* *Newman*

    • 'Self-Reliance'_1

    part of Essays: First Series, 1841—English

    • 'Plato; or, The Philosopher'_1

    edited lecture; part of Representative Men, 1850—English

    • 'Montaigne; or, The Skeptic'_2

    edited lecture; part of Representative Men, 1850—English
    *Classics* *Fadiman*

    Nathaniel Hawthorne
  247. The Scarlet Letter_21

  248. 1850—English
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    • Stories_2

    Nineteenth Century—English
    *Fadiman* *Newman*

    • 'Young Goodman Brown'_1

    originally anonymously published 1835 in the New-England Magazine; included in Mosses From an Old Manse, 1846—English

    • 'The Minister's Black Veil'_1

    originally anonymously published 1836 in the Token and Atlantic Souvenir; included in Twice-Told Tales, 1837—English

    • 'The Birth-Mark'_1

    originally published Mar. 1843 in the Pioneer; included in Mosses From an Old Manse, 1846—English—English

    • 'Rappaccini's Daughter'_2

    included in Mosses From an Old Manse, 1846—English—English
    *Eliot* *Fadiman*

    Alexis de Tocqueville
  249. De la Démocratie en Amérique_12

  250. Democracy in America
    originally published in two volumes, 1835 and 1840—French

    *Downs* *Read* *Adler* *Magill* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Trinity* *Great* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *Educated*

  251. L'Ancien Régime et la Révolution_3

  252. 1866—French
    *Ward* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

    John Stuart Mill
  253. On Liberty_16

  254. 1859—English
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *Taylor* *World*

  255. The Subjection of Women_2

  256. 1869—English
    *Read* *Fadiman*

    Charles Darwin
  257. The Voyage of the Beagle_4

  258. originally published 1838 as Journal and Remarks, 1832-1835, volume three of Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of His Majesty's Ships Adventure and Eagle; also published that year as Journal of Researches Into the Geology and Natural History of the Various Countries Visited by H M S Beagle; revised 1845—English
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Fadiman*

  259. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life_23

  260. 1859—English
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *Deposit* *Graphic* *Educated*

  261. Nikolai Gogol

  262. Mërtvyâ Duši_11
    Dead Souls

    *Classics* *France* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Harvard* *Newman*

    Edgar Allan Poe
    • "Short stories and other works"_1

    Nineteenth Century—English

    • 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue'_5

    originally published Apr. 1841 in Graham's Magazine; revised for inclusion in The Prose Romances of Edgar A Poe, 1843—English
    *Ward* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Telegraph* *Newman*

    • 'The Purloined Letter'_3

    originally published 1844 in the The Gift for 1845; included in Tales, 1845—English
    *Eliot* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

    • 'The Gold-Bug'_1

    originally published serially in the Dollar Newspaper, June 1843; included in Tales by Edgar A Poe, 1845—English

    • 'William Wilson'_2

    originally published 1839 in the The Gift: A Christmas and New Year's Present and Oct. 1839 in Burton's Gentleman's Magazine—English
    *Ward* *Fadiman*

  263. William Makepeace Thackeray

  264. Vanity Fair: A Novel Without a Hero_18
    originally published serially Jan. 1847-Jul. 1848—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Zulli* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Newman*

    Charles Dickens
  265. The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club_14

  266. The Pickwick Papers
    originally published serially Apr. 1836-Nov. 1837 under the pseudonym, Boz—English

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  267. The Personal History, Adventures, Experience and Observation of David Copperfield the Younger of Blunderstone Rookery (Which He Never Meant to Publish on Any Account)_15

  268. originally published serially May 1849-Nov. 1850—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *Magill* *Read* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Guardian* *Zane* *Telegraph* *Newman*

  269. Great Expectations_15

  270. originally published serially in All the Year Round, Dec. 1860-Aug. 1861—English
    *Classics* *Magill* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard* *Newman*

  271. Hard Times - For These Times_7

  272. originally published serially in Household Words, Apr. 1854-Aug. 1854—English
    *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Newman*

  273. Our Mutual Friend_6

  274. originally published serially May 1864-Nov. 1865—English
    *Classics* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Deposit*

  275. The Old Curiosity Shop _3

  276. originally published serially Apr. 1840-Nov. 1841 in Master Humphrey's Clock under the pseudonym, Boz—English
    *Baldwin* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  277. Little Dorrit_5

  278. originally published serially Dec. 1855-Jun. 1857—English
    *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Newman*

    Anthony Trollope
  279. The Warden_3

  280. 1855—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Telegraph*

  281. The Last Chronicle of Barset_3

  282. originally published serially Dec. 1866-Jul. 1867—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Telegraph*

  283. The Eustace Diamonds_2

  284. originally published serially Jul. 1871-Feb. 1873 in the Fortnightly Review—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  285. The Way We Live Now_2

  286. originally published serially 1875—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  287. An Autobiography_1

  288. 1883—English

  289. Charlotte Brontë

  290. Jane Eyre: An Autobiography_16
    originally published under the pseudonym, Currer Bell, 1847—English
    *Zulli* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  291. Emily Brontë

  292. Wuthering Heights_17
    originally published 1847 under the pseudonym, Ellis Bell; revised 1850—English
    *Powys* *Hundred* *France* *Zulli* *Ward* *Magill* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Norway* *Guardian* *Zane* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic*

    Henry David Thoreau
  293. Walden; or, Life in the Woods_20

  294. 1854—English
    *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Campbell* *Great* *Smart* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    • 'Civil Disobedience'_7

    originally published in Aesthetic Papers, 1849—English
    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith*

  295. Ivan Turgenev

  296. Otcy i Deti_11
    Fathers and Children; Fathers and Sons
    originally published Feb. 1862 in Rússkij Véstnik—Russian

    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great* *Newman*

  297. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

  298. Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei_13
    The Communist Manifesto

    *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *Taylor* *Reynolds* *Educated*

    Herman Melville
  299. Moby-Dick; or, The Whale_26

  300. 1851—English
    *Classics* *Hundred* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Guardian* *Zane* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Harvard* *Newman* *Graphic* *Deposit* *Educated*

    • 'Bartleby, the Scrivener'_2

    originally published serially Nov.-Dec. 1853 in Putnam's Monthly Magazine of American Literature, Science and Art; included in Piazza Tales, 1856—English
    *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  301. Billy Budd, Foretopman_9

  302. Billy Budd, Sailor (An Inside Narrative)

    *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Campbell* *Newman*

    George Eliot
  303. The Mill on the Floss _6

  304. 1860—English
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  305. Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life _22

  306. originally published serially Dec. 1871-Dec. 1872—English
    *Baldwin* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic*

    • Walt Whitman

    Leaves of Grass [selections]_1
    'Song of Myself'; 'I Sing the Body Electric'; 'Song of the Open Road'; 'Crossing Brooklyn Ferry'; 'Song of the Answerer'; 'Song of the Broad-Axe'; 'Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking'; 'As I Ebbed With the Ocean of Life'; 'When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer'; 'By the Bivouac's Fitful Flame'; 'As Toilsome I Wandered Virginia's Woods'; 'The Wound-Dresser'; 'When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd'; 'There Was a Child Went Forth'; 'Proud Music of the Storm'; 'Passage to India'; 'Prayer of Columbus'; 'A Noiseless Patient Spider'; 'Years of the Modern'; and preface to the first edition; complete work originally published 1855; expanded and revised through ninth edition, 1892

  307. Democratic Vistas_2

  308. 1871—English
    *Downs* *Fadiman*

    • 'A Backward Glance O'er Travelled Roads'_2

    preface to November Boughs, 1888
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    Gustave Flaubert
  309. Madame Bovary_29

  310. originally published serially Oct. 1856-Dec. 1856 in La Revue de Paris; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Frances Steegmuller's English translation—French
    *Classics* *Durant* *Hundred* *France* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  311. Trois Contes_4

  312. 1877—French
    *Classics* *Read* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

    Fyodor Dostoevsky
  313. Prestuplénie i Nakazániye_22

  314. Crime and Punishment
    originally published serially Jan.-Dec. 1866 in Rússkij Véstnik; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky's English translation—Russian

    *Eliot* *Powys* *Classics* *France* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Norway* *Guardian* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  315. Brat'â Karamazovy_23

  316. The Brothers Karamazov
    originally published serially 1880 in Rússkij Véstnik—Russian

    *Powys* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Norway* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman*

    Leo Tolstoy
  317. Voyna i Mir"_24

  318. War and Peace
    originally entitled 1805, published in part, 1865 and 1867; retitled and published in its entirety, 1869—Russian

    *Invitation* *Hundred* *France* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Norway* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *World* *Newman*

  319. Anna Karenina_19

  320. published in part serially 1873-7 in Rússkij Véstnik; in its entirety, 1877; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky's English translation—Russian
    *Eliot* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Utne* *Norway* *Guardian* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    Henrik Ibsen
    • Plays_4

    Fadiman recommends several overlapping collections; late Nineteenth Century—Norwegian
    *Powys* *Read* *Good* *Fadiman*

  321. Peer Gynt_6

  322. 1867—Norwegian
    *Durant* *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  323. Et Dukkehjem_14

  324. A Doll's House

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Newman* *Educated*

  325. Gengangere_4

  326. Ghosts

    *Classics* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  327. Hedda Gabler_10

  328. 1890—Norwegian
    *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great* *Newman*

  329. Bygmester Solness_5

  330. The Master Builder

    *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  331. Når vi Døde Vågner_3

  332. When We Dead Awaken

    *Classics* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  333. Vildanden_8

  334. The Wild Duck

    *Powys* *Invitation* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  335. En Folkefiende_5

  336. An Enemy of the People

    *Classics* *Magill* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman*

    Emily Dickinson
    • The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson_4

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

    • 'The Grass So Little Has to Do'_1

    part of Poems, 1890—English

    • 'God Gave a Loaf to Every Bird'_1

    part of Poems: Second Series, 1891—English

    • 'A Prison Gets to Be a Friend'_1

    part of Further Poems of Emily Dickinson, 1929—English

    Lewis Carroll
  337. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland_17

  338. 1865—English
    *Powys* *Invitation* *France* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Harvard* *Deposit* *Graphic*

  339. Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There_10

  340. 1871—English
    *Powys* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Harvard* *Deposit* *Graphic*

  341. Mark Twain

  342. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn_23
    *Classics* *Hundred* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    Henry Adams
  343. Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres_5

  344. 1913—English
    *Durant* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  345. The Education of Henry Adams_11

  346. 1918—English
    *Durant* *Invitation* *Hundred* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Foundation* *Fadiman* *Kanigel*

    Thomas Hardy
  347. The Mayor of Casterbridge: The Life and Death of a Man of Character_6

  348. 1886—English
    *Powys* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Newman*

  349. The Dynasts_3

  350. originally published in three volumes: 1904, 1906, and 1908—English
    *Classics* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    William James
  351. The Principles of Psychology_6

  352. 1890—English
    *Durant* *Hundred* *Van Doren* *Read* *Adler* *Fadiman*

  353. Pragmatism: A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking_8

  354. 1907—English
    *Read* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *World*

    • The Meaning of Truth: A Sequel to Pragmatism [excerpts]_1

    1909; Fadiman refers to "four essays" but does not specify further—English

  355. The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature, Being the Gifford Lectures on Natural Religion Delivered at Edinburgh in 1901-1902_6

  356. 1902; edited lectures—English
    *Classics* *Read* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Great*

    Henry James
  357. The Ambassadors_11

  358. originally published serially 1903 in the North American Review—English
    *Powys* *Classics* *Read* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Zane* *Newman*

  359. The Portrait of a Lady_14

  360. originally published serially Oct. 1880-Nov. 1881 in Macmillan's and Nov. 1880-Dec. 1881 in the Atlantic Monthly—English
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Trinity* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Educated*

  361. The Turn of the Screw_9

  362. originally published in The Two Magics, with a second novella, Covering End, 1898—English
    *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Magill* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Newman*

    Friedrich Nietzsche
  363. Also Sprach Zarathustra: Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen_15

  364. Thus Spake Zarathustra
    originally published in four volumes, 1883-85—German

    *Powys* *Durant* *Hundred* *France* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Magill* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *World* *Graphic*

  365. Zur Genealogue der Moral: Eine Streitschrift_5

  366. On the Genealogy of Morals

    *Classics* *Read* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Reynolds*

  367. Jenseits von Gut und Böse: Vorspiel Einer Philosophie der Zukunft_8

  368. Beyond Good and Evil

    *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    • Selected works_1

    late Nineteenth Century—German

  369. Ecce Homo: Wie Man Wird, Was Man Ist_4

  370. 1908—German
    *Powys* *Classics* *Fadiman* *Educated*

  371. Der Antichrist_1

  372. 1895—German

    Sigmund Freud
    • Selected works_2

    early Twentieth Century—German
    *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  373. Die Traumdeutung_15

  374. The Interpretation of Dreams

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Learning* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Great* *Graphic*

  375. Drei Abhandlungen zur Sexualtheorie_1

  376. Three Theories on the Theory of Sexuality
    1905; revised through sixth edition, 1925—German


  377. Das Unbehagen in der Kultur_7

  378. Culture and Its Discontents

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Fadiman* *Kanigel*

  379. Zur Psychopathologie des Alltagslebens_2

  380. The Psychopathology of Everyday Life

    *Classics* *Fadiman*

  381. Zur Geschichte der Psychoanalytischen Bewegung_2

  382. The History of the Psychoanalytic Movement

    *Adler* *Fadiman*

  383. Neue Folge der Vorlesungen zur Einführung in die Psychoanalyse_4

  384. New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis

    *Classics* *Read* *Adler* *Fadiman*

  385. Jenseits des Lustprinzips_3

  386. Beyond the Pleasure Principle

    *Classics* *Adler* *Fadiman*

  387. Das Ich und das Es_2

  388. The Ego and the Id

    *Adler* *Fadiman*

    George Bernard Shaw
    • "Selected plays and prefaces"_2

    late Nineteenth-early Twentieth centuries—English
    *Read* *Fadiman*

  389. Man and Superman_7

  390. performed in part, 1905; in its entirety, 1915—English
    *Powys* *Classics* *Hundred* *Read* *Ward* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  391. Arms and the Man_1

  392. 1894—English

  393. Candida_3

  394. published in 1898 as part of Plays Pleasant; originally performed 1903—English
    *Hundred* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  395. The Devil's Disciple_1

  396. 1897—English

  397. Caesar and Cleopatra_3

  398. 1901—English
    *Read* *Fadiman* *Foundation*

  399. Major Barbara_4

  400. 1905—English
    *Read* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  401. Androcles and the Lion_2

  402. 1912—English
    *Powys* *Fadiman*

  403. Pygmalion_7

  404. 1913—English
    *Powys* *Read* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  405. Heartbreak House_3

  406. 1919—English
    *Classics* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  407. Back to Methusela_2

  408. 1921—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  409. Saint Joan_8

  410. 1923—English
    *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Educated*

    Joseph Conrad
  411. Nostromo_5

  412. originally published serially 1904 in T P's Weekly—English
    *Magill* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Newman*

  413. Heart of Darkness_16

  414. originally published serially Feb.-Apr. 1899 in Blackwood's—English
    *Magill* *Adler* *Learning* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *Smart* *Newman* *Graphic* *Deposit* *Educated*

    Anton Chekhov
  415. Dâdâ Vanâ_10

  416. Uncle Vanya

    *Classics* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Dirda* *Great* *Newman*

  417. Tri Sestry_8

  418. Three Sisters

    *Classics* *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Dirda* *Newman*

  419. Višhnëvyj Sad_8

  420. The Cherry Orchard

    *Classics* *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Newman* *Educated*

    • Stories_7

    late Nineteenth-early Twentieth centuries—Russian
    *Classics* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Dirda* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Newman*

    Edith Wharton
  421. The Custom of the Country_3

  422. 1913—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  423. The Age of Innocence_6

  424. 1920—English
    *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Harvard* *Newman* *Graphic*

  425. The House of Mirth_5

  426. 1905—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Smart* *Newman* *Educated*

    William Butler Yeats
    • Poems_1

    1983; includes The Wind Among the Reeds [1899]; The Shadowy Waters [originally published May 1900 in the North American Review; revised for inclusion in Poems, 1899-1905; theatrical version published separately 1906; both versions included here]; Michael Robartes and the Dancer [1921]; The Tower [1928]; The Winding Stair [1929]; Words for Music Perhaps and Other Poems [1932]; New Poems [1938]; selections from The Wanderings of Oisin and Other Poems, 1889; The Countess Kathleen and Various Legends and Lyrics, 1892; In the Seven Woods: Being Poems Chiefly of the Irish Heroic Age, 1904; The Green Helmet and Other Poems, 1910; Responsibilities, 1914; The Wild Swans at Coole, Other Verses and a Play in Verse, 1917, expanded 1919; A Full Moon in March, 1935; and Last Poems and Two Plays, 1939—English

  427. The Wind Among the Reeds_6

  428. 1899—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  429. The Shadowy Waters_6

  430. 1900; originally published May 1900 in the North American Review; revised for inclusion in Poems, 1899-1905; theatrical version published separately 1906; both versions included in the author's collected poems—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  431. Michael Robartes and the Dancer_6

  432. 1920—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  433. The Tower_6

  434. 1928; originally published as Seven Poems and a Fragment, 1922; The Cat and the Moon, 1924; and October Blast, 1927—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  435. The Winding Stair_6

  436. 1929—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  437. Words for Music Perhaps and Other Poems_7

  438. 1932—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

  439. New Poems_6

  440. 1938—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph*

    • 'September 1913'_2

    originally entitled 'Romance in Ireland', published Sep. 1913 in the Irish Times; retitled for inclusion in Poems of Discouragement, 1913; that book made part of Responsibilties: Poems and a Play, 1914—English
    *Van Doren* *Fadiman*

    • 'Two Songs From a Play'_1

    part of October Blast, 1927; that book made part of The Tower, 1928—English

    • 'Under Ben Buiben'_2

    originally published Feb. 1939 in the Irish Times and the Irish Independent; published in part in the Irish Press the same month; included in Last Poems and Two Plays, 1939—English
    *Van Doren* *Fadiman*

    • Collected Plays_2

    1934; expanded 1953; includes The Countess Cathleen [originally entitled The Countess Kathleen, part of The Countess Kathleen and Various Legends and Lyrics, 1892; retitled and revised 1911]; The Land of Heart’s Desire [1894]; Cathleen Ni Houlihan [originally performed 1902; published in part May 1902 in the United Irishman and Oct. 1902 in Samhain; in its entirety as part of The Hour-Glass, Cathleen Ni Houlihan, The Pot of Broth, 1904; revised 1906]; The Pot of Broth [originally published as part of The Hour-Glass, Cathleen Ni Houlihan, The Pot of Broth, 1904; revised 1905]; The King’s Threshold [1903; revised for inclusion in Poems, 1899-1905, 1906; revised 1911]; The Shadowy Waters [originally published May 1900 in the North American Review; included in The Shadowy Waters, 1900; revised for inclusion in Poems, 1899-1905; theatrical version published separately 1906; both versions included in the author's collected poems]; Deirdre [published as part of 'The Entrance of Deirdre' in Poems, 1899-1905, 1906; published separately 1907; revised 1911]; At the Hawk’s Well [part of The Wild Swans at Coole, Other Verses and a Play in Verse, 1917; included in Four Plays for Dancers, 1921]; The Green Helmet [1908; included in The Green Helmet and Other Poems, 1910; revised 1911]; On Baile's Strand [part of In the Seven Woods: Being Poems Chiefly of the Irish Heroic Age, 1903; revised for inclusion in Poems, 1899-1905, 1906; revised 1907]; The Only Jealousy of Emer [part of Two Plays for Dancers, 1919, and its expanded version, Four Plays for Dancers, 1921]; The Hour-Glass [part of The Hour-Glass, Cathleen Ni Houlihan, The Pot of Broth, 1904; revised 1907; revised for inclusion in Responsibilties [1914]; The Unicorn From the Stars [1908]; The Player Queen [1922]; The Dreaming of the Bones [originally published Jan. 1919 in the Little Review; included in Two Plays for Dancers, 1919, and its expanded version, Four Plays for Dancers, 1921]; Calvary [part of Four Plays for Dancers, 1921]; The Cat and the Moon [part of The Cat and the Moon and Certain Poems, 1924]; Sophocles’ King Oedipus; Sophocles’ Oedipus at Colonus; The Resurrection [originally published 1927 in the Adelphi; originally performed 1934]; The Words Upon the Window-Pane [1930]; A Full Moon in March [1935]; The King of the Great Clock Tower [part of The King of the Great Clock Tower, Commentaries and Poems, 1934]; The Herne’s Egg [1938]; Purgatory [part of Last Poems and Two Plays, 1939]; The Death of Cuchulain [part of Last Poems and Two Plays, 1939]—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  441. The Countess Cathleen_2

  442. originally entitled The Countess Kathleen, part of The Countess Kathleen and Various Legends and Lyrics, 1892; retitled and revised 1911—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  443. The Land of Heart's Desire_2

  444. 1894—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  445. Cathleen Ni Houlihan_2

  446. originally performed 1902; published in part May 1902 in the United Irishman and Oct. 1902 in Samhain; in its entirety as part of The Hour-Glass, Cathleen Ni Houlihan, The Pot of Broth, 1904; revised 1906—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  447. The Pot of Broth_2

  448. originally published as part of The Hour-Glass, Cathleen Ni Houlihan, The Pot of Broth, 1904; revised 1905—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  449. The King's Threshold_2

  450. 1903; revised for inclusion in Poems, 1899-1905, 1906; revised 1911—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  451. Deirdre_2

  452. published as part of 'The Entrance of Deirdre' in Poems, 1899-1905, 1906; published separately 1907; revised 1911—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  453. The Green Helmet_2

  454. 1908; included in The Green Helmet and Other Poems, 1910; revised 1911—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  455. On Baile's Strand_2

  456. part of In the Seven Woods: Being Poems Chiefly of the Irish Heroic Age, 1903; revised for inclusion in Poems, 1899-1905, 1906; revised 1907—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  457. The Only Jealousy of Emer_2

  458. part of Two Plays for Dancers, 1919, and its expanded version, Four Plays for Dancers, 1921—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  459. The Hour-Glass: A Morality_2

  460. part of The Hour-Glass, Cathleen Ni Houlihan, The Pot of Broth, 1904; revised 1907; revised for inclusion in Responsibilties [1914]—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  461. The Unicorn From the Stars_2

  462. 1908—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  463. The Player Queen_2

  464. 1922—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  465. The Dreaming of the Bones_3

  466. originally published Jan. 1919 in the Little Review; and as part of Two Plays for Dancers, 1919, and its expanded version, Four Plays for Dancers, 1921—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Graphic*

  467. Calvary_1

  468. part of Four Plays for Dancers, 1921—English

  469. The Cat and the Moon_2

  470. part of The Cat and the Moon and Certain Poems, 1924—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  471. The Resurrection_2

  472. originally published 1927 in the Adelphi; originally performed 1934—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  473. The Words Upon the Window Pane_2

  474. 1930—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  475. A Full Moon in March_2

  476. 1935—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  477. The King of the Great Clock Tower_2

  478. part of The King of the Great Clock Tower, Commentaries and Poems, 1934—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  479. The Herne's Egg_2

  480. 1938—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  481. Reveries Over Childhood and Youth_2

  482. 1915; included in The Autobiography of William Butler Yeats, Consisting of "Reveries Over Childhood and Youth," "The Trembling of the Veil," and "Dramatis Personae", 1938; and Autobiogarphies, 1955—English
    *Magill* *Fadiman*

  483. The Trembling of the Veil_2

  484. 1922; included in The Autobiography of William Butler Yeats, Consisting of "Reveries Over Childhood and Youth," "The Trembling of the Veil," and "Dramatis Personae", 1938; and Autobiogarphies, 1955—English
    *Magill* *Fadiman*

  485. The Bounty of Sweden: A Meditation, and a Lecture, Delivered Before the Royal Swedish Academy, and Certain Notes_2

  486. 1925; included in Autobiogarphies, 1955—English
    *Magill* *Fadiman*

  487. Estrangement: Extract From a Diary Kept in 1909_2

  488. 1926; included in Autobiogarphies, 1955—English
    *Magill* *Fadiman*

  489. The Death of Synge and Other Passages From an Old Diary_2

  490. 1928; included in Autobiogarphies, 1955—English
    *Magill* *Fadiman*

  491. Dramatis Personae_2

  492. 1935; included in The Autobiography of William Butler Yeats, Consisting of "Reveries Over Childhood and Youth," "The Trembling of the Veil," and "Dramatis Personae", 1938; and Autobiogarphies, 1955—English
    *Magill* *Fadiman*

  493. Natsume Soseki

  494. Kokoro_4
    originally entitled Kokoro: Sensei no Isho, published serially Apr.-Aug. 1914 in Asahi Shinbun—Japanese
    *Ward* *Oriental* *Fadiman* *Great*

  495. Marcel Proust

  496. À la Recherche du Temps Perdu_17
    In Search of Lost Time; In Remembrance of Things Past
    originally published in seven volumes, two of which originally published as two books each, 1913-27—French

    *Classics* *France* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Utne* *Norway* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Newman*

    Robert Frost
    • Complete Poems of Robert Frost_1

    1949; includes A Boy's Will [1913; revised 1930]; North of Boston [1914]; Mountain Interval [1916; expanded 1930]; New Hampshire [1923]; West-Running Brook [1928; expanded 1930]; A Further Range [1936]; A Witness Tree [1942]; A Masque of Reason [1945]; Steeple Bush [1947]; and A Masque of Mercy [1947];—English

  497. A Boy's Will_3

  498. 1913; revised 1930—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  499. North of Boston_3

  500. 1914; revised 1930—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  501. Mountain Interval_3

  502. 1916; revised 1930—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  503. New Hampshire_3

  504. 1923—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  505. West-Running Brook_3

  506. 1928; expanded 1930—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  507. A Further Range_3

  508. 1936—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  509. A Witness Tree_3

  510. 1942—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  511. A Masque of Reason_3

  512. 1945—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  513. Steeple Bush_3

  514. 1947—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  515. A Masque of Mercy_3

  516. 1947—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

    • 'Mending Wall'_2

    part of North of Boston, 1914—English
    *Van Doren* *Fadiman*

    • 'After Apple-Picking'_1

    part of North of Boston, 1914—English

    • 'The Road Not Taken'_2

    originally published Aug. 1915 in the Atlantic Monthly; part of Mountain Interval, 1916
    *Van Doren* *Fadiman*

    • 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening'_2

    originally published Mar. 1923 in the New Republic; part of New Hampshire, 1923—English
    *Van Doren* *Fadiman*

    Thomas Mann
  517. Der Zauberberg_12

  518. The Magic Mountain
    1924; Mallison ("Smart") specifies John E Woods's English translation—German

    *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Smart*

  519. Der Tod in Venedig_8

  520. Death in Venice

    *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Graphic*

  521. Mario und der Zauberer_3

  522. Mario and the Magician

    *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    E M Forster
  523. Howards End_4

  524. 1910—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Zane*

  525. A Passage to India_8

  526. 1924—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Zane* *Smart*

    Lu Xun
    • Collected stories

    early Twentieth Century—Chinese

    • 'Kuángrén Rìjì'_2

    'A Madman's Diary'

    *Fadiman* *Norway*

    • 'The True Story of Ah Q'_1


    James Joyce
  527. Ulysses_20

  528. published in part serially Mar. 1918-Dec. 1920 in the Little Review; in its entirety, 1922—English
    *Classics* *France* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Graphic*

  529. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man_14

  530. originally published serially Feb. 1914-Sep. 1915, in the Egoist—English
    *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Zane* *Smart* *Deposit* *Newman*

    Virginia Woolf
  531. Mrs. Dalloway_11

  532. published in part, Jul. 1923, as 'Mrs. Dalloway in Bond Street', in the Dial; in its entirety, 1925—English
    *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard* *Newman* *Educated*

  533. To the Lighthouse_12

  534. 1927 —English
    *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard* *Newman* *Graphic*

  535. Orlando: A Biography_4

  536. 1928—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Harvard* *Newman*

  537. The Waves_5

  538. 1931—English
    *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman*

    Franz Kafka
  539. Der Prozess_16

  540. The Trial

    *France* *Read* *List* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Smart* *Newman* *Educated*

  541. Das Schloss_9

  542. The Castle

    *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Smart* *Newman*

    • Selected Short Stories_1

    1952; includes In der Strafkolonie [1919]; Die Verwandlung [1915]; 'Beim Bau der Chinesischen Mauer'; 'Ein Landzart'; 'Eine Alltägliche Verwirrung'; 'Der Unterstaatsanwalt'; 'Ein Altes Blatt'; ' Ein Brudermord'; 'Ein Bericht für Eine Akademie'; 'Der Jäger Gracchus'; 'Ein Hungerkünstler'; 'Forschungen Eines Hundes'; 'Der Bau'; 'Josefine, die Sängerin Oder Das Volk der Mäuse'—German

  543. In der Strafkolonie_5

  544. In the Penal Colony

    *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail* *Smart*

  545. Die Verwandlung_14

  546. The Metamorphosis
    originally published 1915 in Die Weißen Blätter; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Stanley Corngold's English translation—German

    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Norway* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Newman* *Graphic* *Deposit*

    D H Lawrence
  547. Sons and Lovers_9

  548. 1913—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Newman*

  549. Women in Love_5

  550. 1920—English
    *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  551. Tanizaki Junichiro

  552. Sasameyuki_4
    The Makioka Sisters
    published in part serially Jan.-Mar. 1943 in Chuo Koron; in its entirety in three volumes: 1946, 1947, and 1948—Japanese

    *Ward* *Fadiman* *Great* *Zane*

    Eugene O'Neill
  553. Mourning Becomes Electra_4

  554. 1931—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Fadiman*

  555. The Iceman Cometh_4

  556. 1946—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  557. Long Day's Journey Into Night_8

  558. 1956—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Educated*

    T S Eliot
    • Collected Poems, 1909-1962_3

    1936; expanded 1963; includes Prufrock and Other Observations [1917]; Poems: 1920 [1920]; 'The Waste Land'; 'The Hollow Men'; Ash Wednesday [1930]; Journey of the Magi [1927]; A Song for Simeon [1928]; Animula [1929]; Marina [1930]; Triumphal March [1931]; Sweeney Agonistes: Fragments of an Aristophanic Melodrama [1932]; Four Quartets; The Cultivation of Christmas Trees [1954]; selections from The Rock; two poems, 'Coriolan' and 'Difficulties of a Statesman', included with Triumphal March and Sweeney Agonistes in a section entitled Unfinished Poems; plus sections entitled Minor Poems, and Occasional Verses; 1936 edition, entitled Collected Poems, 1909-1935, only included 'Burnt Norton' from Four Quartets and did not include The Cultivation of Christmas Trees or the Occasional Verses section—English
    *Ward* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  559. Prufrock and Other Observations_4

  560. 1917—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  561. Poems: 1920_4

  562. 1920—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

    • 'The Waste Land'_11

    originally published Oct. 1922 in the Criterion—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Graphic*

  563. Journey of the Magi_5

  564. 1927; illustrations by Edward McKnight Kauffer; eighth of a series of 37 pamphlets collectively entitled Ariel Poems—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  565. A Song for Simeon_4

  566. 1927; with an illustration by Edward McKnight Kauffer; 16th of a series of 37 pamphlets collectively entitled Ariel Poems—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  567. Animula_4

  568. 1929; illustrations by Gertrude Hermes; 23rd of a series of 37 pamphlets collectively entitled Ariel Poems—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  569. Ash Wednesday_7

  570. 1930—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail* *Newman*

  571. Marina_5

  572. 1930; illustrations by Edward McKnight Kauffer; 29th of a series of 37 pamphlets collectively entitled Ariel Poems—English
    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  573. Triumphal March_4

  574. 1931; illustrations by Edward McKnight Kauffer; 35th of a series of 37 pamphlets collectively entitled Ariel Poems; later made part of 'Coriolan' in the Unfinished Poems section of Eliot's Collected Poems—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  575. Sweeney Agonistes: Fragments of an Aristophanic Melodrama_4

  576. 1932—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

  577. Four Quartets_10

  578. originally published in four volumes: Burnt Norton, in Collected Poems 1909-1935, 1936; East Coker, in the New English Weekly, 1940; The Dry Salvages, in the New English Weekly, 1941; Little Gidding, in the New English Weekly, 1942—English
    *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *GlobeMail* *Newman*

  579. The Cultivation of Christmas Trees_3

  580. 1954; illustrations by David Jones; part of a second series of Ariel Poems—English
    *Ward* *Fadiman* *GlobeMail*

    • Collected Plays_1

    1962; includes Murder in the Cathedral [1935]; The Family Reunion [1939]; The Cocktail Party [1949]; The Confidential Clerk [1953]; and The Elder Statesman [1958]—English

  581. Murder in the Cathedral_4

  582. 1935—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Recommended* *Educated*

  583. The Family Reunion_2

  584. 1939—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  585. The Cocktail Party_2

  586. 1949—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  587. The Confidential Clerk_1

  588. 1953—English

  589. The Elder Statesman_1

  590. 1958—English

  591. Aldous Huxley

  592. Brave New World_9
    *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Great* *Guardian* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Graphic*

    William Faulkner
  593. The Sound and the Fury_13

  594. 1929—English
    *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Harvard* *Newman* *Graphic*

  595. As I Lay Dying_8

  596. 1930—English
    *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Campbell* *Zane* *Newman*

  597. The Reivers_1

  598. 1962—English

    Ernest Hemingway
    • The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway_2

    1987; includes the stories in The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories, 1938 (that anthology includes In Our Time [1924]); plus sections entitled Short Stories Published in Books or Magazines Subsequent to 'The First Forty-nine'; and Previously Unpublished Fiction—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  599. In Our Time_3

  600. 1924; expanded 1925—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Harvard*

  601. The Old Man and the Sea_8

  602. 1952—English
    *Van Doren* *Magill* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Newman*

    • 'The Snows of Kilimanjaro'_1

    originally published Aug. 1936 in Esquire; included in The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories, 1938—English

    • 'The Undefeated'_1

    included in Men Without Women, 1927—English

    • 'My Old Man'_1

    included in In Our Time, 1925—English

    • 'The Killers'_1

    originally published Mar. 1927 in Scribner's; included in Men Without Women, 1927—English

    • 'Fifty Grand'_1

    originally published Jul. 1927 in the Atlantic Monthly; included in Men Without Women, 1927—English

    Kawabata Yasunari
  603. Utsukushisa to Kanashimi To_1

  604. Beauty and Sadness


  605. Yukiguni_4

  606. Snow Country
    published in part serially 1935-47; in its entirety, 1948; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Edward G Seidensticker's English translation—Japanese

    *Ward* *Fadiman* *Great* *Smart*

  607. Meijin_1

  608. The Master of Go
    originally published serially 1951; later revised—Japanese


    Jorge Luis Borges
    • Labyrinths_6

    English translations of stories mostly originally published in Ficciones and El Aleph—Spanish
    *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Zane*

  609. El Hacedor_2

  610. 1960—Spanish
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    Vladimir Nabokov
  611. Lolita_11

  612. 1955—English
    *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Harvard* *Deposit* *Graphic*

  613. Pale Fire_8

  614. 1962—English
    *List* *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard*

  615. Speak, Memory_1

  616. published in part in periodicals from 1936; in its entirety, 1951; originally titled Conclusive Evidence for U S version; differing revised versions—English

  617. Pnin_2

  618. 1957—English
    *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  619. Ada or Ador: A Family Chronicle_2

  620. 1969—English
    *Ward* *Fadiman*

  621. Zashchita Luzhina_1

  622. The Defense
    originally published serially 1930 in Sovremennye Zapiski under the pseudonym, V Sirin—Russian


  623. Korol, Dama, Valet_1

  624. King, Queen, Knave
    originally published 1928, under the pseudonym, V Sirin—Russian


    George Orwell
  625. Animal Farm_8

  626. 1945—English
    *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Guardian* *Smart* *Graphic*

  627. Nineteen Eighty-Four_17

  628. 1949—English
    *Van Doren* *Magill* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Graphic* *Educated*

  629. Burmese Days_1

  630. 1934—English

    • Essays_1

    Twentieth Century—English

    R K Narayan
  631. The English Teacher_2

  632. 1945—English
    *Fadiman* *Great*

  633. The Vendor of Sweets_1

  634. 1967—English

  635. Swami and Friends_1

  636. 1935—English

    Samuel Beckett
  637. En Attendant Godot_12

  638. Waiting for Godot

    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *GlobeMail* *Graphic* *Educated*

  639. Fin de Partie_2

  640. Endgame

    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  641. Krapp's Last Tape_2

  642. 1958—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  643. Come and Go_1

  644. German translation performed 1966—English

  645. Breath_1

  646. 1969—English

  647. Watt_3

  648. published in part, 1950, in Envoy; in its entirety, 1953—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Deposit*

  649. Molloy_4

  650. 1951—French
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Norway*

  651. Malone Muert_4

  652. 1951—French
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Norway*

  653. L'Innommable_4

  654. The Unnameable

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Norway*

    W H Auden
    • Collected Poems_2

    1976; versions from Collected Shorter Poems 1927-1957, 1966; and Collected Longer Poems, 1968; includes For the Time Being [1944]; The Age of Anxiety [1947]; Nones [1951]; The Old Man's Road [1956]; Academic Graffiti [1971]; Epistle to a Godson [1972]; nearly all of Letters From Iceland [1937]; Journey to a War [1939]; Another Time [1940]; The Double Man [1941]; The Shield of Achilles [1955]; About the House [1965]; City Without Walls [1969]; and Thank You, Fog [1974]; selections from Poems, 1930; The Orators, 1932; On This Island, 1936; The Magic Flute, 1956; Homage to Clio, 1960; and Auden and Christopher Isherwood's The Dog Beneath the Skin, 1935, and The Ascent of F 6, 1936—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  655. Another Time_2

  656. 1940—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  657. The Double Man_2

  658. 1941—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  659. For the Time Being_2

  660. 1944—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  661. The Age of Anxiety_2

  662. 1947—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  663. Nones_2

  664. 1951—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  665. The Shield of Achilles_2

  666. 1955—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  667. The Old Man's Road_2

  668. 1956—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  669. About the House_2

  670. 1965—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  671. City Without Walls_2

  672. 1969—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  673. Academic Graffiti_2

  674. 1971—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  675. Epistle to a Godson_2

  676. 1972—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  677. Thank You, Fog_2

  678. 1974—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    • 'In Memory of W B Yeats'_2

    originally published Mar. 1939 in the New Republic; expanded for inclusion in the London Mercury, Apr. 1939, and Another Time, 1940; revised for inclusion in Collected Shorter Poems, 1927-1957, 1966, and Collected Poems, 1976—English
    *Fadiman* *Dirda*

    • 'In Memory of Sigmund Freud'_2

    originally published Winter 1940 in the Kenyon Review and Mar. 1940 in Horizon; included in Another Time, 1940, Collected Shorter Poems, 1927-1957, 1966, and Collected Poems, 1976—English
    *Fadiman* *Dirda*

  679. W H Auden and Louis MacNeice

  680. Letters From Iceland_2
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  681. W H Auden and Christopher Isherwood

  682. Journey to a War_2
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    Albert Camus
  683. La Peste_8

  684. The Plague

    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell*

  685. L'Étranger_14

  686. The Stranger

    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Harvard* *Graphic* *Deposit* *Educated*

    Saul Bellow
  687. The Adventures of Augie March_4

  688. 1953—English
    *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Smart*

  689. Herzog_3

  690. 1964—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Smart*

  691. Humboldt's Gift_3

  692. 1975—English
    *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Smart*

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn
  693. V Kruge Pervom_3

  694. In the First Circle
    1968; expanded 1978—Russian

    *Read* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  695. Rakovyj Korpus_3

  696. Cancer Ward

    *Read* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    Thomas S Kuhn
  697. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions_5

  698. 1962; expanded 1970—English
    *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Utne* *Great*

    Mishima Yukio
  699. Kamen no Kokuhaku_1

  700. Confessions of a Mask


  701. Kinkaku-ji_2

  702. The Temple of the Golden Pavilion

    *Ward* *Fadiman*

  703. Gogo no Eiko_1

  704. The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea


  705. Haru no Yuki_3

  706. Spring Snow
    1969; first of four novels in the tetralogy, The Sea of Fertility—Japanese

    *Ward* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  707. Honba_2

  708. Runaway Horses
    1969; second of four novels in the tetralogy, The Sea of Fertility—Japanese

    *Ward* *Fadiman*

  709. Akatsuki no Tera_2

  710. The Temple of Dawn
    1970; third of four novels in the tetralogy, The Sea of Fertility—Japanese

    *Ward* *Fadiman*

  711. Tennin Gosui_2

  712. The Decay of the Angel
    1971; fourth of four novels in the tetralogy, The Sea of Fertility—Japanese

    *Ward* *Fadiman*

  713. Gabriel García Márquez

  714. Cien Anõs de Soledad_18
    One Hundred Years of Solitude
    1967; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Gregory Rabassa's English translation—Spanish

    *Ward* *Van Doren* *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Utne* *Norway* *Great* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Graphic* *Deposit* *Educated*

  715. Chinua Achebe

  716. Things Fall Apart_9
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Smart* *Taylor*

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    James Baldwin
  729. Giovanni's Room_1

  730. 1956—English

  731. The Fire Next Time_4

  732. originally published Dec. 1962 as 'Letter From a Region in My Mind', in the Progressive; and Nov. 1963 as 'Down at the Cross', in the New Yorker—English
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    John Barth
  733. The Sot-Weed Factor_3

  734. 1960—English
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  735. Tidewater Tales_1

  736. 1987—English

  737. Simone Beauvoir

  738. Le Deuxième Sexe_7
    The Second Sex
    published in part serially in Les Temps Modernes; in its entirety in two volumes, 1949—French

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  739. Paul Bowles

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  741. Fernand Braudel

  742. La Méditerranée et le Monde Méditerranéen à l'Epoque de Philippe II_2
    The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II

    *Van Doren* *Fadiman*

    Bertolt Brecht
  743. Mutter Courage und Ihre Kinder_3

  744. Mother Courage

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  745. Der Gute Mensch von Sezuan_3

  746. The Good Woman of Szechuan

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  748. The Caucasian Chalk Circle

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  749. Joseph Brodsky

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  751. Pearl Buck

  752. The Good Earth_3
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  753. Mikhail Bulgakov

  754. Mástyer i Margaríta_6
    The Master and Margarita
    published in part, 1966-67, in Moskva; in its entirety, 1973; revised 1989; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Diana Burgin and Katherine Tiernan O'Connor's English translation—Russian

    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Zane* *Smart* *Harvard* *Graphic*

  755. Anthony Burgess

  756. A Clockwork Orange_1

  757. Italo Calvino

  758. Se una Notte d'Inverno un Viaggiatore_5
    If on a Winter's Night a Traveler

    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Dirda* *Harvard* *Educated*

    Truman Capote
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  760. 1948—English

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  762. originally published 1958 in Esquire—English
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  764. originally published serially Sep.-Oct. 1965 in the New Yorker—English
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    Rachel Carson
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  766. 1951—English

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  768. originally published Jun. 1962 in the New Yorker—English
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    Willa Cather
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  770. 1918—English
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  772. 1927—English
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  774. 1931—English

    John Cheever
    • The Stories of John Cheever_2

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    Robertson Davies
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  776. 1981—English
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  777. What's Bred in the Bone_2

  778. 1985—English
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  781. E L Doctorow

  782. Ragtime_1

    Theodore Dreiser
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  787. Albert Einstein

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  789. Ralph Ellison

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    F Scott Fitzgerald
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  792. 1920—English
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  794. originally published serially Jan.-Apr. 1934 in Scribner's Magazine—English
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  796. 1925—English
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  797. Ford Madox Ford

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    William Gaddis
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  801. J R_2

  802. 1975—English
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    Federico García Lorca
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  803. Poema del Cante Jondo_1

  804. published in part, Apr. 1927, in Verso y Prosa, and separately in 1930; in its entirety, 1931—Spanish

  805. Canciones_1

  806. 1927—Spanish

  807. Romancero Gitano_3

  808. Gypsy Ballads
    originally entitled Primero Romancero Gitano, published 1928—Spanish

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  810. Lament for Ignacio Sánchez Mejías

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  814. originally published 1940 in Revista Hispánica Moderna—Spanish

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    William Golding
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    Graham Greene
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  826. 1932—English

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  828. 1943—English

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  830. 1955—English

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  832. 1948—English
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  833. Jaroslav Hasek

  834. Osudy Dobrého Vojáka Švejka za Svetové Války_4
    The Good Soldier Švejk

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  835. Joseph Heller

  836. Catch-22_10
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    John Hersey
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  838. 1944—English
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  840. 1946—English

  841. The Call_1

  842. 1985—English

    Langston Hughes
    • 'The Negro Dreams of Rivers'_2

    originally published 1921 in Crisis; included in The Weary Blues, 1926—English
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  844. 1951—English

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  845. The Weary Blues_1

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  862. 1947—English

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  867. The Panther and the Lash: Poems of Our Times_1

  868. 1967—English

  869. John Irving

  870. The World According to Garp_1

    Christopher Isherwood
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  872. 1936—English
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  874. 1939—English
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  876. 1976—English

  877. James Jones

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  879. Nikos Kazantzakis

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  881. Jack Kerouac

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    published in part as 'The Mexican Girl', the Paris Review; 'Jazz of the Beat Generation', New World Writing; and 'A Billowy Trip in the World', New Dimensions; in its entirety, 1957; alternate version, 2007—English
    *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Great* *Guardian* *Graphic*

  883. Lǎo Shě

  884. Luòtuo Xiángzi_1
    Rickshaw Boy; Camel Xiangzi
    originally published serially 1937 in Yuzhoufeng—Chinese


    Philip Larkin
    • Collected Poems_2

    1988; includes The North Ship [1945; expanded 1966]; XX Poems [1951]; The Less Deceived [1955]; The Whitsun Weddings [1964]; High Windows [1974]; plus new poems—English
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  888. 1951—English
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  894. 1974—English
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  895. John le Carré

  896. The Spy Who Came In From the Cold_1

    Claude Lévi-Strauss
  897. Tristes Tropiques_2

  898. 1955—French
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    • Anthropologie Structurale_1

    1958; essays previously published—French

  899. Le Cru et la Cuit_1

  900. The Raw and the Cooked
    1964; first of four volumes of Mythologiques—French


    Sinclair Lewis
  901. Babbitt_5

  902. 1922—English
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  903. Arrowsmith_3

  904. 1925—English
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  906. 1926—English

  907. Dodsworth_1

  908. 1929—English

    David Lodge
  909. Changing Places: A Tale of Two Campuses_2

  910. 1975—English
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  911. Small World: An Academic Romance_2

  912. 1984—English
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    Norman Mailer
  913. The Naked and the Dead_3

  914. 1948—English
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  915. The Armies of the Night: History as a Novel/ The Novel as History_1

  916. originally published Mar. 1968 as 'The Steps of the Pentagon', in Harper's Magazine—English

  917. The Executioner's Song_2

  918. 1979—English
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  919. André Malraux

  920. La Condition Humaine_5
    Man's Fate

    *France* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Dirda*

  921. Mary McCarthy

  922. The Group_1

  923. Carson McCullers

  924. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter_3
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  925. Margaret Mead

  926. Coming of Age in Samoa: A Psychological Study of Primitive Youth for Western Civilization_2
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    Arthur Miller
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  929. The Crucible_3

  930. 1953—English
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    Toni Morrison
  931. Song of Solomon_4

  932. 1977—English
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  933. Jazz_1

  934. 1992—English

    Iris Murdoch
  935. A Severed Head_1

  936. 1961—English

  937. The Sandcastle_1

  938. 1957—English

  939. Robert Musil

  940. Der Mann Ohne Eigenschaften_5
    The Man Without Qualities
    originally published in three volumes: 1930, 1933, and 1943—German

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Norway*

    • Flannery O'Connor

    The Complete Stories_3
    1971; includes A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories, 1955; Everything That Rises Must Converge, 1965; plus 12 stories previously published in periodicals or anthologies—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Harvard*

    John O'Hara
  941. Appointment at Samarra_3

  942. 1934—English
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  943. BUtterfield 8_1

  944. 1935—English

    • Collected Stories_2

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    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  945. José Ortega y Gasset

  946. La Rebelión de las Masas_2
    The Revolt of the Masses
    originally published serially 1929 in El Sol—Spanish

    *Ward* *Fadiman*

  947. Boris Pasternak

  948. Dóktor Živágo_5
    Doctor Zhivago
    Italian translation, 1957; original Russian, 1958—Russian

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Telegraph*

  949. Georges Perec

  950. La Vie Mode d'Emploi_1
    Life: A User's Manual


  951. Harold Pinter

  952. The Caretaker_3
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  953. Robert M Pirsig

  954. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance_2
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  955. Ezra Pound

  956. Personae of Ezra Pound_3
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Dirda*

    Anthony Powell
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  958. 1951—English
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  959. A Buyer's Market_2

  960. 1952—English
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  961. The Acceptance World_2

  962. 1955—English
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  963. At Lady Molly's_2

  964. 1957—English
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  965. Casanova's Chinese Restaurant_2

  966. 1960—English
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  967. The Kindly Ones_2

  968. 1962—English
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  970. 1964—English
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  972. 1966—English
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  974. 1968—English
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  976. 1971—English
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  977. Temporary Kings_2

  978. 1973—English
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  979. Hearing Secret Harmonies_2

  980. 1975—English
    *Fadiman* *Zane*

    Pramoedya Ananta Toer
  981. Bumi Manusia_2

  982. This Earth of Mankind

    *Fadiman* *Utne*

  983. Anak Semua Bangsa_2

  984. Child of All Nations

    *Fadiman* *Utne*

  985. Jejak Langkah_2

  986. Footsteps

    *Fadiman* *Utne*

  987. Rumah Kaca_2

  988. House of Glass

    *Fadiman* *Utne*

    • V S Pritchett

    Complete Collected Stories_1
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    Barbara Pym
  989. Excellent Women_1

  990. 1952—English

  991. An Unsuitable Attachment_1

  992. 1982—English

  993. Thomas Pynchon

  994. Gravity's Rainbow_4
    *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Graphic*

  995. Erich Maria Remarque

  996. Im Westen Nichts Neues_6
    All Quiet on the Western Front
    originally published Dec. 1928 in Vossische Zeitung—German

    *Hundred* *Learning* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Deposit*

    Rainer Maria Rilke
  997. Duineser Elegien_5

  998. The Duino Elegies

    *Ward* *Magill* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Utne*

  999. Die Sonette an Orpheus_4

  1000. The Sonnets to Orpheus

    *Ward* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

    Ole Edvard Rølvåg
  1001. I de Dage_1

  1002. 1923; English translation published with Riket Grundlægges as Giants in the Earth—Norwegian

  1003. Riket Grundlægges_1

  1004. 1924; English translation published with I de Dage as Giants in the Earth—Norwegian

    Philip Roth
  1005. Goodbye, Columbus_1

  1006. 1959—English

  1007. Portnoy's Complaint_3

  1008. 1969—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Deposit*

    Anatoly Rybakov
  1009. Deti Arbata_1

  1010. Children of the Arabat


  1011. Strah_1

  1012. Fear


  1013. Prah i Pepel_1

  1014. Dust and Ashes


    J D Salinger
  1015. Catcher in the Rye_8

  1016. 1951—English
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  1017. Franny and Zooey_3

  1018. 1961; 'Franny' originally published Jan. 1955 in the New Yorker; 'Zooey' originally published May 1957 in the New Yorker—English
    *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Deposit*

    • 'Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters'_1

    originally published Nov. 1955 in the New Yorker; included in Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction [1961]—English

    Jean-Paul Sartre
  1019. L'Être et le Néant: Essai d'Ontologie Phénoménologique_5

  1020. Being and Nothingness

    *Read* *Ward* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Great*

  1021. Huis Clos_6

  1022. No Exit

    *Read* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Educated*

  1023. Simon Schama

  1024. Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution_2
    *Fadiman* *Telegraph*

    Léopold Senghor
    • Selected Poems_2

    1966; selections from Chants d'Ombre, 1945; Hosties Noires, 1948; Chants Pour Naett, 1949; Éthiopiques, 1956; Nocturnes, 1961 [which includes Chants Pour Naëtt, retitled Chants Pour Signare, and a selection of new poems]—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1025. Upton Sinclair

  1026. The Jungle_5
    originally published serially Feb.-Nov. 1905 in Appeal to Reason—English
    *Hundred* *Learning* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell*

    Isaac Bashevis Singer
    • Gimpel the Fool and Other Stories_1


  1027. Der Kuntsnmakher fun Lublin_1

  1028. The Magician of Lublin


    Wole Soyinka
  1029. The Interpreters_1

  1030. 1964—English

  1031. Death and the King's Horsemen_2

  1032. 1975—English
    *Fadiman* *Trinity*

    Wallace Stegner
  1033. The Big Rock Candy Mountain_1

  1034. 1943—English

  1035. Angle of Repose_2

  1036. 1971—English
    *Fadiman* *Smart*

    John Steinbeck
  1037. Of Mice and Men_4

  1038. 1937—English
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  1039. The Grapes of Wrath_11

  1040. 1939—English
    *Hundred* *Magill* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Guardian* *Zane* *Deposit* *Graphic*

    Wallace Stevens
  1041. Harmonium_3

  1042. 1923; revised 1931—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    • The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens_3

    1954; includes Harmonium [1923; revised 1931]; Ideas of Order [1936]; The Man With the Blue Guitar [1937]; Parts of a World [1942]; Transport to Summer [1947]; The Auroras of Autumn [1950]; plus a section entitled The Rock—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1043. Ideas of Order_3

  1044. 1936—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1045. The Man With the Blue Guitar_3

  1046. 1937—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1047. Parts of a World_3

  1048. 1942—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1049. Transport to Summer_3

  1050. 1947—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1051. The Auroras of Autumn_3

  1052. 1950—English
    *Ward* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    Lytton Strachey
  1053. Eminent Victorians_3

  1054. 1918—English
    *Fadiman* *Smart* *Telegraph*

  1055. Queen Victoria_2

  1056. 1921—English
    *Fadiman* *Educated*

  1057. James Thurber

  1058. My Life and Hard Times_1

  1059. James Thurber and E B White

  1060. Is Sex Necessary? Or, Why You Feel the Way You Do_1

    J R R Tolkien
  1061. The Hobbit, or There and Back Again_2

  1062. 1937—English
    *Fadiman* *Guardian*

  1063. The Lord of the Rings_6

  1064. published in three volumes: The Fellowship of the Ring; The Two Towers; The Return of the King, 1954-55—English
    *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Guardian* *Telegraph* *Harvard*

    • William Trevor

    The Collected Stories_1
    1991; selections from The Day We Got Drunk on Cake and Other Stories, 1967; The Ballroom of Romance and Other Stories, 1972; Angels at the Ritz and Other Stories, 1975; Lovers of Their Time and Other Stories, 1978; Beyond the Pale and Other Stories, 1981; The News From Ireland and Other Stories, 1986; Family Sins and Other Stories, 1990; two stories, 'Going Home' and 'Attracta', originally performed as radio plays—English

    John Updike
  1065. Rabbit, Run_3

  1066. 1960—English
    *Fadiman* *Zane* *Telegraph*

  1067. Rabbit Redux_3

  1068. 1971—English
    *Fadiman* *Zane* *Telegraph*

  1069. Rabbit Is Rich_3

  1070. 1981—English
    *Fadiman* *Zane* *Telegraph*

  1071. Rabbit at Rest_3

  1072. 1990—English
    *Fadiman* *Zane* *Telegraph*

    Gore Vidal
  1073. Myra Breckinridge_2

  1074. 1968—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1075. Burr_1

  1076. 1973—English

    Derek Walcott
  1077. Omeros_2

  1078. 1990—English
    *Fadiman* *Smart*

    • Collected Poems 1948-184_3

    1986; selections from In a Green Light: Poems 1948-1960, 1962; Selected Poems, 1964; Castaway and Other Poems, 1965; The Gulf and Other Poems, 1969; Another Life, 1973; Sea Graves, 1976; The Star-Apple Kingdom, 1979; The Fortunate Traveller, 1981; Midsummer, 1984—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity*

  1079. Ti-Jean and His Brothers_1

  1080. 1958—English

  1081. James D Watson

  1082. The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of D N A_3
    *Fadiman* *Great* *Educated*

    Evelyn Waugh
  1083. Scoop_2

  1084. 1938—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1085. Brideshead Revisited, The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder_3

  1086. 1945—English
    *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Guardian*

  1087. The Loved One_2

  1088. originally published Feb. 1948 in Horizon—English
    *Fadiman* *Smart*

    • Eudora Welty

    The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty_3
    1980; includes A Curtain of Green and Other Stories, 1941; The Wide Net and Other Stories, 1943; The Golden Apples, 1949; The Bride of the Innisfallen and Other Stories, 1955; plus two 'Uncollected Stories': 'Where Is the Voice Coming From?', 1963, and 'The Demonstrators', 1966, both originally published in the New Yorker—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Dirda*

  1089. Rebecca West

  1090. Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia_2
    *Fadiman* *Deposit*

    Patrick White
  1091. Voss_2

  1092. 1957—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1093. Riders in the Chariot_2

  1094. 1961—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

    Thornton Wilder
  1095. Our Town_5

  1096. 1938—English
    *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Educated*

  1097. The Bridge of San Luis Rey_1

  1098. 1927—English

    Tennessee Williams
  1099. The Glass Menagerie_4

  1100. 1944—English
    *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell*

  1101. A Streetcar Named Desire_5

  1102. 1947—English
    *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Educated*

    William Carlos Williams
    • Collected Poems_2

    1986; Volume I 1909-1939 includes The Tempers [1913]; Al Que Quierre! [1917]; Sour Grapes [1921]; Spring and All [1923]; 'The Descent of Winter' [originally published Autumn 1928 in Exile]; An Early Martyr and Other Poems [1935]; Adam and Eve and the City [1936]; selections from Poems, 1909; Volume II 1939-1962 includes The Wedge [1944]; The Clouds [1948]; The Pink Church [1949]; The Desert Music [1954]; Journey to Love [1955]; and Pictures From Brueghel [1962]; both volumes include poems previously published in periodicals or anthologies—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1103. The Tempers_2

  1104. 1913—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1105. Al Que Quierre!_2

  1106. 1917—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1107. Sour Grapes_2

  1108. 1921—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1109. Spring and All_4

  1110. 1923—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Newman*

  1111. An Early Martyr and Other Poems_2

  1112. 1935—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1113. Adam and Eve and the City_2

  1114. 1936—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1115. The Wedge_2

  1116. 1944—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1117. The Clouds_2

  1118. 1948—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1119. The Pink Church_2

  1120. 1949—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1121. The Desert Music_2

  1122. 1954—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1123. Journey to Love_2

  1124. 1955—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  1125. Pictures From Brueghel_3

  1126. 1962—English
    *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Recommended*

    Richard Wright
  1127. Native Son_8

  1128. 1940—English
    *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Kanigel* *Zane* *Educated*

  1129. Black Boy_3

  1130. originally published in two volumes: Black Boy, 1945; American Hunger, published in part serially, in its entirety, 1977—English
    *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*