Greater Books

In 1886, during a routine college lecture on the "pleasure of reading," the British scientist, politician, and man of letters John Lubbock expressed a desire for a "list of a hundred good books"; in the absence of such, he offered his own selection. Over the next several decades, fellow scholars and writers, complementing or countering Lubbock's suggestions, offered their own lists, generally called One Hundred Best Books. Lubbock's and several other of these lists were motivated in part by the large number of books available—then still a novel development of modern times. In other cases, extensive series of books and massive anthologies, most famously Charles Eliot's Harvard Classics, were developed in the interest of adult education and "self-culture."

By the 1950's, the literary works included on such lists were called Great Books. They often took the form of class syllabi, their purpose shifting from Lubbock's recreational emphasis to formal education and canonization. The men who crafted Great Books programs, most prominently John Erskine, Mortimer Adler, and Robert Hutchins, promoted the idea that the reading of classics was a task meant for all students, at all levels, even if the works were translated from their original language. At several colleges, the curricula of undergraduate programs came to be based upon the reading of Great Books.

Despite persistent critiques and revisions of what literature is included in such curricula, and the decline of Great Books programs (or perhaps precisely because of such) by the Twenty-First Century, canons, reading plans, and other lists of Classics—of all forms and languages, and from the entirety of recorded history—are more plentiful than ever. Indeed, too plentiful. This site collects the major lists and collates them to form a master list arranged by author and including original titles as well as alternate and translated titles. The user can also view the original lists and eventually will be able to make shorter lists defined by form, date, language, and other search parameters (including the omitting or combining of certain lists). Hopefully, even those who disparage the Great Books movement or the making of book lists generally will find this site useful, enabling them to show what kind of literature has been excluded. In other words, if there are Great Books, there are also Greater Books.

To begin, we list on this page the works that appear in the largest number of lists, the title given being the commonest in the English language. Throughout the site, the number in blue next to the title tells you how many lists in which the work is included out of 45 total. View the master list, which provides basic information about each work and notes which lists that work appears in; or go to any of the distinct lists. But first read a short explanation of the guidelines used to determine the inclusion of these lists, any of which can be quite different in its original purpose from the others, and our frequently-asked questions. I've also provided some pertinent links.

And so, here we have the Greater Books, split into three groups based on the (current) number of lists in which they appear, followed by the non-monographical works that appear in the most lists:
    A Primary Canon of Sorts
  1. Miguel de Cervantes
    Don Quixote_34
  2. Homer
    The Odyssey_34
  3. Dante
    The Divine Commedy_32
  4. Homer
    The Iliad_31
  5. Jane Austen
    Pride and Prejudice_28
  6. Geoffrey Chaucer
    The Canterbury Tales_28
  7. Gustave Flaubert
    Madame Bovary_27
  8. Jonathan Swift
    Gulliver's Travels_27
  9. William Shakespeare
  10. Virgil
    The Aeneid_26
  11. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  12. Niccolò Machiavelli
    The Prince_25
  13. Herodotus
  14. Herman Melville
  15. John Milton
    Paradise Lost_24
  16. Michel de Montaigne
  17. Sophocles
    Oedipus the King_24
  18. Leo Tolstoy
    War and Peace_24
  19. Fyodor Dostoevsky
    The Brothers Karamozov_23
  20. Augustine of Hippo
  21. Charles Darwin
    The Origin of Species_22
  22. George Eliot
    Middlemarch _22
  23. Edward Gibbon
    The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire_22
  24. Plato
    The Republic_22
  25. François Rabelais
    Gargantua and Pantagruel_22
  26. Sophocles
  27. Thucydides
    The Peloponnesian War_22
  28. Voltaire
  29. William Shakespeare
    King Lear_21
  30. Mark Twain
    Huckleberry Finn_21
  31. James Boswell
    The Life of Samuel Johnson_20
  32. Daniel Defoe
    Robinson Crusoe_20
  33. Fyodor Dostoevsky
    Crime and Punishment_20
  34. James Joyce
  35. William Shakespeare
    The Tempest_20
  36. Sophocles
    Oedipus at Colonus_20
  37. Aeschylus
  38. Henry Fielding
    Tom Jones_19
  39. Nathaniel Hawthorne
    The Scarlet Letter_19
  40. Blaise Pascal
  41. Walt Whitman
    Leaves of Grass_19
  42. Victor Hugo
    Les Misérables_18
  43. Lucretius
    On the Nature of Things_18
  44. Stendhal
    The Red and the Black_18
  45. Henry David Thoreau
  46. The Bible_18
  47. Lewis Carroll
    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland_17
  48. René Descartes
    Discourse on the Method_17
  49. Gabriel García Márquez
    One Hundred Years of Solitude_17
  50. Marcus Aurelius
  51. Plutarch
    Parallel Lives_17
  52. Marcel Proust
    In Remembrance of Things Past_17
  53. William Makepeace Thackeray
    Vanity Fair_17
  54. The Arabian Nights_17
  55. Aristotle
    Nicomachean Ethics_16
  56. Emily Brontë
    Wuthering Heights_16
  57. John Bunyan
    The Pilgrim's Progress_16
  58. Euripides
    Medea _16
  59. F Scott Fitzgerald
    The Great Gatsby_16
  60. Thomas Hobbes
  61. John Stuart Mill
    On Liberty_16
  62. George Orwell
    Nineteen Eighty-Four_16
  63. Plato
    The Apology_16
  64. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    The Social Contract_16
  65. William Shakespeare
  66. Joseph Conrad
    Heart of Darkness_15
  67. Charles Dickens
    David Copperfield_15
  68. Charles Dickens
    Great Expectations_15
  69. Sigmund Freud
    The Interpretation of Dreams_15
  70. Franz Kafka
    The Trial_15
  71. Friedrich Nietzsche
    Thus Spake Zarathustra_15
  72. Baruch Spinoza
  73. Leo Tolstoy
    Anna Karenina_15
  74. Charlotte Brontë
    Jane Eyre_14
  75. Charles Dickens
    The Pickwick Papers _14
  76. Euripides
    The Bacchae _14
  77. James Joyce
    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man_14
  78. Franz Kafka
    The Metamorphosis_14
  79. Ovid
  80. Plato
  81. William Shakespeare
  82. Laurence Sterne
    Tristram Shandy_14
  83. Aristophanes
  84. Aristotle
  85. Honoré de Balzac
    Father Goriot_13
  86. Albert Camus
    The Stranger_13
  87. William Faulkner
    The Sound and the Fury_13
  88. Thomas Hardy
    Tess of the d'Urbervilles_13
  89. Henrik Ibsen
    A Doll's House_13
  90. Henry James
    The Portrait of a Lady_13
  91. Thomas Malory
    Le Morte d'Arthur _13
  92. Molière
  93. Thomas More
  94. Plato
  95. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  96. William Shakespeare
    Antony and Cleopatra_13
  97. William Shakespeare
    The First Part of Henry IV_13
  98. William Shakespeare
    A Midsummer's Night Dream_13
  99. Adam Smith
    The Wealth of Nations_13
  100. Vyasa
  101. Aeschylus
    Prometheus Bound_12
  102. Thomas Aquinas
    Summa Theologiae_12
  103. Aristophanes
    The Birds_12
  104. Francis Bacon
  105. Giovanni Boccaccio
    The Decameron_12
  106. Confucius
  107. Immanuel Kant
    Critique of Pure Reason_12
  108. Thomas Mann
    The Magic Mountain_12
  109. Karl Marx
  110. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
    The Communist Manifesto_12
  111. John Milton
  112. Molière
    The Misanthrope_12
  113. Murasaki Shikibu
    The Tale of Genji_12
  114. William Shakespeare
    As You Like It_12
  115. William Shakespeare
    The Second Part of Henry IV_12
  116. William Shakespeare
    Romeo and Juliet_12
  117. Stendhal
    The Charterhouse of Parma_12
  118. Virginia Woolf
    To the Lighthouse_12
  119. Beowulf_12
  120. Aristophanes
    The Clouds_11
  121. Jane Austen
  122. Samuel Beckett
    Waiting for Godot_11
  123. Ralph Ellison
    Invisible Man_11
  124. Euripides
    Hippolytos _11
  125. Nikolai Gogol
    Dead Souls_11
  126. Lăozĭ
    Tao te Ching_11
  127. Vladimir Nabokov
  128. Jean Racine
  129. William Shakespeare
    The Merchant of Venice_11
  130. John Steinbeck
    The Grapes of Wrath_11
  131. Alexis de Tocqueville
    Democracy in America_11
  132. Ivan Turgenev
    Fathers and Children_11
  133. The Quran_11

  134. Of Secondary Canonicity
  135. Henry Adams
    The Education of Henry Adams_10
  136. William Blake
    Songs of Innocence and Experience_10
  137. Lewis Carroll
    Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There_10
  138. Anton Chekhov
    Uncle Vanya_10
  139. Fyodor Dostoevsky
  140. T S Eliot
    Four Quartets _10
  141. Desiderius Erasmus
    In Praise of Folly_10
  142. Joseph Heller
  143. Horace
  144. David Hume
    An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding_10
  145. Henrik Ibsen
    Hedda Gabler_10
  146. Henry James
    The Ambassadors_10
  147. James Joyce
  148. Franz Kafka
    The Castle_10
  149. Plato
  150. William Shakespeare
    Richard III_10
  151. William Shakespeare
    Much Ado About Nothing_10
  152. William Shakespeare
    Twelfth Night; or, What You Will_10
  153. William Shakespeare
    Measure for Measure_10
  154. Mary Shelley
  155. Tacitus
  156. Valmiki
  157. Virginia Woolf
    Mrs. Dalloway_10
  158. Émile Zola
  159. The Epic of Gilgamesh_10
  160. Chinua Achebe
    Things Fall Apart_9
  161. Aristophanes
    The Frogs_9
  162. Aristotle
  163. Francis Bacon
    Novum Organum_9
  164. Edmund Burke
    Reflections on the Revolution in France_9
  165. Fyodor Dostoevsky
  166. Epictetus
  167. Aldous Huxley
    Brave New World_9
  168. Henry James
    The Turn of the Screw_9
  169. D H Lawrence
    Sons and Lovers_9
  170. John Locke
    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding_9
  171. Christopher Marlowe
    Doctor Faustus _9
  172. Herman Melville
    Billy Budd_9
  173. Isaac Newton
    Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy_9
  174. William Shakespeare
    Julius Caesar_9
  175. William Shakespeare
    Henry V_9
  176. William Shakespeare
    Richard II_9
  177. William Shakespeare
    The Taming of the Shrew_9
  178. William Shakespeare
    The Winter's Tale_9
  179. William Wordsworth
    The Prelude_9
  180. The Song of Roland_9
  181. Augustine of Hippo
    The City of God_8
  182. Lord Byron
    Don Juan_8
  183. Pedro Calderón de la Barca
    Life Is a Dream_8
  184. Albert Camus
    The Plague_8
  185. Anton Chekhov
    Three Sisters_8
  186. Charles Dickens
    Oliver Twist _8
  187. William Faulkner
    As I Lay Dying _8
  188. Gustave Flaubert
    Sentimental Education_8
  189. Henrik Ibsen
    The Wild Duck_8
  190. William James
  191. Ben Jonson
    The Alchemist
  192. Omar Khayyám
    The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam_8
  193. Thomas Mann
    Death in Venice_8
  194. Molière
    The Miser_8
  195. Montesquieu
    The Spirit of Laws_8
  196. Toni Morrison
  197. Vladimir Nabokov
    Pale Fire_8
  198. Friedrich Nietzsche
    Beyond Good and Evil_8
  199. George Orwell
    Animal Farm_8
  200. Edmund Spenser
    The Faerie Queene_8
  201. William Shakespeare
    All's Well That Ends Well_8
  202. William Shakespeare
  203. William Shakespeare
  204. Honoré de Balzac
    Cousin Bette_7
  205. Honoré de Balzac
    Eugénie Grandet_7
  206. Charles Baudelaire
    The Flowers of Evil_7
  207. Simone Beauvoir
    The Second Sex_7
  208. George Berkeley
    The Principles of Human Knowledge_7
  209. John Calvin
    Institutes of the Christian Religion_7
  210. Cáo Xuěqín
    Dream of the Red Chamber_7
  211. Rachel Carson
    Silent Spring_7
  212. Geoffrey Chaucer
    Troilus and Criseyde_7
  213. Anton Chekhov
    The Cherry Orchard_7
  214. Anton Chekhov
    The Seagull_7
  215. Stephen Crane
    The Red Badge of Courage_7
  216. Daniel Defoe
    Moll Flanders_7
  217. Charles Dickens
    Bleak House_7
  218. Charles Dickens
    Hard Times_7
  219. Denis Diderot
    Rameau's Nephew_7
  220. George Eliot
    Adam Bede _7
  221. T S Eliot
    Ash Wednesday_7
  222. Euripides
  223. Euripides
    The Trojan Woman _7
  224. William Faulkner
    Absalom, Absalom!_7
  225. Ferdowsi
  226. E M Forster
    A Passage to India_7
  227. Sigmund Freud
    Civilization and Its Discontents_7
  228. Galileo
    Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems_7
  229. Thomas Hardy
    Jude the Obscure_7
  230. Thomas Hardy
    The Return of the Native_7
  231. Ernest Hemingway
    The Old Man and the Sea_7
  232. Ernest Hemingway
    For Whom the Bell Tolls_7
  233. Victor Hugo
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame_7
  234. Zora Neale Hurston
    Their Eyes Were Watching God_7
  235. Samuel Johnson
  236. Ben Jonson
  237. Christopher Marlowe
    Tamburlaine the Great _7
  238. John Stuart Mill
  239. John Milton
    Paradise Regained; Samson Agonistes_7
  240. Molière
    Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme_7
  241. Eugene O'Neill
    Long Day's Journey Into Night_7
  242. Thomas Paine
    The Rights of Man_7
  243. Alexander Pope
    The Rape of the Lock_7
  244. Ezra Pound
  245. Alexander Pushkin
    Eugene Onegin_7
  246. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    Discourse on Inequality_7
  247. Salman Rushdie
    Midnight's Children_7
  248. J D Salinger
    Catcher in the Rye_7
  249. Jean-Paul Sartre
  250. William Shakespeare
    The Comedy of Errors_7
  251. William Shakespeare
    Timon of Athens_7
  252. William Shakespeare
    Troilus and Cressida_7
  253. William Shakespeare
    The Two Gentlemen of Verona_7
  254. George Bernard Shaw
    Man and Superman_7
  255. George Bernard Shaw
  256. George Bernard Shaw
    Saint Joan_7
  257. Robert Louis Stevenson
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde_7
  258. Mary Wollstonecraft
    A Vindication of the Rights of Woman_7
  259. Mark Twain
    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer_7
  260. Oscar Wilde
    The Importance of Being Earnest_7
  261. Richard Wright
    Native Son_7
  262. William Butler Yeats
    Words for Music Perhaps_7

  263. Becoming Canonical?
  264. Louisa M Alcott
    Little Women_6
  265. Apuleius
    The Golden Ass_6
  266. Francis Bacon
    The Advancement of Learning_6
  267. Jorge Luis Borges
  268. Mikhail Bulgakov
    The Master and Margarita_6
  269. Willa Cather
    My Ántonia_6
  270. Benvenuto Cellini
  271. Cicero
    On Old Age_6
  272. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    Biographia Literaria_6
  273. Joseph Conrad
    Lord Jim_6
  274. Nicolas Copernicus
    On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres_6
  275. Pierre Corneille
    Le Cid_6
  276. Dante
    The New Life_6
  277. René Descartes
    Meditations on First Philosophy_6
  278. Charles Dickens
    A Christmas Carol_6
  279. Charles Dickens
    A Tale of Two Cities_6
  280. Charles Dickens
    Our Mutual Friend_6
  281. Fyodor Dostoevsky
    Notes From Underground_6
  282. Arthur Conan Doyle
    A Study in Scarlet_6
  283. George Eliot
    Silas Marner _6
  284. Euclid
  285. Euripides
  286. F Scott Fitzgerald
    Tender Is the Night_6
  287. Jean de la Fontaine
  288. James George Frazer
    The Golden Bough_6
  289. William Golding
    Lord of the Flies_6
  290. Oliver Goldsmith
    The Vicar of Wakefield_6
  291. Günter Grass
    The Tin Drum_6
  292. Thomas Hardy
    The Mayor of Casterbridge_6
  293. Nathaniel Hawthorne
    The House of Seven Gables_6
  294. George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
    The Philosophy of History_6
  295. Ernest Hemingway
    A Farewell to Arms_6
  296. Ernest Hemingway
    The Sun Also Rises_6
  297. Horace
  298. Horace
  299. Henrik Ibsen
    Peer Gynt_6
  300. Henry James
    The Golden Bowl_6
  301. William James
    The Varieties of Religious Experience _6
  302. Samuel Johnson
    A Dictionary of the English Language_6
  303. Samuel Johnson
    The Lives of the English Poets_6
  304. Kalidasa
    The Recognition of Sakuntala_6
  305. Rudyard Kipling
  306. Choderlos de Laclos
    The Dangerous Liaisons_6
  307. Livy
    History of Rome_6
  308. Lucian
    True History_6
  309. Thomas Robert Malthus
    An Essay on the Principle of Population_6
  310. Molière
    Don Juan_6
  311. Molière
    The Imaginary Invalid_6
  312. Molière
    The School for Wives_6
  313. Blaise Pascal
    The Provincial Letters_6
  314. Plato
  315. Plotinus
  316. Jean Racine
  317. Arthur Rimbaud
    A Season in Hill_6
  318. William Shakespeare
    The Merry Wives of Windsor_6
  319. William Shakespeare
    Love's Labour Lost_6
  320. William Shakespeare
  321. Bram Stoker
  322. Jonathan Swift
    A Modest Proposal_6
  323. Tacitus
  324. J R R Tolkien
    The Lord of the Rings_6
  325. Giambattista Vico
    The New Science_6
  326. Voltaire
  327. Wú Chéng-ēn
  328. Edith Wharton
    The Age of Innocence_6
  329. William Butler Yeats
    The Wind Among the Reeds_6
  330. William Butler Yeats
    The Shadowy Waters_6
  331. William Butler Yeats
    Michael Robartes and the Dancer_6
  332. William Butler Yeats
    The Tower_6
  333. William Butler Yeats
    The Winding Stair_6
  334. William Butler Yeats
    New Poems [1938]_6
  335. Émile Zola
  336. Nibelungenlied_6
  337. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight_6
  338. Pierre Abélard
    Historia Calamitatum_5
  339. Henry Adams
    Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres_5
  340. Sherwood Anderson
    Winesburg, Ohio_5
  341. Ludovico Ariosto
    Orlando Furioso_5
  342. Aristophanes
    The Acharnians_5
  343. Aristophanes
    The Knights_5
  344. Aristophanes
  345. Aristophanes
  346. Margaret Atwood
    The Handmaid's Tale_5
  347. Jane Austen
  348. Francis Bacon
    Nova Atlantis_5
  349. William Blake
    The Marriage of Heaven and Hell_5
  350. William Blake
    Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion_5
  351. Boethius
    Consolatio Philosophiae_5
  352. James Boswell
    London Journal_5
  353. Thomas Browne
    Religio Medici_5
  354. Mikhail Bulgakov
    The Master and Margarita_5
  355. Lord Byron
    Childe Harold's Pilgrimage_5
  356. Catullus
  357. Kate Chopin
    The Awakening_5
  358. Cicero
    On Friendship_5
  359. William Congreve
    The Way of the World_5
  360. Joseph Conrad
  361. Pierre Corneille
  362. Daniel Defoe
    A Journal of the Plague Year_5
  363. Charles Dickens
    Nicholas Nickleby _5
  364. Charles Dickens
    Little Dorrit_5
  365. Ralph Waldo Emerson
    The American Scholar_5
  366. Euripides
    Ion _5
  367. Henry Fielding
    Joseph Andrews_5
  368. Benjamin Franklin
    Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin_5
  369. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    Poetry and Truth_5
  370. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    The Sorrows of Young Werther_5
  371. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship_5
  372. Robert Graves
    I, Claudius_5
  373. Knut Hamsun
  374. Thomas Hardy
    Far From the Madding Crowd_5
  375. William Harvey
    On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals_5
  376. George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
    Elements of the Philosophy of Right_5
  377. Hesiod
    Works and Days_5
  378. Horace
    Ars Poetica_5
  379. Henrik Ibsen
    An Enemy of the People_5
  380. William James
    The Principles of Psychology_5
  381. Ben Jonson
    Bartholomew Fayre_5
  382. James Joyce
    Finnegans Wake_5
  383. Franz Kafka
    In the Penal Colony_5
  384. Jack Kerouac
    On the Road_5
  385. Ken Kesey
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest_5
  386. Thomas S Kuhn
    The Structure of Scientific Revolutions_5
  387. Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
    The Leopard_5
  388. D H Lawrence
    Women in Love_5
  389. Harper Lee
    To Kill a Mockingbird_5
  390. Sinclair Lewis
  391. Martin Luther
    On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church_5
  392. Martin Luther
    To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation_5
  393. Thomas Mann
  394. André Malraux
    Man's Fate_5
  395. Christopher Marlowe
    The Jew of Malta _5
  396. Daphne du Maurier
  397. Mencius
  398. John Stuart Mill
  399. Arthur Miller
    Death of a Salesman_5
  400. Molière
    The Doctor in Spite of Himself_6
  401. Friedrich Nietzsche
    The Genealogy of Morals_5
  402. Boris Pasternak
    Doctor Zhivago_5
  403. Petronius
  404. Sylvia Plath
    The Bell Jar_5
  405. Plato
  406. Alexander Pope
    Essay on Man_5
  407. Alexander Pushkin
    The Captain's Daughter_5
  408. Erich Maria Remarque
    All Quiet on the Western Front_5
  409. Samuel Richardson
  410. Rainer Maria Rilke
    Duino Elegies_5
  411. Arthur Rimbaud
  412. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  413. Robert Musil
    The Man Without Qualities_5
  414. Jean-Paul Sartre
    Being and Nothingness_5
  415. Jean-Paul Sartre
    No Exit_5
  416. William Shakespeare
    The First Part of Henry VI_5
  417. William Shakespeare
    The Second Part of Henry VI_5
  418. William Shakespeare
    The Third Part of Henry VI_5
  419. William Shakespeare
    Titus Andronicus_5
  420. William Shakespeare
    Henry VIII_5
  421. Richard Brinsley Sheridan
    School for Scandal_5
  422. Shī Nài'ān
    The Water Margin_5
  423. Sophocles
  424. Sophocles
  425. Upton Sinclair
    The Jungle_5
  426. Laurence Sterne
    A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy_5
  427. August Strindberg
    Miss Julie_5
  428. Harriet Beecher Stowe
    Uncle Tom's Cabin_5
  429. Suetonius
    The Lives of the Twelve Caesars_5
  430. John Millington Synge
    The Playboy of the Western World_5
  431. Cornelius Tacitus
  432. William Makepeace Thackeray
    Henry Esmond_5
  433. Leo Tolstoy
    The Death of Ivan Ilyich_5
  434. Giorgio Vasari
    The Lives of the Artists_5
  435. Jules Verne
    Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea_5
  436. François Villon
    The Grand Testament_5
  437. Voltaire
    Letters Concerning the English Nation_5
  438. Robert Penn Warren
    All the King's Men_5
  439. Edith Wharton
    Ethan Frome_5
  440. Oscar Wilde
    The Picture of Dorian Grey_5
  441. Virginia Woolf
    The Waves_5
  442. Zhuāngzī
  443. Émile Zola
  444. Njáls Saga_5

The poems, stories, and essays not originally, and generally not ever, published as monographs (and most collections of such works); excerpts of monographical works; works consisting of distinct parts by two or more authors; and broad or unspecified selections of texts that appear in the largest number of the 45 lists:

  1. T S Eliot
    'The Waste Land'_11
  2. Alexander Hamilton; John Jay; James Madison
    The Federalist Papers_11
  3. Plato
  4. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  5. Vyasa
    Bhagavad Gita_8
  6. The Book of Job_8
  7. Robert Burns
  8. Denis Diderot et al.
  9. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    'The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere'_7
  10. John Locke
    Second Treatise_7
  11. William Wordsworth
  12. William Wordsworth; Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    Lyrical Ballads_7
  13. Jorge Luis Borges
  14. Anton Chekhov
  15. Arthur Conan Doyle
    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes_6
  16. John Keats
  17. John Milton
  18. Edgar Allan Poe
  19. Henry Dead Thoreau
    'Civil Disobedience'_6
  20. Aesop
  21. Hans Christian Andersen
  22. Lord Byron
  23. Emily Dickinson
  24. John Donne
  25. Euripides
  26. Molière
  27. Edgar Allan Poe
    'The Fall of the House of Usher'_5
  28. Edgar Allan Poe
    'The Murders in the Rue Morgue'_5
  29. Sappho
  30. Percy Bysshe Shelley
  31. Leonardo da Vinci
  32. William Butler Yeats
    The Collected Poems of W B Yeats_5
  33. The Book of Genesis_5
  34. Ecclesiastes_5