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Robert B Downs, Molders of the Modern Mind: 111 Books That Shaped Western Civilization [1961]; Famous Books Ancient and Medieval: Outlines of 108 Great Works That Have Shaped Modern Civilization [1964]

    227 entries: 203 monographical, 24 otherwise
    Unranked—arranged chronologically, except nos. 201-203, from Books That Changed the World [1978], which otherwise consists of entries already found in Molders and Famous

    Robert B Downs's Famous Books Ancient and Medieval: Outlines of 108 Great Works That Have Shaped Modern Civilization [1964] and Molders of the Modern Mind: 111 Books That Shaped Western Civilization [1961] together form a single list that covers all of literary history: the latter begins chronologically where the former left off. However, these two books overlap with a third, Books That Changed the World (published in two significantly-different editions, 1956 and 1978) in a jumbled way. Simply put, essays from the '56 book appeared in Molders, but the latter overall has a larger number of essays. Meanwhile, Downs wrote Famous, since the first edition of Books That Changed the World included only post-medieval works (that is, it could be considered a first version of Molders). The '78 second edition of Books That Changed the World adds to the first: several essays from Famous, a few of the essays unique to Molders, and an essay on Rachel Carson originally published in another Downs work, Books That Changed America. In short, Books That Changed the World is almost irrelevant to this project, because nearly all of its selections are also found in Famous and Molders. The Carson essay is not in either of those, and the selections for two authors, Marx and Freud, are different in Books That Changed the World than they are in Molders. These Carson, Marx, and Freud selections not found in Molders are thus included here.

  1. The Book of the Dead_3

  2. The Book of Coming Forth by Day
    varying versions; written ca. Sixteenth-First centuries B.C—Egyptian

    *Downs* *Bloom* *Great*

  3. Hammurabi

  4. The Code of Hammurabi_1
    ca. 1770 B C—Akkadian

  5. The Bible_17

  6. Downs also lists John Wycliffe's 1382 English translation of the Vulgate; Bloom, Dirda, and the Globe and Mail specify the King James Version, translated 1604-11 to English from the Hebrew and Aramaic (Old Testament) and the Greek (New Testament), revised 1769 by Benjamin Blayney—Hebrew; Aramaic; Greek
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Dirda* *Guardian* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *World*

  7. Iliad_33

  8. ca. Ninth-Eighth centuries B.C; Cowan and Guinness ("Trinity") specifiy Richard Lattimore's English translation; Mallison ("Smart") notes Derek Jacobi's modern aural version—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *World* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  9. Odýsseia_36

  10. The Odyssey
    ca. Ninth-Eighth centuries B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Robert Fitzgerald's English translation—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  11. Hesiod
    Erga kai Hēmerai_5
    Works and Days
    ca. Eighth-Seventh centuries B C—Greek

    *Downs* *Magill* *Bloom* *Utne* *Newman*

    • Solon

    late Seventh-early Sixth centuries B C—Greek

    • Aesop

    ca. late Seventh-early Sixth centuries B C—Greek
    *Baldwin* *Invitation* *Downs* *Van Doren* *Good* *Bloom*

    • Tripitaka_2

  12. ca. Sixth-Fifth centuries B C; Sanskrit translations extant—Pali
    *Downs* *Oriental*

  13. Confucius (Kǒng Zǐ) (Kǒng Fūzǐ) (K'ung Fu-tzu)

  14. Analects_12
    Lún Yǔ
    written and compiled by the author's pupils; ca. Fifth Century B C-Second Century—Chinese

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Downs* *Ward* *Oriental* *Good* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *Taylor* *World* *Graphic*

  15. Promētheus Desmōtēs_12

  16. Prometheus Bound
    disputed authorship; Fifth Century B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Newman*

  17. Oresteia_19

  18. The House of Atreus
    458 B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Zane* *Newman*

  19. Pindar

  20. Epinikia_3
    Victory Odes
    Fifth Century B C—Greek

    *Downs* *Ward* *Bloom*

  21. Antigone_22

  22. ca. 441 B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Campbell* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *World* *Newman*

  23. Oidipous epi Kolōnō_20

  24. Oedipus at Colonus
    401 B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *World* *Newman*

  25. Oidipous Tyrannos_25

  26. Oedipus Rex; Oedipus the King
    ca. 429 B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Dudley Fitts and Robert Fitzgerald's English translation—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *World* *Newman* *Educated*

  27. Herodotus

  28. Historiē_25
    Fifth Century B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *World* *Educated*

  29. Mēdeia_17

  30. Medea
    431 B.C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Michael Collier and Georgia Ann Machemer's English translation—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Norway* *Great* *Smart* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  31. Hippolytos _11

  32. 428 B C—Greek
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  33. Trōiades _8

  34. The Trojan Woman
    415 B C—Greek

    *Classics* *Downs* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  35. Bakchai _14
    The Bacchae
    405 B.C—Greek

    *Eliot* *Powys* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *O'Hear*

    • Hippocrates

  36. Aphorisms_1
    part of the Hippocratic Corpus; late Fifth-early Fourth centuries B C—Greek

  37. Thucydides

  38. History of the Peloponnesian War_23
    early Fifth Century B.C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Utne* *Great* *Telegraph* *World* *Educated*

  39. Nephelai_11

  40. The Clouds
    423 B C; revised 417 B C; only revised version remains—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Newman*

  41. Ornithes_13

  42. The Birds
    414 B.C—Greek

    *Downs* *Classics* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Educated*

  43. Lysistrate_13

  44. Lysistrata
    411 B C—Greek

    *Classics* *Downs* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Newman* *Graphic*

  45. Bátrachoi_10

  46. The Frogs
    405 B C—Greek

    *Classics* *Eliot* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Bloom* *Trinity* *Newman*

  47. Xenophon

  48. Anabasis_3
    early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Downs* *Ward*

  49. Symposium_10

  50. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Graphic*

  51. Apologia Socratis_16

  52. The Apology
    early Fourth Century B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Campbell* *Great* *O'Hear*

  53. Crito_13

  54. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Downs* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Campbell* *O'Hear*

  55. Phaedo_14

  56. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Eliot* *Classics* *Rexroth* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *O'Hear*

  57. Politeia_24

  58. The Republic
    early Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Reynolds* *World* *Deposit* *Educated*

  59. Statesman_3

  60. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Van Doren* *Adler*

  61. Laws_2

  62. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Adler*

  63. Timaeus_3

  64. early Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Classics* *Downs* *Adler*

  65. First Philippic_3

  66. ca. 351-50 B C—Greek
    *Classics* *Downs* *Ward*

  67. Second Philippic_2

  68. ca. 344-43 B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Ward*

  69. Third Philippic_2

  70. 341 B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Ward*

  71. Politik_10

  72. Politics
    Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Invitation* *Downs* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Fadiman* *Foundation*

  73. Organon_3

  74. Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Read* *Adler*

  75. History of Animals_2

  76. Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Adler*

  77. Physics_5

  78. Fourth Century B.C—Greek
    *Downs* *Read* *Adler* *Great* *Educated*

  79. On the Heavens_2

  80. written 350 B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Adler*

  81. Meteorology_2

  82. Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Adler*

  83. Mechanics_1

  84. Fourth Century B C—Greek

  85. Ethika Nikomacheia_16

  86. Nicomachean Ethics
    Fourth Century B C—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Great* *Reynolds*

  87. Rhetoric_3

  88. Fourth Century B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Read* *Adler*

  89. Peri Poiêtikês_15

  90. De Poetica; Poetics
    Fourth Century B.C—Greek

    *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Smart* *Educated*

  91. Historia Plantarum_1

  92. Inquiry Into Plants
    Fourth-early Third centuries B C—Greek


  93. On the Causes of Plants_1

  94. Fourth-early Third centuries B C—Greek

  95. Perikeiromene_1

  96. ca. 314-13 B C—Greek

  97. Dyskolos_2

  98. ca. 317-16 B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Newman*

  99. Samia_3

  100. ca. 315-09 B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Bloom* *Newman*

  101. Epitrepontes_1

  102. Fourt Century B C—Greek

  103. Euclid

  104. Elements_6
    written ca. 300 B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Great*

  105. Archimedes
    On the Sphere and Cylinder_2
    circa 225 B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Adler*

    • Titus Maccius Plautus

  106. Plays_2
    Third-early Second centuries B C—Latin
    *Downs* *Trinity*

  107. Cato the Elder (Marcus Porcius Cato)

  108. De Agri Cultura_1
    written ca. 160 B C—Latin

  109. Polybius
    Second Century B C—Greek
    *Downs* *Trinity*

    Marcus Tullius Cicero
    • Speeches_4

    First Century B C—Latin
    *Baldwin* *Downs* *Read* *Magill*

    • Letters_3

    First Century B C—Latin
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Downs*

    • "Philosophical Essays"_1

  110. First Century B C—Latin

  111. De Re Publica_1

  112. written 54-51 B C—Latin

  113. De Legibus_1

  114. First Century B C—Latin

  115. Caius Julius Caesar

  116. Commentarii de Bello Gallico_4
    ca. 40 B C—Latin
    *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Great*

  117. Titus Lucretius Carus

  118. De Rerum Natura_19
    On the Nature of Things
    First Century B.C—Latin

    *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *Graphic* *Educated*

    Sallust (Gaius Sallustius Crispus)
  119. The Conspiracy of Cataline_1

  120. First Century—Latin

  121. The Jugurthine War_1

  122. First Century—Latin

  123. Catullus

  124. Poems_6
    First Century B.C—Latin
    *Powys* *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Newman*

  125. Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro)

  126. Aeneid_26
    First Century B C; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Dudley Fitts and Robert Fagles's English translation—Latin
    *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Smart* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic*

    Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)
  127. Satirae_6

  128. originally published in two volumes, 35 B C and 30 B C—Latin
    *Baldwin* *Classics* *Downs* *Bloom* *Trinity* *Newman*

  129. Carmina_11

  130. Odes
    originally published in four volumes: first-third, 23 B.C; fourth, 13 B.C—Latin

    *Baldwin* *Powys* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Bloom* *Taylor* *Trinity* *Newman* *Educated*

  131. Epistularum_4

  132. originally published in two volumes, 20 and 14 B C—Latin
    *Classics* *Downs* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  133. Strabo

  134. Geographica_1
    7 B C—Greek

  135. Livy (Titus Livius)

  136. Ab Urbe Condita Libri_6
    History of Rome
    First Century B C—Latin

    *Lubbock* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Trinity* *World*

  137. Aulus Cornelius Celsus
    De Medicina_1
    First Century B C—Latin

    Lucius Annaeus Seneca
    • "Moral Essays"_1

    First Century—Latin

    • Plays_1

  138. First Century—Latin

  139. Marcus Vitruvius Pollio

  140. De Architectura_2
    Ten Books on Architecture
    written ca. 15 B C—Latin

    *Downs* *Kanigel*

  141. Pliny the Elder

  142. Naturalis Historia_1
    ca. 77-9—Latin

  143. Quintilian (Marcus Fabius Quintilianus)

  144. Insitutio Oratoria_3
    ca. 95—Latin
    *Downs* *Ward* *Trinity*

  145. Pedanius Dioscorides

  146. De Materia Medica_1
    First Century—Greek

  147. Martial (Marcus Valerius Martialis)

  148. Epigrams_3
    *Downs* *Ward* *Bloom*

  149. Plutarch

  150. Bìoi Paràllēloi_18
    Parallel Lives; Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans
    First Century—Greek

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Educated*

  151. Cornelius Tacitus

  152. Annales_11
    written First Century—Latin
    *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity*

  153. Juvenal (Decimus Junius Juvenalis)

  154. Satires_4
    late First-early Second centuries; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Rolfe Humphries's English translation—Latin
    *Downs* *Ward* *Bloom* *Smart*

  155. Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus

  156. De Vita Caesarum_5
    The Lives of the Twelve Caesars
    written 121—Latin

    *Downs* *Ward* *Great* *Smart* *Telegraph*

  157. Ptolemy (Claudius Ptolemaeus)
    Geographike Hyphegesis_2
    Second Century—Greek

    *Downs* *Taylor*

    • "Dialogues"_1

  158. Second Century—Greek

  159. Verae Historiae_6

  160. True History
    Second Century—Greek

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Dirda* *Newman*

  161. Galen

  162. De Naturalibus Facultatibus_3
    On the Natural Faculties
    First Century—Latin

    *Downs* *Read* *Adler*

  163. Talmud_2

  164. Shas
    Aramaic; Hebrew

    *Downs* *Ward*

  165. Diogenes Laërtius

  166. Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers_3
    Third Century—Greek
    *Durant* *Downs* *World*

    Augustine of Hippo
  167. Confessionum Libri Tredecim_23

  168. The Confessions of St. Augustine
    written 397-98—Latin

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *O'Hear* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *Newman* *Educated*

  169. De Civitate Dei Contra Paganos_9

  170. City of God

    *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Great* *Educated*

  171. Flavius Anicius Justinianus (Justinian I)

  172. Corpus Juris Civilis_1

  173. Quran_11

  174. Koran
    Seventh Century—Arabic

    *Downs* *Ward* *Oriental* *Good* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *World*

  175. Bede

  176. Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum_4
    written ca. 731—Latin
    *Downs* *Trinity* *World* *Educated*

  177. Kitab alf Laylah Wa-Laylah_17

  178. The Thousand and One Nights; The Arabian Nights
    Ninth-Fifteenth centuries; Taylor specifies Richard Burton's version—Arabic

    *Lubock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *France* *Downs* *Ward* *Oriental* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *Taylor*

  179. Avicenna

  180. Al-Qanun fi al-Tibb_2
    The Canon of Medicine

    *Downs* *Taylor*

  181. Geoffrey of Monmouth

  182. Historia Regum Britanniae_2
    written ca. 1136—Latin
    *Downs* *Newman*

  183. John of Salisbury

  184. Policraticus, Sive de Nugis Curialium et de Vestigiis Philosophorum_1

  185. Stephen Langton et al.

  186. Magna Carta_1
    Magna Carta Libertatum


  187. Roger Bacon

  188. Opus Majus_2
    *Downs* *Great*

  189. Thomas Aquinas

  190. Summa Theologiae_13
    Summa Theologica
    written 1265-74—Latin

    *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *Reynolds* *World*

  191. Marco Polo and Rustichello da Pisa

  192. Livre des Merveilles du Monde_3
    ca. 1300—French
    *Rexroth* *Downs* *Ward*

  193. Dante

  194. La Divina Commedia_33
    The Divine Comedy
    originally entitled La Commedia; written ca. 1308-21—Italian

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Eliot* *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *France* *Downs* *Zulli* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Harvard* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic*

  195. Giovanni Boccaccio
    Il Decameron, Cognominato Prencipe Galeotto_12
    ca. 1351-53—Italian
    *Downs* *Ward* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Newman*

    • The Bible [translation]_1

  196. John Wycliffe's 1382 English translation of the Vulgate [see above]—Hebrew; Aramaic; Greek

  197. Geoffrey Chaucer

  198. Canterbury Tales_30
    1478; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Nevill Coghill's modern English version—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *Smart* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  199. Christopher Columbus

  200. Epistola de Insulis Nuper Repertis_1

  201. Desiderius Erasmus

  202. Stultitiae Laus_10
    In Praise of Folly
    1511; later revised—Latin

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Dirda* *Reynolds*

  203. Thomas More

  204. Libellus Uere Aureus, nec Minus Salutaris Quam Festivus, de Optimo rei Publicae Statu Deque Nova Insula Utopia_14

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  205. Martin Luther

  206. An den Christlichen Adel Deutscher Nation_5
    Address to the Christian Nobility

    *Eliot* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *World*

  207. Niccolò Machiavelli

  208. Il Principe_29
    The Prince

    *Eliot* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *World* *Deposit* *Educated*

  209. John Calvin

  210. Christianae Religionis Institutio_7
    Institutes of the Christian Religion
    1536; French translation, Institution de la Religion Chrestienne, 1541—Latin

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Reynolds* *World*

  211. Nicolas Copernicus

  212. De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium_6
    On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres

    *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Great*

  213. Andreas Vesalius

  214. De Humani Corporis Fabrica Libri Septem_2
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  215. Jean Bodin

  216. Les Six Livres de la République_1
    1576; revised and expanded Latin translation published 1586—French

  217. Michel de Montaigne

  218. Les Essais_26
    originally published in three volumes: 1580, 1588, and 1595—French

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  219. William Gilbert

  220. De Magnete, Magneticisque Corporibus, et de Magno Magnete Tellure_4
    On the Magnet

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  221. William Shakespeare

  222. Hamlet_27
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  223. Francis Bacon

  224. Of the Proficience and Advancement of Learning, Divine and Human_6
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  225. Miguel de Cervantes

  226. El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha_37
    Don Quixote
    originally published in two volumes, 1605 and 1615; Mallison ("Smart") specifies Edith Grossman's English translation—Spanish

    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Powys* *Durant* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *O'Hear* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Taylor* *Reynolds* *World* *Deposit* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

    Johannes Kepler
  227. Astronomia Nova_2

  228. 1609—Latin
    *Downs* *Great*

  229. Harmonices Mundi_3

  230. The Harmony of the World

    *Downs* *Read* *SeymourSmith*

  231. Hugo Grotius

  232. De Jure Belli ac Pacis_1
    On the Law of War and Peace


  233. William Harvey

  234. Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in Animalibus_6
    On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals

    *Eliot* *Downs* *Read* *Adler* *Great* *Taylor*

  235. Galileo

  236. Dialogo Sopra i due Massimi Sistemi del Mondo_8
    Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems

    *Downs* *Learning* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *Taylor* *GlobeMail* *Educated*

  237. René Descartes

  238. Discours de la Méthode Pour Bien Conduire sa Raison, et Chercher la Vérité dans les Sciences_17
    Discourse on the Method

    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *World*

  239. John Milton

  240. Areopagitica; A Speech of Mr. John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicenc'd Printing, to the Parliament of England_12
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman*

  241. Thomas Hobbes

  242. Leviathan or, The Matter, Forme and Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil_16
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  243. Robert Boyle

  244. The Sceptical Chymist: or Chymico-Physical Doubts and Paradoxes_1

  245. Robert Hooke

  246. Micrographica: Or Some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies Made by Magnifying Glasses With Observations and Inquiries Thereupon_3
    *Downs* *Great* *Educated*

  247. John Bunyan

  248. The Pilgrim's Progress From This World to That Which Is to Come_18
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  249. Isaac Newton

  250. Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica_9
    The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
    1687; revised 1713 and 1726—Latin

    *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Reynolds*

  251. John Locke

  252. Two Treatises of Government: In the Former, the False Principles, and Foundation of Sir Robert Filmer, and His Followers, Are Detected and Overthrown. The Latter Is an Essay Concerning the True Original, Extent, and End of Civil Government_4
    originally anonymously published 1689—English
    *Classics* *Downs* *Trinity* *World*

  253. Pierre Bayle

  254. Dictionnaire Historique et Critique_1
    1697; expanded 1702—French

  255. Antoine van Leeuwenhoek

  256. Letters to the Royal Society_1
    written 1673-1723; French translations published in part in Philosophical Transactions and Mémoires de l'Académie Royale des Sciences de Paris—Dutch

  257. Daniel Defoe

  258. The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner_21
    originally anonymously published 1719—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Dirda* *Great* *Zane* *Deposit* *Newman*

  259. Giambattista Vico

  260. Principi di Scienza Nuova d'Intorno Alla Comune Natura Delle Nazioni_6
    The New Science
    1725; revised 1730 and 1744—Italian

    *Downs* *Ward* *Bloom* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great*

  261. Jonathan Swift

  262. Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World, in Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and Then a Captain of Several Ships_29
    Gulliver's Travels
    1726; revised 1735—English

    *Lubbock* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Zulli* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Great* *Zane* *GlobeMail* *Smart* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Graphic* *Educated*

  263. Carlos Linneaus

  264. Systema Naturae_2
    1735; revised through twelfth edition, 1766-8—Latin
    *Downs* *Great*

  265. Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu
    De l'Esprit des Lois_8
    The Spirit of Laws
    originally anonymously published 1748—French

    *Invitation* *Hundred* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Trinity*

    • Denis Diderot et al.

  266. Encyclopédie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonné des Sciences, des Arts et des Métiers_7
    published in 28 volumes, 1751-72—French
    *Downs* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Newman*

  267. Samuel Johnson

  268. A Dictionary of the English Language_6
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  269. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  270. Du Contrat Social ou Principes du Droit Politique_17
    The Social Contract

    *Invitation* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Foundation* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *Newman* *Educated*

  271. Voltaire

  272. Dictionnaire Philosophique_4
    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Fadiman*

  273. Cesare Beccaria

  274. Dei Delitti e Delle Pene_1
    On Crimes and Punishments


  275. William Blackstone

  276. Commentaries on the Laws of England_1
    originally published in four volumes, 1765-69—English

  277. Thomas Jefferson

  278. A Summary View of the Rights of British America_1

  279. Adam Smith

  280. An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations_15
    1776; revised through third edition, 1784—English
    *Eliot* *Durant* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor*

  281. Thomas Paine

  282. Common Sense; Addresed to the Inhabitants of America_4
    *Downs* *SeymourSmith* *Taylor* *Educated*

  283. Edward Gibbon
    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire_23
    originally published in six volumes: first, 1776; second-third, 1781; fourth-sixth, 1788—English
    *Lubbock* *Baldwin* *Durant* *Invitation* *Hundred* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *List* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Bloom* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Dirda* *Telegraph* *World* *Educated*

    • Alexander Hamilton; John Jay; James Madison

  284. The Federalist Papers_11
    originally published 1787-1788 in the Independent Journal, the New-York Packet, and the Daily Advertiser—English
    *Hundred* *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Good* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *Kanigel* *Trinity* *Great*

  285. James Hutton

  286. Theory of the Earth_1
    edited 1785 lectures; originally entitled Theory of the Earth; or an Investigation of the Laws Observable in the Composition, Dissolution, and Restoration of Land Upon the Globe, published 1788 in Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh; first book version, entitled Theory of the Earth; With Proofs and Illustrations, published 1795—English

  287. Antoine Laurent Lavoisier

  288. Traité Élémentaire de Chimie, Présenté dans un Ordre Nouveau et d'Après les Découvertes Modernes_4
    *Downs* *Read* *Adler* *Great*

  289. Jeremy Bentham

  290. Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation_4
    *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Trinity*

  291. Edmund Burke

  292. Reflections on the Revolution in France_9
    *Eliot* *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Ward* *Bloom* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Great*

  293. Benjamin Franklin

  294. Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin_7
    French translation published 1791 as Mémoires de la Vie Privée de Benjamin Franklin; first-third parts of the original English published 1818 as volume one of Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Benjamin Franklin; original English published in its entirety, 1868—English
    *Eliot* *Hundred* *Downs* *Zulli* *Magill* *Smart* *Educated*

  295. Mary Wollstonecraft

  296. A Vindication of the Rights of Woman_8
    *Durant* *Downs* *Recommended* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Graphic* *Educated*

  297. William Godwin

  298. An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, and Its Influence on General Virtue and Happiness_2
    *Downs* *SeymourSmith*

  299. Marquis de Condorcet (Nicolas de Condorcet)

  300. Esquisse d'un Tableau Historique des Progrès de l'Esprit Humain qui fut Publié Après Sa Mort_1

  301. Immanuel Kant

  302. Zum Ewigen Frieden. Ein Philosophischer Entwurf_4
    Perpetual Peace
    1795; expanded 1796—German

    *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Trinity*

  303. Edward Jenner

  304. An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae_2
    *Eliot* *Downs*

  305. Thomas Robert Malthus

  306. An Essay on the Principle of Population_6
    originally anonymously published 1798; revised 1803 and published under the author's name—English
    *Invitation* *Hundred* *Downs* *Good* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith*

  307. Pierre-Simon Laplace

  308. Mécanique Céleste_1
    originally published in five volumes, 1799-1825—French

  309. Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

  310. Wie Gertrud Ihre Kinder Lehrt_1
    How Gertrude Teaches Her Children


  311. Johann Gottlieb Fichte

  312. Reden an Die Dutsche Nation_1

  313. John Dalton

  314. A New System of Chemical Philosophy_1

  315. Robert Owen

  316. A New View Of Society: Or, Essays on the Formation of Human Character, and the Application of the Principle to Practice_1
    1813; retitled A New View Of Society: Or, Essays on the Formation of Human Character Prepatory to the Development of a Plan for Gradually Ameliorating the Condition of Mankind, 1816—English

  317. George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

  318. Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts_5
    Elements of the Philosophy of Right

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Adler* *Trinity*

  319. Noah Webster

  320. An American Dictionary of the English Language_1
    originally entitled A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language, published 1806; retitled, revised, and expanded 1828; revised and expanded 1841; later editions considered distinct works—English

  321. Charles Lyell

  322. Principles of Geology: Being an Attempt to Explain the Former Changes of the Earth's Surface, by Reference to Causes Now in Operation_2
    originally published in three volumes: 1830, 1832, and 1833—English
    *Downs* *Read*

  323. Auguste Comte

  324. Cours de Philosophie Positive_2
    originally published in six volumes, 1832, 1835, 1838-42—French
    *Downs* *SeymourSmith*

  325. Carl von Clausewitz

  326. Vom Kriege_4
    On War

    *Downs* *Read* *SeymourSmith* *Telegraph*

  327. Alexis de Tocqueville
    De la Démocratie en Amérique_12
    Democracy in America
    originally published in two volumes, 1835 and 1840—French

    *Downs* *Read* *Adler* *Magill* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *Trinity* *Great* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *Educated*

    • William Holmes McGuffey

  328. "Eclectic Readers"_1
    four educational books published 1836-7 providing reading lessons and excerpts of varied literary works for primary-level students—English

  329. Michael Faraday

  330. Experimental Researches in Electricity_3
    originally published in two volumes, 1839 and 1844—English
    *Read* *Downs* *Adler*

  331. Louis Agassiz

  332. Études sur les Glaciers_1

  333. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

  334. Qu'est-ce Que la Popriété? Ou Recherche sur le Principe du Droit et du Gouvernment_1

  335. Thomas Carlyle

  336. Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History_2
    *Baldwin* *Downs*

    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  337. Essays: First Series_3

  338. 1841—English
    *Downs* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  339. Essays: Second Series_3

  340. 1844—English
    *Downs* *Bloom* *Trinity*

  341. Alexander von Humboldt

  342. Kosmos. Entwurf Einer Physischen Weltbeschreibung_1
    originally published in five volumes, 1845-62—German

  343. Hermann von Helmholtz

  344. Über die Erhaltung der Kraft_1

  345. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
    Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei_13
    The Communist Manifesto

    *Classics* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *Taylor* *Reynolds* *Educated*

    • Henry David Thoreau

  346. 'Civil Disobedience'_7
    originally published 1849 in Aesthetic Papers—English
    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith*

  347. Harriet Beecher Stowe

  348. Uncle Tom's Cabin_6
    *Downs* *Rexroth* *Recommended* *Smart* *Taylor* *Educated*

  349. Charles Dickens
    Hard Times - For These Times_7
    originally published serially Apr.-Aug. 1854 in Household Words—English
    *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Bloom* *Fadiman* *Campbell* *Newman*

    • Louis Pasteur

  350. 'Mémoire sur la Fermentation Appelée Lactique'_1
    'Treatise on the Fermentation Known as Lactic'
    published in part 1857 in Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Séances de l'Academie des Sciences; in its entirety, 1858, in Annales de Chimie et de Physique—French


  351. Charles Darwin
    On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life_23
    *Lubbock* *Eliot* *Classics* *Hundred* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *Learning* *Fadiman* *Kanigel* *SeymourSmith* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Reynolds* *Deposit* *Graphic* *Educated*

    • Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A Douglas

  352. Political Debates Between Hon. Abraham Lincoln and Hon. Stephen A. Douglas in the Celebrated Campaign of 1858, in Illinois_1
    1860; edited Aug.-Oct. 1858 debates—English

  353. John Stuart Mill

  354. On Liberty_16
    *Eliot* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Foundation* *SeymourSmith* *Trinity* *Great* *Taylor* *World*

  355. Victor Hugo
    Les Misérables_18
    *Baldwin* *Durant* *Classics* *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Magill* *Good* *Learning* *Bloom* *Recommended* *Trinity* *Guardian* *Harvard* *World* *Newman* *Graphic* *Deposit*

    • Gregor Mendel

  356. 'Versuche über Pflanzen-Hybriden'_3
    'Experiments on Plant Hybrids'
    originally published 1866 in Verhandlungen des Naturforschenden Vereins Brünn; edited 1865 lecture—German

    *Downs* *SeymourSmith* *Educated*

  357. Jules Verne
    De la Terre à la Lune_1
    From the Earth to the Moon


    • Joseph Lister (Lord Lister)

  358. 'On the Antiseptic Principle in the Practice of Surgery'_2
    edited lecture, 9 Aug. 1867; published Sep. 1867 in LancetEnglish
    *Eliot* *Downs*

  359. Horatio Alger

  360. Ragged Dick; or, Street Life in New York With the Boot Blacks_1

  361. Walt Whitman

  362. Democratic Vistas_2
    *Downs* *Fadiman*

  363. Josiah Willard Gibbs

  364. On the Equilibrium of Heterogeneous Substances_1
    originally published serially 1875-8 in Transactions of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences—English

  365. Henry George

  366. Progress and Property: An Inquiry Into the Cause of Industrial Depressions, and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth; the Remedy_1

  367. Henrik Ibsen
    Et Dukkehjem_14
    A Doll's House

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Recommended* *Fadiman* *Trinity* *Campbell* *Norway* *Newman* *Educated*

    • Robert Koch

    'Die Aetiologie der Tuberculose'_1

  368. 'The Etiology of Tuberculosis'
    originally published Apr. 1882 in Berliner Klinischen Wochenschrift; edited Mar. 1882 lecture—German


  369. Herbert Spencer

  370. The Man Versus the State_1

  371. Friedrich Nietzsche

  372. Jenseits von Gut und Böse: Vorspiel Einer Philosophie der Zukunft_8
    Beyond Good and Evil

    *Invitation* *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Magill* *Adler* *Bloom* *Fadiman*

  373. Edward Bellamy
    Looking Backward, 2000-1887_4
    *Invitation* *Hundred* *Downs* *Smart*

    • Sidney Webb; William Clarke; Sydney Olivier; George Bernard Shaw; Graham Wallas; Annie Besant; Hubert Bland

  374. Fabian Essays in Socialism_1

  375. Alfred Thayer Mahan

  376. The Influence of Sea Power Upon History 1660-1783_1

  377. James George Frazer
    The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion_6
    originally entitled The Golden Bough: A Study in Comparative Religion, published in two volumes, 1890; expanded and retitled 1900, in three volumes; expanded 1906-15, in 12 volumes; supplemental volume added for 1937 edition; distinct abridged versions, 1922, 1959, and 1994; Durant and the Jasper Lee Company ("Hundred") list the 1922 abridged edition, while Good Reading lists the 1959—English
    *Durant* *Hundred* *Downs* *List* *Good* *Dirda*

    • Frederick Jackson Turner

  378. 'The Significance of the Frontier in American History'_1
    originally published 1893 in the Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin and the Annual Report of the American Historical Association; edited lecture—English

  379. Havelock Ellis

  380. Studies in the Psychology of Sex_1
    originally published in seven volumes, 1897-1928—English

  381. Thorstein Veblen

  382. The Theory of the Leisure Class: An Economic Study of Institutions_2
    *Downs* *Adler*

  383. John Dewey
    School and Society: Being Three Lectures by John Dewey, Supplemented by a Statement of the University Elementary School_1

    • Halford John Mackinder

  384. 'The Geographical Pivot of History'_1
    originally published Apr. 1904 in the Geographical Society—English

  385. Frederick Winslow Taylor

  386. The Principles of Scientific Management_1

  387. Woodrow Wilson

  388. The New Freedom: A Call for the Emancipation of the Generous Energies of a People_1
    1913; 1912 speeches edited by William Bayard Hale—English

  389. Albert Einstein

  390. Über die Spezielle und die Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie, Gemeinverständlich_5
    Relativity, the Special and the General Theory: A Popular Exposition
    1917; revised through fourteenth edition, 1922—German

    *Downs* *Adler* *Great* *Taylor* *Educated*

  391. Vladimir Lenin

  392. Gosudarstvo i Revolûciâ_2
    The State and Revolution

    *Read* *Downs*

  393. John Maynard Keynes

  394. The Economic Consequences of the Peace_1

  395. Adolf Hitler

  396. Mein Kampf_3
    originally published in two volumes, 1925 and 1926—German
    *Downs* *Kanigel* *Educated*

  397. Ivan Pavlov

  398. Conditioned Reflexes: An Investigation of the Physiological Activity of the Cerebral Cortex_1

  399. Sigmund Freud

  400. Das Unbehagen in der Kultur_7
    Civilization and Its Discontents

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Van Doren* *Adler* *Fadiman* *Kanigel*

  401. Karl Marx

  402. Das Kapital, Kritik der Politischen Ökonomie_12
    originally published in three volumes: 1867, 1885, and 1894—German
    *Hundred* *France* *Downs* *Rexroth* *Read* *Ward* *Magill* *Adler* *Good* *GlobeMail* *Telegraph* *World*

  403. Sigmund Freud

  404. Die Traumdeutung_15
    The Interpretation of Dreams

    *Classics* *Downs* *Read* *Ward* *Van Doren* *Magill* *Adler* *Learning* *Fadiman* *SeymourSmith* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Telegraph* *Great* *Graphic*

  405. Rachel Carson

  406. Silent Spring_8
    originally published Jun. 1962 in the New Yorker—English
    *Downs* *Fadiman* *Utne* *Great* *GlobeMail* *Taylor* *Deposit* *Educated*